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Characters ✓ The Polar Bear Expedition Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ➼ [Reading] ➾ The Polar Bear Expedition By James Carl Nelson ➱ – An extraordinary lost chapter in the history of World War I the story of America's year N the blinding ice and snow sentries suffered from frostbite while guarding against nearly invisible Bolos camouflaged by their white uniforms Before the Polar Bears' withdrawal in July than perished from battle accidents and the Spanish fluBut the Polar Bears' story does not end there Ten years later a contingent of veterans returned to Russia to recover the remains of than of their fallen comrades and lay them to rest in Michigan where a monument honoring their service still stands a massive marble polar bear guarding a cross that marks the grave of a fallen soldier The Polar Bear Expedition includes black and white images throughout. This is an excellent book that gives a thorough feel for what it was like for young American soldiers fighting the Bolsheviks in northern Russia in 1918 1919 They endured environmental hardships difficult to imagine suffered because of inadeuate clothing and food and fought under dubious British command and without a defined campaign goal In addition they continued faithfully for 8 months AFTER the Great War officially ended What they witnessed of an emerging communist ideology and the life of the peasants living under Bolshevik rule would shape them for the rest of their livesI found the comments of several returned prisoners at the end of the book to be poignant for today's social and political milieuThey're not making Bolsheviks of any American prisoners They try to preach Bolshevism to us but it don't go They take men who've got brains who've accomplished something by ability and work and reduce them to the lowest level Who's gonna stand for that They're a bunch of thieves and robbers The leaders are preaching that everyone ought to have the same amount of money but every leader has a pile of rubles stuck away that would knock your eye out All the honest ones want to get out of Russia as soon as possible They all want to go to America If America ever went Bolshevik like Moscow I'd make myself a lone hand to stand against themIt is easy to mislead a country when its people do not know history and have lived long amid ease and excess

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An extraordinary lost chapter in the history of World War I the story of America's year long invasion of Russia in which a contingency of brave soldiers fought the Red Army and brutal conditions during the fall and winter of In August the th regiment of the US Army roughly soldiers most hailing from Michigan sailed for Europe to fight in World War I But instead of the Western Front these troops were headed to Archangel Russia a vital port city miles northeast of Moscow There in The Polar PDFEPUB or the frozen subarctic amid the chaos of the Russian Civil War one of the most extraordinary episodes of American history unfoldedThe America. As someone who grew up in the Midwest US I first gained some awareness of the 'Polar Bear Expedition' of 1918 19 in which a US Army regiment was sent to Northern Russia in the summer of 1918 ostensibly to guard stores of Allied military euipment at the port of Archangel but was later used in battle against the Bolsheviks as part of a larger Allied ie British scheme to overthrow the Bolshevik government in Moscow and bring Russia back into World War I as a way to force Germany to recommit military forces there from a story I read in the late 1970s in a local paper about an elderly gentleman in Detroit whom mention was made of as having served in Northern Russia with the US Army in 1919 I never forgot that newspaper story And so when I became aware of this book I was determined to read it And I'm glad I did because I learned so much For instance who knew that in addition to the US and Britain French Canadian and some Chinese military forces were involved in military actions against Bolshevik forces in Northern Russia in 1918 1919I highly recommend THE POLAR BEAR EXPEDITION The Heroes of America's Forgotten Invasion of Russia 1918 1919 for anyone interested in learning about a long overlooked chapter of US history that can provide valuable lessons for policymakers academics US civilian and military leaders and the general public as to the need as stated by the White House to deploy military forces in any part of the world identified as vital to US security interests

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The Polar Bear ExpeditionN North Russia Expeditionary Force self dubbed The Polar Bear Expedition was sent to fight the Red Army and aid anti Bolshevik forces in hopes of re opening the Eastern Front against Germany On the th anniversary of the campaign award winning historian James Carl Nelson recreates this harrowing dramatic military operation in which Americans and Bolsheviks fought a series of pitched battles throughout a punishing fall and winterAs the Great War officially ended in November American troops continued to battle the Red Army and an eually formidable enemy General Winter Subzero temperatures made machine guns and light artillery inoperable I. 25To be honest here I don't really remember reading this book I finished it a long time ago but remember these were right as the pandemic started so that's the reason I haven't updated my book status in a while It wasn't that fun that is all I remember about it