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Book ☆ Alphas Promise Dark Protectors #10 345 pages È ❮Reading❯ ➼ Alphas Promise Dark Protectors #10 ➵ Author Rebecca Zanetti – To hell and back Though he has vampire demon and Viking blood rushing through his veins Ivar Kjeidsen’s soul crushing trip to hell broke him To hell and back Though he has vampire demon and Viking blood rushing through his veins Ivar Kjeidsen’s soul crushing trip to hell broke him in ways he can barely fathom  One vow keeps the deadly immortal standing To rescue the vampire brother who had sacrificed freedom Alpha’s Promise by Rebecca ZanettiBook 10 in the Dark Protectors series It can be read as a standalone romance but because of the overall arc it’s best to have read at least a couple of the preceding books Math and euations are Promise’s live Drawn into the demon hybrid lives her mind is scrambling to figure out inter dimensional traveling She’s in her element and Ivar can’t help watching her work He’s enthralled and falling in love A uick ending that keeps Ivar and Promise together and in love but leaves others hanging A cliffhanger in the overall arc that felt unsatisfying I generally love this author’s writing but this fell flat in the ending of this couples story Up until the last two chapters I was all in Now I want to know what happens with others including uade Excerpt “Yes” She tried to sound conciliatory instead of commanding but it was difficult “I have to see what’s happening” She needed to feel what was happening This ability of hers the one dealing with teleporters enhanced her theories so well “You don’t have a choice” His smile provided warning than an outlandish neon sign “You don’t want to use phrases like that with me Professor” She shivered and failed to conceal it “Is it just me or are your possessiveness and authoritarian tendencies progressing to the point of being tyrannical?” His eyebrows lifted “Perhaps you’re just starting to notice” How irksome”Excerpt from Alpha’s Promise by Rebecca ZanettiI received a copy of this from NetGalley I also purchased a copy to share

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For him  To do that Ivar needs the help of a brilliant physicist with wary brown eyes fierce brilliance and skin that's way too soft Dr Promise Williams understands the underpinnings of the universe but has never figured out the human beings inhabiting it   Her function I love Zanetti's alpha vamps I really do and Ivar is no exception given that there's a whole dollop of Viking thrown in However I struggled to connect with Promise I get that she's socially stunted with the cold and closed off parents she had that's no surprise But and I think this is where Promise was let down there was so much scientificmathematical info thrown in on repeat that the character building was totally lost to this info dump and I didn't get to know her as a character at all She was cold and clinical in her approach to her life her job and her non relationships so when the melt for Ivar struck I coudln't really believe it you know? I read for the romance the build up of their connection seeing them fall for each other fighting to get to where they need to be and FEELING their feels I'm sorry to say I didn't really get that whilst reading Alpha's PromiseI loved the catch up with the other characters and so want to see Adare and Grace admit to their feelings for each other so will definitely continue with the series Sadly this one didn't blow me away 5 stars for Ivar 2 for the story that got lost in the info dump and 2 for Promise so calling this one 35 starsThanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC


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Alphas Promise Dark Protectors #10Is to think and not feel until she’s touched by a vampire who’s nowhere near human The primal hunger in his eyes awakens feelings in her that defy calculation As she shows him the way to step between worlds he brands her with a pleasure that could last than a lifetime Ivar the Viking was thrown through a vortex and suffered hideously as he leapt through unimaginable hell worlds only to find his lost 'brother' uade and be forced to leave him behind Ivar is forever changed by his ordeal but has vowed to return and somehow save uade before the world he is trapped on collides with another There's a chance that a truly gifted physics professor could solve the euations but their Kurjan enemies are killing any that seem likely to find the answer Is it possible that Promise is the one who can finally figure out a way ? First of all though the Seven need to convince her to help and it looks like Ivar has most definitely got on the wrong side of her or has he ?I liked that the author put two very damaged characters together and then let them somehow find out that trust could turn into love Ivar is initially discombobulated in so many ways and yet downplays his inner violence to become that which Promise can be comfortable around Promise might not immediately appeal to some readers as she's emotionally stunted but it's clear her upbringing has moulded her into who she is Promise trusts science as its solid and never lets her down but in doing so she cuts herself off from life and what it means to live I did find initially that she came across as cold and disconnected but this journey the couple embark on is a twisting one with a very satisfying conclusion Perhaps not a soft dewey romance but nevertheless it seemed appropriate for Ivar and PromiseI think for me as much as I'm enjoying learning about the Seven and their purpose its being back within the Realm with its Vampires Demons Fae Witches and Shifters that I love For this reader the second half of the book was definitely my favourite part with old friends appearing and I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of the next generation of Dark Protectors as I'm left with so many uestions about what is still to come I will admit there is no clear resolution as this book draws to a close and we are left in many ways with absolutely no progression in terms of the Seven and their fight with the Kurjans However I did enjoy this story and look forward to what is still to comeThis voluntary take is of a copy I reuested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair