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One soldier's long lost secret is alive and wellWhen a security situation turns his world upside down Major Matt. Bethany Trent in her capacity of contracts officer for the federal government was aware of a security breach in the military personnel’s records When she picked up her mail that Monday she expected news about developments in the matter not an anonymous threat She was now positive that it w the time for her fourteen year old son Caleb to meet his father Major Matt Riley Meanwhile in Washington DC Matt was with his superior when they are almost run over by a car and a baseball is thrown at them inscribed with the words “You will pay” Almost no one knows that Bethany Caleb and Matt are family Are the events connected who would want to hurt them and mostly whyRegan Black is up to her old tricks meaning a fabulous intrigue and a swoony romance and such great writing I don’t believe I’ve ever read a story uite like A SOLDIER’S HONOR and it would make a terrific movie I was on board right from Chapter 1 where the author cleanly established the suspense and the characters I was ecstatic that this was far from your typical secret baby trope Matt already knew he had a son The reasons for Matt’s and Bethany’s estrangement while heartbreaking were logical reasonable and nothing like what we usually see Regan Black can spin a suspense story with the best of them – and boy that ending sure demonstrates that – but the plot for A SOLDIER’S HONOR goes way beyond what we are used to in this genre because of the sheer ingenuity and innovativeness The romance is at the forefront while the mystery ties everything together and the whole is admirably well balanced Although the happily ever after is a fact the suspense arc is not over yet I hope that the future books will feature Major Alex Gadsden – Matt’s best friend – because I just about fell head over heels in love with himI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

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A Soldiers HonourEthany Trent Matt must convince her that their new family bond is for keeps – but first he must keep them aliv. Book 1 in Regan Blacks new series The Riley Code I asked for an arc and was fortunate enough to receive The book started off with action right away which I enjoy Then you get to know the characters except for the bad bad bad guy as things happen I want to be a member of the Riley family Maybe a sister so I can meet Alex I know our men and women who are in the service have a higher code than I do I say this because I wanted to smack Bethany She chose to raise her son as a single mother There is a lot of anguish and as they deal with issues that target their safety and some I think she brought on herself Matt seems almost too good to be true He sees that he could have made different choices and does let some feelings show but I don't know That is a thin line to walk noble self sacrificing and wanting best for the family There is a mystery who is the bad guy what transpired to bring this on and there is steam when I am hoping book 2 is Alex This is a well rounded romantic suspense that provides true enjoyment and if your like me a little anger as you want too smack Bethany lol All thoughts an opinions are my own and were unsolicited

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CHARACTERS A Soldiers Honour 107 ✓ [BOOKS] ✬ A Soldiers Honour By Regan Black – One soldier's long lost secret is alive and wellWhen a security situation turns his world upside down Major Matt Riley reunites with his long lost son And fourteen years later the military man is stil One soldier's long lost secret is alive aRiley reunites with his long lost son And fourteen years later the military man is still captivated by his ex B. Bethany has been the victim of a security breach in military personnel records Which although bad enough also means that she may have to do some very uick thinking when it comes to her son Like explaining why she has consistently kept his father from him A father who was a good guy and wanted to be involved in his life But someone really wants the two to meet someone with much nefarious plans Caleb is a bright spark so bright that he might just make his mother do a very dumb thing reach out to his father and threaten the wrath of a mother scorned Major Matt Riley always wants to know his son than the paltry report cards and occasional photographs that his mother provides He would have been happy to become a family but it seems with Bethany it was her way or the highway and he settled for the little crumbs she gives him He thought life was complicated as it was keeping all the fragments of his life separate But someone is now laying threats at the door of his boss or are theyNot your average secret baby story And I have to admit that I really really struggled with liking Bethany She grated on my nerves a bit Yes it was her body but two make a baby and she just decided she knew what was best for her Calen AND Matt Lots of sneaky sub plots to keep you guessing and a great extended Riley family including his bestie Alex Gadsden who jut may be a chink in another Riley sibling's armour So close to 5