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Create a Life to LoveInvolved with a married woman especially Beth’s mom But when Susan and Beth need a place to stay and end up back on Jackie’s doorstep their lives change foreverWill these three women who share a past and face an uncertain future be able to forge a life of love togetherCover Artist Melody PondGenres Contemporary Roman. I’m fairly conflicted about what I thought of this novel In some ways it’s a good light romance and in other ways I feel it missed the depth that the subject matter could invoke Jackie Mitchell successful lesbian romance author comes face to face with her 16 year old biological daughter whom she gave up for adoption at birth Beth Weber hitch hiked for five hours to get to Jackie and the first thing Jackie does is return her to her mother Susan Weber is not what Jackie expected and her first look takes her breath awayThe story is told in third person from all three women’s point of view and gave it a very different perspective from most romances It expanded the dynamic of two women falling in love to one of motherdaughter relationships biologicaladoptive mother relationships and childparent relationships And then there’s the matter of Susan’s husband and Beth’s fatherBeth’s voice worked as the voice of a teenager and I had no trouble believing she was 16 years old I enjoyed Jackie and Susan getting to know one another but because of the three way perspective it meant that their dialogue was reduced So as a romance between two women who share a daughter it is enjoyable However the heavier side of all of their stories – like Beth discovering as a teen that she is adopted Jackie giving away her child and Susan in a difficult marriage – was glossed over in favour of the romance Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

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Doorstep Now sixteen years old Beth Weber is resourceful a blossoming artist and a spitting image of her birth mom To say Jackie is stunned is the understatement of the yearWhen Jackie meets Beth’s adoptive mom a Life to PDF #197 Susan they’re immediately attracted to each other but there’s no way Jackie is getting. On the surface Create a Life to Love by Erin Zak is your typical sweet romance with an abusive husband and an adoption thrown in to give it some angst and gravity Zak chose to split the narrative between both female leads Jackie and Susan and the 16 year old daughter Beth We get a bit of both worlds the mature and the young adult with two romances for the price of oneSo Susan gets smacked around by her husband but stays in this toxic marriage because she wants to give Beth a stable home huh Apparently Beth never notices any tension between her parents even though later in the book she turns out to be very sensitive to the moodsbehavior of both Jackie and Susan Beth is the model daughter but still steals her mother’s credit card hires a PI to find her birthmother and hitchhikes to Florida to surprise her That does not go so well Jackie drives her all the way back to Georgia and meets the other mother Insta attraction occursWhen hubby finds out what happened he loses it again and hits Susan in the face where it’s really obvious Beth finally gets a clue and they both pack a bag and leave the house post haste with dog to end up on Jackie’s doorstep As you can expect that will cause some problemsWhat is emphasized all through the book is that Susan is 100% straight no lesbian thought ever crossed her mind in 50 years When Jackie an out and proud lesbian cannot hide her attraction towards the other mother Susan flips her wig and there’s a big blow up Susan changes her mind pretty uick though finds that one gay bone in her body and starts flirting with Jackie leaving me the reader and Jackie mighty confusedThe abusive asshat stays invisible throughout the story until view spoiler he gets a personality transplant towards the end when he makes a surprise appearance to tie the ribbon around the perfect Happily Ever After hide spoiler

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Read & Download Create a Life to Love à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ ➹ [Read] ➵ Create a Life to Love By Erin Zak ➼ – Romance novelist Jackie Mitchell has built a life that works few responsibilities friends that know she’s far from outgoing and sex whenever she needs it SRomance novelist Jackie Mitchell has Life to Epub #221 built a life that works few responsibilities friends that know she’s far from outgoing and sex whenever she needs it She has her past but she doesn’t think about it EverAll that changes when she finds the child Create a PDF she gave up for adoption standing on the. The first scene reminded of ouat and that i started wondering if it's a Swanueen fanfiction Well it was not But it was so good Susan Beth and Jackie were such a wonderful family Their interactions were so heartfelt and genuine especially Beth's with both her moms Beth is one lucky duck tbhAnd of course there were two amazing romances I can't decide which one I loved Well I can it was Susan and Jackie but Beth and Peggy were cute AF too I am going to prove to you that I can read one of your books and not be gay by the end of itI laughed for a minute straight when Susan said thatThe only thing I absolutely HATED was that view spoilersuddenly Steven developed a conscious and was apologetic for being a toxic loon and didn't face any conseuence for his abuse of years hide spoiler