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Summary Ó The Parade 102 Ë [KINDLE] ❤ The Parade ➜ Dave Eggers – From the bestselling author of The Monk of Mokha and The Circle comes a taut suspenseful story of two foreigners' role in a nation's fragile peaceAn unnamed country is leaving the darkness of a decade From the bestselling author of The Monk of Mokha From the bestselling author of The Monk of Mokha and The Circle comes a taut suspenseful story of two foreigners' role in a nation's fragile peaceAn unnamed country is leaving the darkness of a decade at war and to commemorate the armistice the government commissions a. Four a man aspiring to be an automaton and assigned co worker Nine pave a road across a war devastated countryside Nine is of a plant out of place He shouldn't be there Or as Four thinks Four had never met this man and did not think himself capable of prophecy but in a instant he knew Nine was an agent of chaos and would make the difficult work ahead far so Lasting impressions will be the health aide worker who doesn't want to stop watching television when someone in need knocks on the clinic door Four's soundtrack and that perfect black road Straight and gleaming with immaculate stripes through all that human tragedy

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New road connecting two halves of the state Two men foreign contractors from the same company are sent to finish the highway While one is flighty and adventurous wanting to experience the nightlife and people the other wants only to do the work and go home But both men. Two probably American contractors have to pave a new road across the blighted war torn landscape of a Third World shithole probably in Africa so the new regime can have a parade on it A novel about road paving And it’s as exciting to read as it sounds I like Dave Eggers but his books set in Africathe Middle East are for whatever reason turrible I hoped Eggers would take the mundane setup and do something interesting with it no way could the book be so determinedly dull but nope it really is simply a portrayal of everyday engineering work in a desolate country Crikey I still tried to see what Eggers was trying to say if anything The two contractors are Four and Nine for security reasons they don’t know each other’s real names Four is stoic and professional who puts his head down and gets on with the job; Nine is reckless and irresponsible shirking his duties and nearly getting killed Was this a metaphor for life the road being paved is life and you can choose to walk along it not taking risks like Four but ultimately have an uneventful time of it or you can be like Nine and take risks and have adventures living it up while you can Probably not that’d be too banal even for a self consciously literary novel But then I don’t know what the point of the novel was And that nihilistic ending is Eggers saying that the Third World can’t be helped until they help themselves From what I know of the chap it seems unlikely Eggers would be that uncharitable Parts of the story were mildly interesting like when Nine got sick and Four had to figure out a way to save him The character of Medallion kept me guessing as to whether he’d turn on the two men at some point or not Eggers’ writing too is decent clearly composed if uninspired and I felt a strong sense of place from the descriptions Otherwise The Parade is one helluva boring and seemingly pointless story about how life in the Third World is as depressing as you think it is Instead I highly recommend Your Fathers Where Are They to see how dynamite Dave Eggers can be

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The ParadeMust eventually face the absurdities of their positions and the dire conseuences of their presence With echoes of J M Coetzee and Graham Greene this timeless novel uestions whether we can ever understand another nation's war and what role we have in forging anyone's pea. A modern fable of a road turns into a thoughtful read on colonialism and exploitationEggers is a bit of a hit or miss author for me; I loved the Circle but hated a Hologram for the King This book falls a bit in between but offers plenty of content to ponder about despite it’s short size 35 stars rounded downCharacters and PlotFour and Nine codenames for the two employees sent to an unnamed in my head African but I don’t think its really made specific anywhere third world country must build a road between North and South Nine has knowledge of the language and is a go lucky guy blending in with the locals while for Four this is his sixty third mission When the experienced Four meets him for the first time he finds Nine sleeping with a girl and during the whole story the recklesness of Nine is pitted against the meticulous orderly nature of Four Four is the chauffeur of the automated asphalt dispensing RS 80 and wants to complete his job as soon as possible and certainly before a military parade is due Nine’s job is to clear the road of obstacles but his misbehaviour turns out to be the greatest obstacle to make the deadline Four must engage with a local to get the job done and discovers along the way that the protocols of his company are of little worth in a crisis or in real life in general for that matterThroughout the book I found Nine portrayed as a careless idealistic milennial type of guy who compares the road they are laying to the trunk of a tree that would heal the country through micro enterprises alongside uite annoying Maybe that shows that I am as a person a bit closer to the rule abiding Four despite the fact I found him rather boring and disliked how he kept conviently narrating to himself why he could not seek outside help of his company ThemesWhat Eggers does really well however is the portrayal of people in a third world country as just that people The locals Four and Nine meet are neither saints nor money hungry kidnappers In general they want to help and they want to be compensated for that help They genuinly want to heal their country that is littered with mines in forests and plastic bags filled with what I interpret to be human remains after the long civil war They want prosperity and better healthcare for their loved ones and the road is a way to that However Eggers alludes on the final page that it can just as well be that the road is a road to hell dependent on the intentions of those in power What struck me most of all is how priviliged Four and Nine as westerners are how for them one and a half week in the country is kind of an adventure A kind of real life escape room with money weapons and medicine available at will a company who could provide an airlift and a business class flight out afterwards Eggers shows the same detachment at work at a NGO healthcare clinic they meet along the way Here someone watches a game of soccer and will be repatriated in a few months while people literally plead at the door of the compound for the medicine that could save lives