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The Culture uestion eBook ð 240 pages Á Randy Grieser Á [Download] ➻ The Culture uestion By Randy Grieser – Unfortunately far too many people don’t like where they work Some organizations are unhealthy and full of disrespectful behavior Other workplaces are simply uninspiring ForR Leadership Team on People How leaders relate to their employees plays a major role in how everyone feels about their workplaceBuilding Meaningful Relationships When employees like the people they work with and for they are satisfied and engaged in their workCreating Peak Performing Teams People are energized when they work together effectively because teams achieve things that no one person could do on their ownPracticing Constructive Conflict Management When leaders don’t handle conflict promptly and well it uickly sours the workplace This book includes survey feedback from over leaders and employees and resources for putting these ideas into action I wish every leader in the organizations I'm connected with would read this book I'm positive that changes and improvements would certainly follow The Culture uestion is extremely well written and will make you rethink and hopefully remold how your business or organization runs The authors do a great job of providing examples of real world environments and scenarios and give strategic sensible ideas on ways to improve the culture of your workplace I especially appreciated the section on mission statements and the purpose of your business or organization it has given me insight and has me thinking differently about the purposes and values of the organizations I'm involved with This was a great book to read and I'm confident there are take aways for every reader I highly recommend it

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Ploring six key elements that make up a healthy workplace culture The Culture uestion answers two fundamental uestions “How does your organization’s culture impact how much people like where they work” and “What can you do to make it better” Discover how to create a workplace where people like to work by focusing on these six elements of healthy workplace cultureCommunicating Your Purpose and Values Employees are inspired when they work in organizations whose purpose and values resonate with themProviding Meaningful Work Most employees want to work on projects that inspire them align with what they are good at and allow them to growFocusing You A guide for developing a place to work people will enjoy and whyThis book provides the information background research and application for those interested in building or maintaining a work environment that is pleasant and productive for all parties most of the time The authors have done their research and earned their credentials and this book reads in a clear organized and relevant style Of course in business the bottom line is the grail but in this book that is only alluded to as the welfare of colleagues is out first in moving toward that holy grail In addition to theory and concepts were case studies and polls The authors avoided jargon and made the process seem realistic and doable I loved the description of siloes and thought this was analogous to what is happening in US Politics and wouldn't it be nice if we moved toward a unified culture in that organization My only wish for this book would that it had an index Its really difficult to locate specific uotes otherwise or details one didn't highlightI look forward to the application and use of this valuable information

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The Culture uestionUnfortunately far too many people don’t like where they work Some organizations are unhealthy and full of disrespectful behavior Other workplaces are simply uninspiring For various reasons countless people feel trapped indifferent or bored at work The authors of this book believe that people should be able to like where they work When employees like the places they work it’s not only good for their mental health and well being it’s also good for their organizations The Culture MOBI #8608 – both financially and otherwise When a workplace culture is purposely created to be respectful and inspiring employees are happier productive and engaged By ex Goodreads giveaway winnerA lot of good information Well laid out If you're an employee it's a good guide for discovering the culture you're looking for If you're a manager it's a good guide for developing a culture that attracts the best employeesIt made me realize a lot of the things that are wrong where I work There isn't much I can do to change the culture since it is a large organization but when I pursue other opportunities it will help me know what I am looking for in an employerThe only thing that I found awkward is the personal stories by the authors Instead of I Randy I Wendy etc I think just telling the story in third person would have worked better for me