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A Wedding on the Beach Summary Ò 104 ☆ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ A Wedding on the Beach By Holly Chamberlin ❅ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk A summer wedding a college reunion a gorgeous Maine beach house it's the ideal setting for bestselling author Holly Chamberlin's captivating novel about the connections that shape us sometimes break Their impending divorce There are other tensions too The usually level headed Marta is conspicuously on edge and Chuck reveals devastating personal newsAs reality encroaches on her dreams of the perfect gathering Bess begins to second guess her assumptions about friendship and fidelity If relationships like these nurtured over decades can flounder how can any couple stay committed Is it possible to truly know the ones we love or even to predict where one's own path will le. It took me a long time to get through this book and normally I breeze right through a book of this subject matterBess is finally getting married at the age of 42 and she is excited to have her old college friends there However these friends have their own problems and some of them are hesitant to share Marta and Mike are unexpectedly having a fourth child and Marta isn't too pleased Allison is going through a divorce and Bess kept pleading for Chris the soon to be ex to come And Chuck has a medical problem Bess is written as if she were a dreamy 15 yr old instead of a smart capable woman who owns her own company It just really made me annoyed

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Wedding by inviting her best friends to beautiful KennebunkportBess has always been at the helm of these reunions herding everyone together despite distance and outside commitments As usual Marta and Mike journey from their home near Wedding on the PDF #180 New York City while Chuck and his husband Dean travel from Los Angeles But Allison half of a devoted couple since college is making the trip from Chicago without her husband Chris None of the others knows the reason for. I love Holly Chamberlin's books but I really struggled with this I finished it but only because I hate to not finish a book I disliked the ending as I didn't feel it was consistent with real life The character of Bess is probably the most annoying character ever I felt that Marta Chuck and Allison were much relatable My dislike for Bess made it tough to read as the book is focused on the 2 weeks before her wedding

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A Wedding on the BeachOn the PDF #198 A summer wedding a college reunion a gorgeous Maine beach house it's the ideal setting for bestselling author Holly Chamberlin's captivating novel about the connections that shape us sometimes break our hearts and forever change our lives Bess Culpepper has long been sure of two things that her group of college friends would stay close A Wedding Kindle and that love is worth the wait At forty two she's found the right man and she's celebrating her upcoming. Bes Culpepper always believed her group of college friends would remain good friends for life So now when at 42 Bess is preparing to finally marry she invites these friends for two weeks to Kennebunkport in Maine There they will meet her intended Nathan The friends include Mike and Marta who are married with three children and a fourth though no one but Mike and Marta know it yet on the way Then there is Alison who despite being still in love is looking at the impending divorce initiated by Chris None of her friends know what exactly happened between the two of them to implode their marriage The third lot of friends and Chuck and Dean who have recently become adopted parents to a baby boy This relationship too has its tensions How much will these friends find out about each other during this two week long time togetherI picked this up because it was set in Maine and for some reason I love books set in Maine Also because of current circumstances I wanted a nice light chick lit read Sad to say this was not the book I was expecting it to be No worries Sometimes it doesn’t matter In this case it did For a woman of 42 Bess behaves like someone much younger She is naive in the extreme cushioned by wealth with she throws around liberally her attitude to her own family is bizarre and she has all the tact of a bull in a china shop Can you tell she annoyed me no end The trouble is I couldn’t relate like or rate to any of the other characters either It is a book where the characters who never came to life spend too much time in introspection and bemoaning the choices they have made and their lot in life One line I did like was in regard to Mike and his spoiling of his daughter Marta muses ’And spoiling was not protecting if only the spoilers could understand that’ I absolutely agreed with this It was a rare gem in the rest of what was an overlong less than satisfying novel about annoying characters I have tried two books by this author in the past One I uite liked which is what prompted me to pick up this one The other I gave up on Seems to me now this author and I might not be a good fit I cannot relate to the type of characters she is writing about They never engaged me but came across as self centred and with no depth That’s not to say others may not appreciate this book perhaps those in the younger stages of life