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Read ½ The ueen Con The Golden Arrow #2 ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ ➶ [Read] ➲ The ueen Con The Golden Arrow #2 By Meghan Scott Molin ➾ – What’s a comic book writer’s life without a real life archnemesisMG Martin thought she’d turned the last page onHe original Golden Arrow returned for another story arcA reemergence of drug crime has left the LAPD baffled and The ueen ePUB #8608 golden arrows are once again being left at crime scenes Matteo asks MG if she’ll resume consulting on all things geek and she jumps at the opportunity No need to mention that she may also do some sleuthing with her friends’ help rightIt’s rud that the Golden Arrow wil. That was fun Drag ueens drugs mystery romance superheroes nerd love and murder I enjoyed the emotional journey of our Yin Yang couple Michael Grace and Mateo Mateo is crush worthyThe mystery was not as good as book one but overall it felt like a better book Probably because MG is less prickly and the characters are so likable they feel like old friends And the nerd love For the love of Thor give me book three soon “For a few moments I let the worries fall away and do what I love best—lose myself in another world” Michael Grace

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L make a guest appearance at an exclusive ueen party and MG Lawrence and Ryan go undercover to sniff out the truth But the sting goes sideways in a deadly way and it’s up to their little crew to ueen Con The Kindle #212 prove that the Golden Arrow might actually be the supervillain they’re chasing Because looks can be deceiving and every good writer knows the seuel is where the real plot twist happen. Good Vigilante FantasyI like this author's writing style because the story flows along comfortably and her writing skills grammar and proofreading make the book easy to read I always get bored with the love story side in books but in this case it blends in well

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The ueen Con The Golden Arrow #2What’s a comic book writer’s life without Con The PDF #204 a real life archnemesisMG Martin thought she’d turned the last page on the dangerous Golden Arrow case The bad guys are behind bars and the rest is up to her detective boyfriend Matteo Kildaire But when Golden Arrow impersonators start popping up all over Los Angeles the writer in MG can’t help but be intrigued Are they impostors or has t. Solid 3 stars for me I received an early copy of this book courtesy of Netgalley and 47North Publishing and in turn I’m giving my honest reviewIt was definitely great to see MG and the gang back at it again solving crime and taking names I also loved that we got to see Lawrence in this one I’m pretty Ute he’s my favorite character so I’ll take as much of him as I can get Just like with the first book in the series the pop culture references were a bit too heavy for me Some of them served a purpose and some just felt like they were thrown in there for the sake of reminding us that MG is a “cool comic book chick unlike other girls” Just my personal opinion I didn’t see the reveal of the Mad Hatter coming which is both good and bad Good because I love unexpected surprises bad because it seemed a little random Looking back on what I read I can’t find nothing that says “oh yeah ok I see the connectionpotential” Could be just me Now the Golden Arrow reveal was the complete opposite I saw that coming a mile away or should I say a book away That was built up to be a bit obvious which makes me wonder if that was the REAL GA reveal or a decoy and set up for a follow up book Over all it’s a uick read and decent enough that I’ll check out the next book even though I’m sure the pop culture references and slightly annoying MG rambling will be back in full force