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Summary î Protecting Summer SEAL of Protection #4 ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î ➡ Protecting Summer SEAL of Protection #4 Ebook ➧ Author Susan Stoker – At age fifteen Sam Mozart Reed's life changed the day his little sister was found abused and murderOrniaSummer Pack is working in a crappy motel Protecting Summer PDF up at Big Bear Lake until she can find something better meaningful real While living in an unhealthy situation she meets a man who is everything she's ever dreamed about and who helps her see that there are some people in the world who will actually do what they say they will and keep t. 5 “Sunshine” Stars From the very beginning of this series I have been smitten with Mozart the cheeky hot playboy of the team and after reading Protecting Summer that crush has turned into full blown loveOnce again Stoker has delivered a wonderful book filled with love drama friendship suspense and panty dropping hotness With his devilish good looks smooth talk and heart of gold Mozart is sure to have you swooning on EVERY page I seriously did not want to put this book down and if I hadn’t had to take the kids to school believe me I tried to get out of it it would not have left my hands for a second I am that addicted to this series and these charactersMozart has been haunted with the knowledge that the bastard that murdered his little sister 14 years ago is still roaming around somewhere For years he has used every resource available to him to try and track down Hurst but to date has had no luck always just missing him So when Tex finds trace of him and sends Mozart out to the small mountain town of Big Bear Lakes he isn’t holding much hope that the Hurst will still be around As prepared as Mozart is to try to find his sister killer he is not prepared for the gorgeous shy maid who is cleaning his roomAfter a failed marriage left her homeless jobless and poor Summer Pack found herself a million miles away from her old life living in near poverty and cleaning rooms at a dump of a motel in Big Bear Lakes But instead of wallowing in her circumstances Summer is just thankful to have a job and a roof over her head even if said roof is really just an outdoor storage shed and is cold as hell it is still somewhere to sleep From the moment the ruggedly handsome well built and extremely intimidating Mozart enters her life Summer begins feeling things she has never felt before and finds herself eually thrilled and terrifiedAs Mozart struggles to reconcile his feelings and work out exactly what he wants from Summer he finds himself completely torn He has dedicated his life to hunting down his sister’s killer and doesn’t have time for any distractions let alone falling in love But the time he spends with this kind gentle woman the he finds himself falling irrevocably in love with herWhat they don't realise is that as the pair begin finding love comfort and happiness in each other someone else is watching them with the sole intent to destroy their new found love Will Mozart and his team be able to save Summer from the same fate as his little sister or will Mozart lose another woman he loves and couldn't protectSummer was such a sweet character and it broke my heart when you saw what her life had been reduced to but she was never a victim and was always thankful for what she had She was such a genuinely kind selfless sweet and caring character that from the very first interaction between the pair you can’t help but love her She was the perfect match for Mozart They were able to fill the voids in each other’s lives and heartsMozart was another perfect ”Stoker Man” he was a total alpha babe and had the perfect blend cockiness charm humour sincerity sexiness and heart He was fiercely possessive and protective but also compassionate and supportiveOne of my favourite things about this series is the wonderful ensemble cast As always the unwavering friendship loyalty and support between the team and the girls shines brightly and warms your heart It was lovely to see a bit interaction between the woman this time and I must admit I find it hard to believe Caroline was ever shy or self conscious Wolf has certainly brought her out of her shell but hey I’m sure being his “woman” would make anyone feel empoweredStoker’s writing style has a way of drawing me in from the very beginning has me on the edge of my seat all the way through and leaves me begging for when it is all over She incorporates a wonderful blend of love action drama passion and humour to create a wonderful and highly addictive storyIf you are a fan of alpha hotties Navy Seals Sweet Heroines Insta love and hot friends I would suggest checking out the SEAL of Protection Series you will not be disappointed uote Highlight“I’m sorry it took me so long I’ll always come for you Sunshine”“I know how that makes me sound but please believe me You’ve crawled inside me and won’t leave I don’t want you to leave”“No I’m here for you No other reason There’ll come a time when you won’t doubt my feelings for you I see you and get hard I smell you and get hard Hell I think about you and get hard No I’m here for you Sunshine”

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SEAL of ePUB #9734 At age fifteen Sam Mozart Reed's life changed the day his little sister was found abused and murdered Since her death he's spent his life hunting for the serial killer who took his sister from him and ruined his family Using his connections and SEAL training Mozart believes he's finally tracked the killer to the town of Big Bear Calif. Wow I love a Susan Stoker story I loved Fiona and I loved Summer in this book Summer is down on her luck with no one who cares for her working at a crappy motel Mozart comes to town keeping a low profile by staying at the motel to find a psycho he's been tracking His sister was killed by this guy and Mozart needs to get the psycho man off the planet This is a truly wonderful romance packed with action suspense and compassion Summer stands up for scarred Mozart against some mean women and she has made a friend with this SEAL He is drawn to her sweetness and her sassy side too After seeing her with Mozart the psycho tags Summer as his next victim view spoilerSpoiler there is some torture of a woman and some humiliation with Summer's capture hide spoiler

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Protecting Summer SEAL of Protection #4Heir wordBut somewhere in Big Bear is a killer waiting to strike again Waiting Summer SEAL of Kindle #207 and watching for the perfect victimProtecting Summer is the th book in the SEAL of Protection Series It can be read as a stand alone but it's recommended you read the books in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the seriesFull Length Novel at word. 45 stars I'm in love Mozart is my absolute favourite SEAL I was putty melting right there on the spot I couldn't get enough of him Susan Stoker's Stoker newest installment in the SEAL of Protection series is absolutely worth the read if not for the romance at least for the latest hero Mozart Reading about womanizers in your typical romance suspense genre novel can sometimes work and sometimes not and Stoker here makes it than work Out of the entire SEALS group Mozart is the king of one night stands Regardless Mozart is the sexiest alpha male SEAL one I couldn't get enough of Did I say that already No matter It stands to be repeated several times I love how Mozart wanted a woman of worth; a woman who would look beyond his good looks and hard body; a woman who wouldn't show signs of disgust or embarrassment or not be able to look at him in the eyes because of the scars his face physically bears Instead Mozart wants a woman who will look at him with love and affection; a woman who will love him for who he is on the inside What really stood out was how after so many years of obsessing about finding and taking revenge on the man who killed his sister Mozart learned that his sister would want him to move on and live his life to the fullest and share it with a woman who would love him forever I so appreciate and love that both protagonists were in their mid 30's Even better Summer is a very likeable heroine that's strong intelligent and able to stand up for herself Reading about Summer I couldn't help but feel for her the need to give her a hug as I could relate to a character trait of hers I do love how all the girls get together to support each other and how they uickly included Summer I deducted half a star because of the predictable plot which you could see coming a mile away That and the insta love I can understand the feelings and emotions the sexual chemistry but to say I love you so freaking soon really didn't work for me There's just something about this group of SEALS that Stoker has created that stands out from so many other series about Navy SEALS It's too bad Stoker's SEAL of Protection series aren't a little longer I so look forward to reading Dude's story in the next installment and hope I don't have to wait too long I really do hope we'll get to read Tex's story as he really deserves one I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight tomorrow night and the night after Back off get your own SEAL