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Alternative Universities Free download ´ 0 î ❮PDF❯ ✭ Alternative Universities ✩ Author David J Staley – How can we re envision the university Too many examples of what passes for educational innovation today MOOCs especially focus on transactions on uestions of delivery In AlternativGher education that expand our ideas of the structure and scope of the university suggesting possibilities for what its future might look likeWhat if the university were designed around a curriculum of seven broad cognitive skills or as a series of global gap year experiences What if as a condition of matriculation students had to major in three disparate subjects What if the university placed the pursuit of play well above the acuisition and production of knowledge By asking bold What if uestions Staley assumes that the university is alway. A provocative exploration into possible Higher Ed modelsAs a fellow Higher Ed admin uarantined in the time of COVID this book was a compelling read that presented many models to imagine operating in There are definitely some possibles Nomad U Polymath and there are definitely some favorites Microcolleges FutureU Instead I think it's better to imagine a possible future of Higher Ed institutions with the best elements of them all student choice Platform travel experiences Nomad U influencing policy Think Tank sense making Liberal Arts niche environments Microcolleges cross majors Polymath cyborg evolution Interface and designing the future Future U If not done carefully we could end up with what we've got; post COVID we may have no other choice but to truly evolve

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S in a state of becoming and that there is not one idea of the university to which all institutions must aspireThis book specifically addresses those engaged in university strategy university presidents faculty policy experts legislators foundations and entrepreneurs those involved in what Simon Marginson calls university making Pairing a critiue tempered to our current moment with an explanation of how change and disruption might contribute to a new golden age for higher education Alternative Universities is an audacious and essential read. I read this book for a work group I don’t know how this waking dream got five star ratings from anyone other than an administrator wanting to trim faculty payroll but I didn’t find anything useful in it It’s a series of musings about different educational models that share one thing in common corporations are kings serviced by students and teachers and there is no faculty job security specialization etc or really any reason whatsoever anyone would pursue university level teaching

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Alternative UniversitiesHow can we re envision the university Too many examples of what passes for educational innovation today MOOCs especially focus on transactions on uestions of delivery In Alternative Universities David J Staley argues that modern universities suffer from a poverty of imagination about how to reinvent themselves Anyone seeking innovation in higher education today should concentrate instead he says on the kind of transformational experience universities enact In this exercise in speculative design Staley proposes ten models of innovation in hi. The main issue that I have with this volume is that Speculative Design does not necessarily mean announcing each and every non traditional concept for education as a possible source of innovation if there is no surrounding analysis and context for how any of this could work The other issue that is ancillary but may have made this even somewhat practical would be discussing the actual majors that several of these university designs could specifically target This would not be appropriate for all of them but for the majority even a uick analysis as to how one type of student or one specific major could be transformed via these models would have at least extended an olive branch to those of us not content to operate exclusively at 50000 feet regarding our profession If you are looking for some notions way out in left field that likely have not been imagined by any of your current university committees perhaps this would be worth a perusal Otherwise I'm not uite sure what to make of this I heard his ideas thought about them and now have no new information nor insight as to how any of this would be tenable especially in a post COVID world