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READ & DOWNLOAD ê Leaving the Witness Ù [PDF / Epub] ✅ Leaving the Witness ⚣ Amber Scorah – A riveting memoir of losing faith and finding freedom while a covert missionary in one of the world's most restrictive countriesA third generation Jehovah's Witness Amber Scorah had devoted her life t A riveting mA riveting memoir of losing faith and finding freedom while a covert missionary in one of the world's most restrictive countriesA third generation Jehovah's Witness Amber Scorah had devoted her life to sounding God's warning Leaving the MOBI #8608 of impending Armageddon She volunteered to take the message to China where the preaching she did was illegal and could result in her expulsion or worse Here she had some distance from her community for the first time Immersion in a foreign language and culture and a whole new way of thinking turned her world upside down and eventually led her to lose all that she had been sure w. I have a feeling this memoir is on the cusp of something really big If my review is the first you are hearing of it I think you will be hearing about it again And again ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Amber Scorah is a third generation Jehovah’s Witness Her life is spent believing in Armageddon and spreading the word as a witness Amber is so devout she moves to China to minister there where it is illegal to do so To do what she did in Shanghai Scorah had to use fake names and other measures to stay under the radar of the authorities She would search for people to target who might be “safe” to approach She also had to look for work to make a living and she found that in a Chinese language learning podcast She could not tell her coworkers her true purpose It was through this work and creativity that she was exposed to a secular way of life and the world opened up over time and made her uestion her beliefs Scorah ends up “escaping” from the faith and as a result is shunned by her family and friends This leads to her coming of age in her thirties where she finds herself with no education and support to rely on Scorah travels to New York City where she experiences a personal tragedy She has to make sense of it in a different way than she may have in the past Y’all Leaving the Witness is a beautiful book Amber Scorah is a force I get chills thinking of what she experienced and where she is today Her writing is exuisite; just the kind of sparse but powerful prose I love most Leaving the Witness is the inspiring and completely captivating story of Scorah’s most personal journey The uestions she raises are poignant and immensely thought stirring After I turned the last page I spent several minutes processing the ending and the book I also found this an emotional read Scorah faces some true struggles and the way she writes about them shows her heart and makes her completely relatable This is a masterpiece of a memoir and if I’ve enticed you even a little I strongly encourage you to give it a try I don’t give star ratings on my blog usually but if you are curious this is worthy of all five stars I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom


WitnessShunned by family and friends as an apostate Scorah was alone in Shanghai and thrown into a world she had only known from the periphery with no education or support system A coming of age story of a woman already in her thirties this unforgettable memoir examines what it's like to start one's life over again with an entirely new identity It follows Scorah to New York City where a personal tragedy forces her to look for new ways to find meaning in the absence of religion With compelling spare prose Leaving the Witness traces the bittersweet process of starting over when everything one's life was built around is gon. Leaving the Witness Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life is the solidly written memoir of writer podcaster and former Jehovah’s Witness missionary Amber Scorah Raised as a third generation Witness and in a loveless marriage she convinces her husband and the elders of the church to let her move to Asia – a lifelong dream – with her and her husband as missionaries of course After a stay in Taiwan she and her husband land in Shanghai where Amber – an inherent introvert – finds she has only a fair to middling aptitude for proselytizing very illegal in China but that she has a great talent for podcasting Eventually her exposure to the world outside her religion with which she had so little previous experience opens her eyes to the fact that not everyone who’s not a Jehovah’s Witness is ill intentioned and evil yes she was really taught that Combined with her dismal and claustrophobic marriage and an online affair of the heart she finally realizes she’s in a cult and manages to extricate herself from both it and her marriage My big complaint is that the book ends right after that as Amber eventually leaves China and with her family and friends forbidden from interacting with her because of her “disfellowshipped” status she lands herself in New York City This would be fine except for the fact that just pages before the end of the book Amber suffered a huge personal tragedy about which she has written in a number of magazine articles totally separate from her life in Jehovah’s Witnesses but I’m putting behind spoiler tags anyway view spoilerher infant son inexplicably died in daycare the very first day took him there as she was returning to work after her maternity leave hide spoiler

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Leaving the WitnessAs trueAs a proselytizer in Shanghai using fake names and secret codes to evade the authorities' notice Scorah discreetly looked for targets in public parks and stores To support herself she found work at a Chinese language learning podcast hiding her real purpose from her coworkers Now with a creative outlet getting to know worldly people for the first time she began to understand that there were other ways of seeing the world and living a fulfilling life When one of these relationships became an escape hatch Scorah's loss of faith culminated in her own personal apocalypse the only kind of ending possible for a Jehovah's. This was a really interesting memoir but there were a lot of threads that did not come together for me She's introspective about leaving her faith but she is not as introspective about her loveless marriage and her dependence on men in every realm of her experience The end was just thrown on and I won't spoil it but I just did not at all see it coming and it felt like the entire book could have been written about that because she has her biggest insights about religion then The book lacked a cohesive thread perhaps because she depicts herself as a non agent in a lot of the book