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FREE MOBI ↠ DOC Control Games Game for Cookies #2 ì DOGSALONBRISTOL ☆ ❧ [KINDLE] ❀ Control Games Game for Cookies #2 By Allyson Lindt ➠ – Julie is living her dreamShe's opening a video game themed cookie bouuet shop with her best friend But even dreOnThe Rival and the Billionaire MF Contemporary RomanceThe Geeks and the Socialite FFM Ménage RomanceThe Second Chance and the Auctioneer MF Contemporary RomanceThe Virgin and the Kingpin MF Contemporary RomanceThe Nerds and the CEO MMF Ménage RomanceThe Boyfriends and The Matchmaker MMF Ménage RomanceLove HackBreaching His Defenses MF Contemporary RomanceSheltering His Desire MF Contemporary RomanceSecuring Her Surrender MF Contemporary RomanceRidden HardHard Flip MF Contemporary RomanceHard Pack MF Contemporary RomanceRiding the Wave MF Contemporary RomanceHacking WonderlandReagan Through the Looking Glass Erotic SuspenseThe Hatter and The Hare Erotic SuspenseLove HashtaggedThe Star Affair MF Contemporary RomanceToo Goode to be True MF Contemporary RomanceGraphically Novel MF Contemporary Romanc Control GamesThis was uite a read of emotions experiences and very intense relationships between all the characters It was nice to delve into the pasts of everyone to get a better understanding of their actions Add in the mysterious things happening in the bakery and trying to figure it out kept me extra glued to the book I loved the geeky references and all the fun between the main trio All around I loved this book

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Julie is living Game for PDFEPUB #187 her dreamShe's opening a video game themed cookie bouuet shop with her best friend But even dreams come with stress and sleepless nights Their primary investor Dante is as overbearing in real life as he is on his award winning cooking show On the other hand he's sexy as Control Games eBook #214 hell and his boyfriend Christopher is as kind as he is a gorgeous drool worthy geek of a guyShe likes looking but she’d rather have a hands on experienceWhen the tension of trying to keep her business together threatens to tear Julie apart Christopher's got a solution for teaching her to share the Games Game for ePUB #185 workload If she can surrender control in the bedroom it might help her delegate in the officeIs submission worth the costWhat starts as game where blin Going into this book I knew that Dante and Julie weren't exactly on friendly terms Dante was the investor in Julie and Andi's cookie business and he and Julie were both control freaks neither wanting to concede control over business decisions That didn't change much in this book Julie was incredibly annoying and seemed to be mean just to be mean I got it at first she was defensive and didn't like someone having control over her business and creative process But when Dante was simply trying to help when it was obvious she was overwhelmed and she just pushed him away and was hateful I just couldn't give Julie the benefit of the doubt Eventually she 'warms up' to Dante but not until Christopher Dante's boyfriend comes into the picture and sweet talks her into ceding control in the bedroomSo if I hated Julie so much why did I give this book 4 stars Because the bedroom action was incredibly hot it certainly kept me intrigued and wanting to know what they'd do next I actually liked Dante He was a bit harsh at first but he began to soften and didn't let Julie wear him down too much He turned into a good guy even if he was pretty stupid when it came to his relationship and how his job was impacting it Christoper was a surprise Who knew the sex therapist turned IT guy could be so dominating He was certainly hot and I had to admire his dedication to his relationship despite him drawing the short stick an awful lot The suspense wasn't very suspenseful It was incredibly predictable and the 'whodunit' was pretty obvious right away I honestly didn't expect this book to have that type of drama and it seemed a bit out of place given the first book in the seriesThe ending seemed way too rushed and glossed over I'm not uite sure where they all ended I think there was some online cooking show that DanteJulie did But at least they get their HEA

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Control Games Game for Cookies #2Dfolds and submission are the board pieces becomes serious Until Julie discovers that Dante and Christopher have kept a secret from her that shatters her trust leaving their hearts and jobs one move away from game overPublisher's Note This book was previously released under the same titleOther Books by Allyson LindtSubscribe Live LoveRed Hunted Ménage RomanceRed Consumed Ménage RomanceBeauty Claimed Ménage RomanceBeauty Awakened Ménage RomanceDRoll Against Trust MFM Ménage RomanceRoll Against Regret MFM Ménage RomanceRoll Against Discovery MFM Ménage RomanceRoll Against Betrayal MFM Ménage Romance Newsletter Exclusive Sign up today at Truth’s HaremFate’s Illusion Urban Fantasy Reverse HaremInnovation’s Muse Urban Fantasy Reverse HaremApathy’s Hero Urban Fantasy Reverse HaremLove Euati It is okayI am always honest and My rating reuirements of course differ I have read a few books from this author Hashtag series was cute Book 1 of Cookies was cute This one lacked the details that create empathy sympathy or any other emotion I finished it a few months after starting this read and it has few errors which gave it my 3 star rating Unless you are easy to please it isn't worth the money