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kindle ´ This Strange Witchery Ø Kindle Edition ✓ ➹ [Read] ➵ This Strange Witchery By Michele Hauf ➼ – The last thing he wantedwas to fall for a witchAll Torsten Rindle wants is to be normal As soon as he completes his last job he’s done with the supernatural Then MelisHe might be able to protect her from vampires and zombies but can he leave the paranormal world behind after Mel has bewitched him? This was well written characters were excellent absolutely loved this book Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance read

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Done with the supernatural Then Melissande Jones sashays into his life and Tor finds that he can’t resist this sultry sorceress I'd been annoyed with myself for taking so long to read this book and then once I started took a while for me to find the time to sit and read but how appropriate that I finish it just an hour or so before I get ready to go out to watch the lunar eclipse for the super blood wolf moon Now it almost seems intentional since in the book they're having to wait for the blood moon to perform the spell and there's an eclipse that nightWonderful book loved the characters loved the story and all the character background As always the romance is great and so sexy The characters are uirky and funny and also so noble as they do their best to try to do the right thing even when it means struggling with their wants and needs and a battle between the heart and mind I always enjoy the Paris setting and the descriptions of magic such beautiful imagery And it's always nice to see characters from other stories makes me want to go back and read their books again but there are still so many books I've not read yet I'm sad that this is Michele Hauf's last Nocturne with Harleuin because this is Harleuin's last Nocturne I know she's going to be writing some different things for a while but I do hope she returns to this world of Beautiful Creatures that she's created It's really one of my favorite worlds to visit in books I've enjoyed these characters so muchI received a copy of this book via NetGalley

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This Strange WitcheryThe last thing he wantedwas to fall for a witchAll Torsten Rindle wants is to be normal As soon as he completes his last job he’s Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHIS STRANGE WITCHERY was a fun paranormal romance filled with vivid descriptions and well written characters who were engaging and who you wanted to root for I loved the world building and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of humor in this story The plot was fun with lots of action and tense momentsTorsten and Melissande were great together and I loved how opposite they were with Torsten being human stylish organized and Melissande a witch and his mirror opposite in personality Their banter is the highlight of the story and really went a long way to seeing how they fit as a couple in the end I enjoyed watching her push Torsten's buttons throughout the story because he was in serious need of loosening upfun in his life Mel could have easily been one of those characters who I deem to stupid to live due to her initial dangerous decision but she skirts that designation by actually having some self preservation instinct and listening to people when they say danger is afoot She is a fun smart uirky character with a compelling reason for her decisionsTorsten and Melissande worked well together and I rooted for them as a couple which is something that should happen for a paranormal romance to work well THIS STRANGE WITCHERY's ending was bittersweet for Mel's family and was an entertaining read all the way through