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Andrew The Petersheim Brothers #1 characters Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ì ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ Andrew The Petersheim Brothers #1 ✮ Author Jennifer Beckstrand – Andrew Abraham and Austin Petersheim’s family business has earned them the nickname The Peanut Butter She in turn accept the challenge of starting over and choose to stay with him   Praise for Jennifer Beckstrand and her Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series    “Full of kind sincere characters struggling with the best ways to stay true to themselves and their beliefs”   Publishers Weekly   “A heart warming story of faith hope and second chances The story will captivate readers who love the Amish culture and enjoy an endearing romance” Amy Clipston bestselling author of A Place at Our Table. Andrew by Jennifer Beckstrand is a most delightful contemporary Amish novel and the first book in The Petersheim Brothers series I cannot wait for the subseuent booksWhenever I pick up a Jennifer Beckstrand book I know that I will be in for a real treat and Andrew is no exception Revisiting familiar faces from The Honeybee Sisters series I settled down into known territory Once again Bitsy imparted her wisdom “Boys are like stray cats If you feed them once they keep coming back” There is an air of light heartedness over the whole book even though there are some serious themesThe characters are delightfully drawn I loved the eight year old match making twin brothers who got into amusing scrapes and had hearts of gold Their perception and love went beyond their years All the main characters radiated love even though some tried to keep it at bay One of my favourite lines was “Bitsy isn’t afraid to love people who don’t fit in” This speaks volumes about her character who gives unconditional love This reminds the reader of our Father God who loves us unconditionally no matter what we’ve done no matter where we’ve been God’s love remainsThe main theme is that of forgiveness We all need to receive it and dispense it We are often our own worst critics “Jesus has forgiven you You should forgive yourself” If God has forgiven us and He has then we must forgive ourselves or be guilty of hubris We all mess up at times but must not stay down in our pitThe novel is about new beginnings and second chances We must all decide what is really important We all have choices to make – for good or bad – we must live with the conseuences of our choicesThe Amish are a people who are community minded The reader has a glimpse into their world and ‘feels’ includedAndrew was such a delightful read full of true pearls of wisdom I would like to leave you with my favourite“Only God could forgive her His job was to behave like a Christian and show forth love”I received this book for free A favourable review was not reuired and all views expressed are my own

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Andrew Abraham and Petersheim Brothers PDFEPUB #235 Austin Petersheim’s family business has earned them the nickname The Peanut Butter Brothers But if their matchmaking younger siblings have their way all three may soon bear another title husband   Handsome hardworking and godly Andrew Petersheim has always been sure of his place in his Wisconsin Amish community He’ll be a welcome catch Andrew The PDFEPUBfor the local girl who finally captures his heart Mary Coblenz certainly isn’t that girl Two y. I really enjoyed this first story in the Petersheim Brothers' series These characters really leapt off the page and left me wanting to learn about the other boys now

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Andrew The Petersheim Brothers #1Ears after “jumping the fence” for the Englischer world she’s returned unmarried and pregnant Yet instead of hiding in shame as others in the community expect she’s working at the Honeybee Farm ignoring the gossips and winning over Andrew’s eight year old twin The Petersheim Brothers Kindle #207 brothers   For all Andrew’s certainty about right and wrong it seems he has a lot to learn from Mary’s courage grace and resilience She’s changing his notions about forgiveness and love but will. I'm somewhat suspicious that kids get so much leeway and nobody orders them to sit down and behave Two mischievous young boys decide a single expectant mother would be good to pair off with their older brother Nobody in the Amish community would welcome such a match this young woman Mary was let down by a boyfriend while she was outside in education But she's living and working with the beekeepers and the youngsters keep arranging meetings between her and their brother We are asked to consider contemporary and traditional roles and expectations and shown that the holiest of people can be cold and judgementalI enjoyed the setting details lively outings and the imposition of grandparents on a family when the seniors have to move in for health reasons I was sent an e ARC by Fresh Fiction This is an unbiased review