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Download À The Ranchers Second Chance ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ The Ranchers Second Chance Author Leigh Riker – He wants his ranch backShe won’t give it up Cooper Ransom comes home for one reason to reclaim his land Nell Sutherland’s fEr reconnects with the land and Nell but can he have both Or will the cowboy have to choose between the ranch he lovesand the woman he love. An old fashioned feud over ranch land Cooper’s Ransom father was forced to sell his ranch to the neighbor After his death and Cooper being severely injured on the job as a cop Cooper returns home determined to buy back his land But Nell the granddaughter managing her family’s ranch is determined to her all the landBut just how will a non responsible foremen coyote attacks on cattle Nell’s brothers sudden appearance on the ranch and Nell being told repeatedly she isn’t up to the job just because she is a woman change how events play outAn engaging tale that will keep you turning the pagesI received an ARC My opinions are my own

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He ranch now and she’s determined to prove she can run it So she surprises Cooper when The Ranchers PDFEPUB or she makes him foreman Coop. Second chances A feud between families tore them apart but can a love of that same land bring them back together again Interesting characters with a down home setting and a solid back story brings lots of enjoyment to the next Kansas Cowboys installmentYears ago Cooper Ransom's dad was forced to sell off the ranch that had been in their family for generations Cooper has recently come through a life changing experience and decided it's time for him to move back home to Kansas and get his ranch back Only problem is a familiar face is running the place these daysNell Sutherland was once a great friend and to teenage Cooper They expected their life to work out differently but a feud between his family and hers made it difficult Now he's back fourteen years later and expecting to waltz in and have his ranch handed back over to him Think again mister because she's out to prove to her grandfather once and for all that she's than ready to run the whole operation

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The Ranchers Second ChanceHe wants his ranch backShe won’t give it up Cooper Ransom comes home for one reason to reclaim his land Nell Sutherland’s family owns t. 45 Stars This book was such an enjoyable read The story draws you in with a strong heroine and a handsome cowboy Nell is determined to prove to her grandfather and everyone else that she is the one to take over the family ranch and Cooper wants to buy back his family’s land The plot is a great blend of romance family drama and action There’s always something happening within every chapter You’ll want to know what will happen when PawPaw returns what’s the real story behind Jesse will they find the coyotes before they take down another cow and when will Cooper and Nell put each other first The twists and turns in this book are fun and keeps the pages turning Including characters from past books was also a bonus This is book five in the Kansas Cowboys series and I am currently reading book six Twins Under the Tree which stars Hadley who played a role in The Rancher’s Second Chance as a guy you won’t like at first but then you’ll grow a soft spot for him as his wife tells a story with her own POV in this story Reviewed for Still Moments Magazine