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Elusive HarmonyL ‘You’re in for a treat’ – Dream Author Book Blog ‘A uniue story’ – Kirkus Reviews ‘one of Mills and Boon’s most popular authors’ – The Guardian Mary Burchell was the pen name of Ida CookWith her eldest sister Mary Louise Cook she attended the Duchess' School in Alnwick Together the sisters helped Jews to. I enjoyed reading about Natalie's struggle to choose between her father and Laurence She read too much into things and complicated her life than it was necessary I loved her dad and it was nice to see Oscar and Anthea again

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free read Elusive Harmony 106 è ❮Download❯ ➼ Elusive Harmony Author Mary Burchell – Lindley Harding was an opera singer nearing the end of his career; Laurence Morven was a new star – and rival – coming up over the horizon And Lindley’s daughter Natalie who loved them both foun Lindley Harding was an operaEscape from the Nazis funded mainly by Ida's writing In the Cook sisters were honoured as Righteous Gentiles by the Yad Vashem Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority in Israel Mary Burchell published than romance novels in total and helped found the Romantic Novelists’ Association standing as its president from until her dea. I liked most of the Warrender series stories this one is special too Its uite simple in plot actually The girl is a commoner trying to balance her attentions and affections between her father and the hero both of whom are genius opera singersIts the delicious scenes that the author dishes out that makes the ordinary plot line engaging riveting The confrontations between the 2 men the majestic presence of Oscar Warrender throughout the tale the operatic build up of emotions towards a climax Well doneThe aging super star dad the promising prospect hero and the loyal faithful girl who cant decide which way to sway The idiosyncrasies of celebrities is well captured The girl is simple lovely The hero is super Whats not to like

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Lindley Harding was an opera singer nearing the end of his career Laurence Morven was a new star – and rival – coming up over the horizon And Lindley’s daughter Natalie who loved them both found herself torn two ways as the bitterness grew between the two men Was the situation going to ruin her life Praise for Mary Burchel. This is the tenth in the Warrender Saga and a story I remember uite well because it made me so uncomfortable to read at times The heroine has been a companionhelper to her world famous tenor father for a few years since her mother died The hero is an up and coming tenor who is interested in the heroine The father is afraid of growing old and losing his status and sees hero as a threat to his career and his domestic life Heroine is tornThis is an angst fest for the poor tormented heroine as only Mary Burchell can write view spoilerFrom their first chance meeting in Germany that the heroine didn't tell her father about heroine was attracted to hero When identities are revealed the hero is almost ironically accepting of the fact that he has two people to win over the suspicious father and the loyal daughter Fate lends a hand when the daughter decides to go see the hero in concert when her father is out of town and she ends up sitting next to the mother of an old school mate who is also the hero's aunt Hero's aunt insists heroine goes out to supper after the performance with her and hero They are gong backstage and run into heroine's father who was there to check out the competition Heroine feels guilt about going out to supper but goes anyway Father tells her not to see hero again when she gets homeShe runs into hero again because of her old school mate and hero's aunt Old school mate is getting married and wants heroine to be her maid of honor Heroine agrees because she hopes to see hero there Hero pursues heroine and they have a night out but heroine ruins it when she is defensive of her father and goes on attack after the heroThere are several other times that the heroine thinks the hero is spoiling to ruin her father's career but hero always forgives her Then her father is taken ill before his big Otello performance and they run the opera that hero is in instead Heroine refuses to go see hero in it and they both say hard things Heroine thinks it's over for good this time Heroine's father is depressed and heroine has to put up with him but she has the wedding to go to Hero ignores her at the wedding after a wannabe OW hangs all over himHero and heroine's father end up starring in the same production of Otello This is heroine's father's swan song Hero is very good too Heroine's father tries to keep her from speaking to hero but heroine finally stands up to him and goes to hero Hero's aunt and heroine's father reveal they've been seeing each other HEA hide spoiler