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Book ô Second in Command Fairview Station #2 Í V.K. Powell Case and bypassing the rules Emory is torn between her responsibilities and an unwelcome attraction she can’t deny When on the job responsibilities collide with desires of the heart becoming personally involved is the only choic When Lieutenant Jazz Perry met social worker Emory Blake there was an immediate connection Jazz was at a point in her life that she wanted that certain someone to share her life and have a family Emory fourteen years older suffered from self esteem and insecurity issues due to how a previous relationship endedThis was a major problem throughout the story Other issues dealt with were the potential privatization of CPS services 11 year old Shea a foster child who was desperate to have a normal family life and get away from her drug addict and dealer father and Karen a woman Emory perceived as her rival professionally and personally Initially it was hard to like Emory with her contradictory personality One minutes she was enad with Jazz and the next she was lashing out and telling her to leave especially whenever there was a difference of opinion involved in their conversation Jazz had to constantly explain herself and apologize This emotional angst went on for about three uarters of the book until Emory realized she needed to end her destructive cycle But by this point it was already overplayed and somewhat took away from the story I did enjoy visiting the Bennet clan again from Captain’s Choice and their Sunday brunch gatherings I also really the connection between Jazz and Shea I wish there was a little focus on this and the problems they faced as foster children I think it would have added depth to the storyExcept where noted overall this was a good read

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Download Reader Þ Second in Command Fairview Station #2 ✓ 236 pages ´ ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Second in Command Fairview Station #2 By V.K. Powell ➶ – Lieutenant Jazz Perry finds a young girl wandering the downtown streets alone late at night As the child become Lieutenant Jazz Perry finds a young girl wandering the downtown streets alone late at night As the child becomes attached to her Jazz is reminded of her own experiences in foster care and takes a personal interest even when she kn I have the feeling that this book could have been better solvedEmory is a social worker in her midlate forties who is too much self conscious about her physical appearance which makes her reluctant to have a relationship So many doubts are caused by the way her previous sentimental relationship endedJazz is a police lieutenant in her early thirties with a childhood marked by having lost her parents and having to enter the adoption system with very bad experiences she was finally adopted by a family that has loved and supported her giving her the stability she needed But when it comes to romantic relationships her moto is to have uncomplicated relationshipsWhen Emory and Jazz meet the perspective of a relationship seems to change them and their behavior becomes the opposite of their usual especially Jazz Almost without having spoken two sentences with her she begins to think about the happily ever afterThe plot includes some tension with a girl who is in the adoption system since her father is a drug addict and she is in the middle of that tense situation that reminds Jazz of her own That causes some drama There is also another social worker a little muddy and overbearing who gets between Jazz and Emory and also creates some tension in the relationshipBut the story has seemed very repetitive and Emory's doubts and the irregular behavior of Jazz have become tiresomeSo not completely enjoyable for me although it is not totally a bad reading either surely someone will appreciate this story better than me  An ARC was given to me from Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for my honest review

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Second in Command Fairview Station #2Ows she should maintain professional distance Social worker Emory Blake is good at her job helping children in challenging situations She believes in the system and knows it works if you let it When Jazz starts interfering in the VK Powell is a very good writer You can't go wrong if you pick up one of her titles The relationships are always well crafted and usually the sex is pretty darn hot Also it's not just about the leads falling in love There's a plot too The only detraction for me here is the instalove It's interesting that there's an age gap and the one character feels she has an imperfect body but still they fall in love almost the second they re meet Overall a satisfying lesfic titleARC received for an honest review