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A Tiger Like MeG spot and how little tigers feel when they are wide awake hungry thirsty or in the mood for adventures But at night even the wildest of tigers is happy to curl up in bed with Tiger Mom and Tiger A. My family reads all the Goodreads award nominated picture books every year This is book #17 of than 20 of 2019 and we liked it It's a fairly typical book about a kid who wears tiger pajamas day and night and thinks of himself as a tiger using it as an excuse to not wash up and brush his teeth pick up his room and so onHank 13 3 I like the artHarry 14 3 At the start of the book there's no snow and later there is The kid seems really annoying I would hate to babysit himTara 35 Loved the art Kind of Calvin and Hobbes sh and so fun Story pretty standard and just okayDave 25 A pretty generic story about a kid in tiger pajamas The art is the main event and yes it is Calvin and Hobbes style in every way color sketchiness humor The writing has too many words that don't add to the intended effect Get out of the way of the pictures from Joëlle Tourlonias

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Free download A Tiger Like Me ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ [Reading] ➿ A Tiger Like Me Author Michael Engler – Life is fun when you’re a tiger like meA little boy—um no a tiger—tells us all about what he gets up to on an ordinary day how he wakes up in his tiger den what he eats forTiger eBook #231 Dad and become a cuddly little tiger cubWith warm illustrations and playful text this delightful story first published in Germany shows just how sweet life can be for a little tiger. I found out about this book because it's nominated for this year's Goodreads Choice Awards in the category best picture bookThe story is that of a little boy who thinks himself a tiger Thus the book describes one day in the life of the little tiger from when he wakes up to when he goes to bed again In between we get to see him do a lot of funny thingsThe story isn't anything special or deep which is why I'm not voting for this in the GCA but it is very cute and the art is fantastic From the colour palette to the cuteness it adeuately conveys Here are two examplesA little bit of silly fun for the whole family to enjoy

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Life is fun when you’re a tiger like meA little boy um no a tiger tells us all about what he gets up to on an ordinary day how he wakes up in his tiger den what he eats for breakfast at his feedin. What a Find I have been charmed by this story There is a Calvin and Hobbes mischief in this story that endears it to me I love the artwork and how it layers imagination with the real house setting This is translated from the original german A boy pretends to go about his day as a tiger He wears his tiger suit all day and his imagination lets you know what tigers do This story was marvelous Marvelous I simply love it Let me uote the opening lines“Even before the first ray of sunshine lights the sky one animal is already stirring In the tiger’s den two eyes blink sleepily The peaceful night is over Because the king of the forest is awake”I need to find stories by Michael and see what they are like I just love this one The nephew laughed with this little boy He liked this story He can relate to committing to a subject so thoroughly There is a scene where the tiger has escaped his mother in the bathroom because tigers don’t like water or brushing hair and he thought the tiger was very smart He loves when he pounced on his fathers paper and ripped it in two He gave this story 4 stars