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Wildfire Kelly Turnbull #3 review µ 3 » ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Wildfire Kelly Turnbull #3 By Kurt Schlichter ✎ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk First came People’s Republic then Indian Country Now Kelly Turnbull returns locked and loaded in Wildfire Blue America teeters on the edge of chaos and collapse but that’s not ex operator Etirement for a crucial job in Siberia that turns out to be a deadly trap Now Turnbull must go deep undercover inside the crumbling People’s Republic’s secret police force to stop a jihadi threat that could kill millions in both red and blue America Working alongside his swor. As much as I loved the first two books in this series and as much as I like the author and most of his writings this book just didn’t make it for me Schlichter invented a great backdrop to entertain and inform Americans about the dangers of the far left socialist philosophy by presenting an America split into two countries He creatively exploited this plot device in his first two novels So far so good I liked them both So what does he do in Wildfire He sends his hero Kelly Turnbull to Siberia The People’s Republic and Germany in search of the inventor of a deathly pathogen before it can destroy humanity Turnbull even collaborates with his nemesis in the first two novels Martin Rios Parkinson All of a sudden I’m reading a cross between The Walking Dead and The Andromeda Strain In addition this was an extremely poorly edited work with whole paragraphs being repeated spurious sentences in random places and missing words The plot and the writing seemed rushed and somehow compromised I expected better from the author I believe his audience would rather see his speculation on the saga of the split America’s the economies state border issues military foreign relations especially with Mexico Canada Iran and NATO and the brewing rebellions in the people’s Republic And perhaps a path to reuniting the countryJohn E Nevola Author of The Last Jump and The Final FlagUS Army Veteran – SP5Military Writer's Society of America

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First came People’s Republic then Indian Country Now Kelly Turnbull returns locked and loaded in Wildfire Blue America teeters on the edge of chaos and collapse but that’s not ex operator Wildfire Kelly MOBI #8608 Kelly Turnbull’s problem any – until he is called out of r. Future ShockIf you are not reading Kurt Schichter the i don't really want to know you and your opinion on everything is worthless

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Wildfire Kelly Turnbull #3N enemy he has to put his trust where he always has – in his instincts and his automatic as his bloody campaign of revenge takes him from Mexico City to Germany to the bowels of the urban jungle of the abandoned Pentagon where MAC in hand Kelly Turnbull faces his deadliest enem. Kurt Schlichter is probably better known as a political commentator both in writing and on some television appearances After serving in the United States Army he took up the practice of law focusing on free speech issues and similar matters Friends with Andrew Breitbart he began writing for the latter's Big Hollywod site offering entertainment industry commentary from a conservative perspective Schlichter was blunt pugnacious and almost always utterly convinced his point of view was the right one useful ualities for one's lawyer even if not always as beneficial outside the courtroom Schlichter eventually moved on from Breitbart to Townhall continuing to broaden his focus to include other political and cultural matters The switch saw the uality of his commentary decline which is not the arc you'd expect from someone leaving a Breitbart site Reading any of his columns today reuires a glossary to match the people Schlichter dislikes with the adolescent insulting nickname he coins for them their plentifulness makes it clear where the majority of the thinking of any particular column was directedIn 2016 Schlichter turned his hand to adventure fiction with The People's Republic a novel set a few decades from now after what we call Red and Blue America have actually split into two different nations Coastal or Blue America becomes the People's Republic of America a land with a totalitarian regime enforcing the ultimate limits of politically correct progressive lunacy Gun loving freedom minded folks kept the name United States of America and they also kept their sanity about all of the hot button issues in today's headlines Two novels in this universe with the lead character of special forces operator Kelly Turnbull have followed The current is Wildfire in which Kelly has to infiltrate the PRA and work with his enemies to locate a terrorist group that wants to release a deadly virus code named Wildfire Infected people begin to act like zombies attacking anyone near them and only uick intervention with massive antivirals can save someone infected Kelly has survived one exposure to the virus so his former boss drags him out of retirement to hunt it downSchlichter lifts from a dozen sources to paste together his unsurprising story The relationship between Kelly and PRA agent Kristina Carter owes clumsy nods to the Sylvester StalloneSandra Bullock partnership in Demolition Man A scene in the abandoned Pentagon now home to different tribes of homeless draws on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome The split US trope is an old one freuently done much much better as in Robert Ferrigno's 2006 2009 Assassin trilogyThere are some desultory chase scenes and dialogue in which Schlichter renders his view of modern progressivism with all the subtlety of a rhino on a rocket but most of the book is Kelly putting bullets into bad guys in repetitive gunfights Although Schlichter insists in his introduction that his vision of the two nations is a warning not a prediction the obvious glee he takes in showing the progressive PRA as a 100% failure makes that hard to believeIn interviews and elsewhere Schlichter has said the Kelly Turnbull books are meant to be seen as at least partly satirical and he claims that he writes some of the scenes as over the top in order to be funny How well does he succeed at humor We can borrow an example of the Schlichter wit from h