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Download Lucifer Vol 1 The Infernal Comedy Doc ☆ 200 pages ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Lucifer Vol 1 The Infernal Comedy Author Dan Watters – One of four books expanding Neil Gaiman's acclaimed Sandman Universe The onetime ruler of Hell has gone missing Lucifer is MIA He finds himseOne of four 1 The ePUB #180 books expanding Neil Gaiman's acclaimed Sandman Universe The onetime ruler of Hell has gone missing Lucifer is MIA He finds himself imprisoned and crippled by mysterious forces who seek Lucifer Vol Epubto torment him for their own terrible ends He also happens to have no idea how he got thereThis is the one true tale of what befell the Prince of Lies the Bringer Vol 1 The eBook #180 of Light Lucifer The blind destitute old man who lives in a small boarding house in a uiet little town where no I’ve never read the Mike Carey Lucifer series or seen the TV show and I’ll probably never do either now so I don’t know if it’s because I’m so unfamiliar with the character and his story couldn’t tell you if this is a continuation of the previous books or a reboot or whether Dan Watters is just that incompetent a storyteller but I had absolutely no fucking idea what was going on in Lucifer Volume 1 The Infernal Comedy It’s not a good sign when you get to the end of the book read the blurb and don’t recognise the summary as reflective of what you’ve just read I got that Lucifer was no longer King of Hell for some reason but apparently his kid will prevent the end of the world If you say so Vertigo marketing department There’s also a Philip K Dick looking LAPD cop embroiled in this mess but even the blurb can’t explain why His wife dies and he has a breakdown which enables him to see demons for no reason How and why he’s singled out in the first place is beyond me Dude does nothing as well a total waste of space character There are apparently conspiracies to kill Lucifer but again don’t know why It gets worse We see Lucifer as this broken weak homeless looking dude who’s obviously in a bad way but he’s also a David Bowie looking dude who’s got his shit together So does he need to regain control of Hell or doesn’t he One version of him needs help the other seems to be ok Was Lucifer always two people Ah who cares It’s not like I’m gonna keep reading this title Into the mix is William Blake because why not and one character with a Phantom of the Opera mask who talksh indecihpehbly liksh thsh fer het whleo tme and it’s so fucking annoying to read Actually the other characters talk clearly and they’re only slightly less annoying to read that’s how awful the writing is An unrelentingly bad incomprehensible and boring book from cover to cover the latest ill conceived Sandman Universe title is definitely the worst comic of 2019 I’ve read so far abandon all hope ye who pick up this crap

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Thing is uite what it seems and no one can leave He's trapped you see Trapped in a bizarre prison with no memory of how he got there or why He has no recollection of setting out to find his offspring He also does not remember that if he does not find him it could be the end of all things Meanwhile in Los Angeles a cop who may have brain cancer is tasked with a mission Find and Kill LuciferFrom crime and mystery author Dan Watters The Shadow Deep Roots with art from Max Fiumara and Sebastian Fiumara Abe Sapien The Amazin I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalleyI should have known after the summary started with This is the one true tale of what befell the Prince of Lies that it was going to be like this but I had to give it a chance I was going to call it a DNF after issue 3 but then I decided to at least look at the artwork for the rest of the issues and I ended up reading about the last half of issue 6 so I guess I read slightly than half of this comic From what some other reviewers are saying I don't think it would have made much sense if I had read the whole thingMostly I just don't understand why they felt the need to entirely reboot the Lucifer character and if they were going to then why do it in this way Not only did I have next to no idea what was actually happening but Lucifer was not a compelling or likable main character in this AT ALL and yeah I know he's Lucifer but even when he was doing awful things in the original you were still always rooting for him at least a bit I suppose if you have never read the original Lucifer series by Mike Carey then you may find some value in this but I found it pretentious and convoluted It is possible that it will get better in the next issue because a lot of the things I hated about the majority of this volume seem to be resolved at the very end but the original Lucifer series is pretty much the best graphic novel series I have ever read and I don't see why they felt the need to erase all of that instead of continuing on from the end of it They could have easily ignored the shortly rebooted series from 2016 but to ignore Carey's work and take Lucifer back to only his Sandman beginnings is like saying we should all give up cars and go back to horse drawn carriages Ridiculous

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Lucifer Vol 1 The Infernal ComedyG Spider Man All Star Batman bring us the next chapter in the story everyone's favorite son of GodThe Sandman Universe is a new series of books curated by Neil Gaiman for DC Vertigo Conjuring epic storytelling and immersing readers into the evolving world of the Dreaming The Sandman Universe begins anew with four new ongoing series existing in a shared universe building upon Gaiman's New York Times best selling series that lyrically weaved together stories of dreams and magicCollects Luciferand Sandman Universe Special I got this volume as an eARC along with Volume One of The Dreaming which means I sampled half of the new Sandman Universe story arcs released to celebrate the series' 30th anniversaryLucifer Morningstar was one of my favorite original Sandman characters even though he only plays a pretty minor role in the original run DC went on to create a uite successful spin off around his character and I guess that must be reuired reading because I'm not familiar with it yet and honestly have no idea what the fuck I just read The summary at the back of the volume says that Lucifer's son Caliban is the only one who can prevent the end of the world but there are absolutely no allusions in these pages that suggest that the world is in need of saving WhatLucifer is no longer Lord of Hell but a destitute beggar with no recollection of how he ended up in that position trapped and tormented in some strange village surrounded by buried statues he digs out His eyes have been picked but he grows them back A LAPD detective who recently lost his wife to a brain tumor is trying to make sense of some secrets she seems to have kept during their marriage he ends up with a brain tumor too which enables him to see demons and he decides he must kill Lucifer because of it I guess There's also a witch coven that needs a third a mother to be complete William Blake is involved for some reason and some guy Lucifer tricked and damned to eternity outside of Heaven or Hell who is now out for revenge Oh and the mysterious village turns out to be on the skull of the witch Sycorax mother of Caliban That just now may have possibly been a major plot spoiler but since I was completely lost while reading this I couldn't tell you with any certainty I also think that there must have been some sort of flashbacks through out because Lucifer repeatedly goes from looking like an unkempt homeless man to a chiseled David BowieI honestly don't know if Watters is a lousy story teller or if he just throws the reader in the deep end assuming one's familiar with all the spin off material which is why I'm having a really hard time rating this—I may just have been the entirely wrong audience for it not familiar with enough character backstory William Blake poetry mythology andor Shakespeare plays to get it The art was very nice but I didn't enjoy reading this it was a convoluted mess of a story that made no sense to me and offered no satisfying pay off at the end I won't be checking out any of the Sandman Universe story arcs after this Note I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review—————My other ડꪖꪀᦔꪑꪖꪀ reviews01 Preludes Nocturnes · ★★★½02 The Doll's House · ★★★★03 Dream Country · ★★★04 Season of Mists · ★★★★½05 A Game of You · ★★★½06 Fables and Reflections · ★★★½07 Brief Lives · ★★★★½08 Worlds' End · ★★★09 The Kindly Ones · ★★★★★10 The Wake · ★★★Overture · ★★★Endless Nights · ★★★★The Dream Hunters · ★★★★Death The Deluxe Edition · ★★★★Audible Original #1 · ★★★★★The Sandman Universe · The Dreaming Pathways and Emanations · ★★————— All my book reviews can be found here · Buy on BookDepository