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Singapore Sapphire kindle ↠ Kindle Edition ☆ ❮Read❯ ➪ Singapore Sapphire Author A.M. Stuart – Harriet Gordon stumbles into a murderous web of stolen gems and cutthroat thieves as she runs from her tragic past in an enthralling new historical mystery series set in early twentieth centurShe advertises her services as a personal secretary It is unfortunate that she should discover her first client Sir Oswald Newbold explorer mine magnate and president of the exclusive Explorers and Geographers' Club dead with a knife in his throatWhen Inspector Robert Curran is put on the case he realizes that he has an unusual witness in Harriet Harriet's keen eye for detail and strong sense of du This impeccably researched historical mystery is closer to thriller than it is to romance though the two lead characters are the widowed suffragette Harriet Gordon and Inspector Robert Curran who many of the British imperialists living in Singapore tsk over because they feel he's gone nativeSome readers might object to the very nature of the book depicting English people during the height of the imperial period on the verge of its fall; I thought Stuart did a superb job of walking that knife edge between depicting people of the time and yet not offering the unexamined prejudices of that period as admirable or nostalgicIt was a delight watching Gordon and Curran form a friendship and partnership each respecting the other's intelligence and skills I loved Harriet's brother the gentle headmasterpastor of a struggling English school Also a delight was the care Stuart took to give all her characters even the ones appearing for half a page enough complexity to make me care for them or dread them in the case of certain ones Even the dead took on personalityStuart's vivid descriptions of the torrid climate and flora of the area also impressed me Altogether this book looks to be the start of a very promising seriesCopy provided by NetGalley

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Ty interests him as does her distrust of the police and her traumatic past which she is at pains to keep secret from the gossips of Singapore societyWhen a second body is dragged from the canal Harriet feels compelled to help with the case She and Curran are soon drawn into a complex web of stolen gemstones and a mysterious gang of thieves who have no ualms about killing again to protect their secre Short version An interesting setting likable characters and a plot involving greed and murder all combined to make a strong start to a new historical mystery series It was superbly topped off by a stellar performance by the narrator The year is 1910 and Harriet Gordon a young English widow is trying to leave a traumatic past behind her by joining her brother in Singapore where he serves as the Headmaster for a boy's school She does some clerical work for the school but as that is mostly unpaid work she has undertaken the side job of transcribing the memoirs for a retired explorer The murder of her employer kicks off this promising start to a new series I really really liked Harriet She's smart observant and has a strong inner core but she still moves believably through the time period in which she lives I also liked that the author chose to show that Harriet still feels fear and despairsometimes giving in momentarily to tearsrather than following the usual default position that thinks the only way to show strength in a female character is to make her impervious to such emotions While the series bears only Harriet's name the second leading character is that of Inspector Robert Curran a fellow Englishman who is likely at home in Singapore's exotic environment than many of his fellow expatriates are comfortable with One of my pet peeves in stories dealing with amateur sleuths is that all to often the police are written as being incompetent Thankfully that is not the case here Curran is a good man and a very good detective and I enjoyed the changing interplay between him and Harriet as they moved from skepticism about each other to a place of growing respect Harriet's brother Julian plays a smaller role in the story but I also really liked him and I loved his relationship with Harriet They made my heart happy My only disappointment with the story is the romance There is one but it's not where I wanted it That's always the way with me it seems When I don't want a romance in a story the author seems intent to force one down my throat But when I do want one the author goes in another direction Oh well the romance was kept to a minimum here so it's a really small uibble and doesn't detract from the story's many other strong points Which brings me to the actual mystery plot The murder happens in the first chapter or rather the discovery of the dead body does so that there is no time wasted on maneuvering characters into position I found the mystery interesting and not too convoluted Although it wasn't too difficult to pinpoint the likely guilty person or persons it was still enjoyable to watch Harriet and Curran navigate the cluesand there were still enough unclear points to sustain interest And of course I have to give proper kudos to the narrator for doing a great job She managed all the voices both male and female wonderfully Her line delivery was always spot on giving each line the appropriate amount of emotion needed to make it all believable I look forward to reading the second book when it comes out

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Singapore SapphireHarriet Gordon stumbles into a murderous web of stolen gems and cutthroat thieves as she runs from her tragic past in an enthralling new historical mystery series set in early twentieth century Singapore Singapore Desperate for a fresh start and to distance herself from her tragic past Harriet Gordon finds herself in Singapore at the height of colonial rule Hoping to gain some financial independence It was 1910 when Harriet Gordon escaped the tragedy of her past to Singapore Her brother Reverend Julian Edwards was master at the local school and Harriet did some unpaid work for St Thomas But needing funds saw her advertising herself as a personal secretary and when she began typing the manuscript for Sir Oswald Newbold she had no idea her acuaintance with him would cause such dramatic changes in her lifeThe murder of Newbold was particularly vicious – Harriet finding him was shocking But when Inspector Robert Curran arrived at the scene he was impressed at her calm demeanor As the investigation advanced the connection to rubies and other gems seemed widespread With a young man missing a body found in the nearby river and dark secrets finding their way to the surface Harriet and Curran were facing uncertainty and danger Who was the mastermind Would they find the killer before he struck again Because it was certain he would kill anyone in his path Singapore Sapphire is the 1st in the Harriet Gordon Mystery series by Aussie author AM Stuart aka Alison Stuart and I loved it Two of my favourite genres – historical fiction and mysteries – combined to make an enticing fascinating look at Singapore when under colonial rule; the daring of criminals in their desire to be wealthy; and the blanket of humidity which hung over everyone leeching the energy from one and all Harriet Gordon and Robert Curran were excellent characters I’m really looking forward to book 2 in the series and have no hesitation in recommending Singapore Sapphire to all fans of historical mysteriesWith thanks to NetGalley and BerkleyPenguin Random House New York for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review