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REVIEW ¿ Renias Diary ¸ ➭ [Ebook] ➨ Renias Diary By Renia Spiegel ➹ – The long hidden diary of a young Polish woman's last days during the Holocaust translated for the first time into English with a foreword from American Holocaust historian Deborah LipstadtRenia Spiege The long hidden diary of a young Polish Of the ghetto This is all described in the Diary as well as the tragedies that befell her family and her ultimate fate in as written in by Zygmund on the Diary's final page Renia's Diary is a significant historical and psychological document The raw yet beautiful account depicts Renia's angst over the horrors going on around her It has been translated from the original Polish with notes included by her surviving sister Elizabeth Bellak. I feel a little churlish saying how little I engaged with this book for it's obviously a labour of love and a heartfelt production from the family members who knew the author But this diary had too little of the War for me far too much poetry about the angst teenaged love involves and far too much weeping for her mother I can see a readership similar to Renia empathising but at the remove in age experience and gender that I have I didn't gel with many of the contents here I couldn't recommend the Holocaust expert rush to these pages – the phoney war seems to go on twice as long as previously thought for one So it's down to Renia's surviving younger sister to give her testimony about the life she got to lead and background information that partly helps the fact the diary pages needed annotation and certainly hoiks the interest levels up

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Ts in Przemysl right before the Germans invaded PolandLike Anne Frank Renia recorded her days in her beloved diary She also filled it with beautiful original poetry Her diary records how she grew up fell in love and was rounded up by the invading Nazis and forced to move to the ghetto in Przemsyl with all the other Jews By luck Renia's boyfriend Zygmund was able to find a tenement for Renia to hide in with his parents and took her out. As and Holocaust survivors pass away it’s important that people read about their experiences so that they won’t be forgotten and hopefully something like that will never happen againRenia’s Diary is a written record about a young Polish girl who unfortunately did not survive She was smart kind and full of hope for her future She was a budding poet and had won awards at her school for her poetry Her diary is similar to those of many teens reflecting the angst about relationships and friendships her social life the feelings of first love and thoughts about her family But as the years go on there’s a sense of fear as the Jews of her little town are persecuted and by the Nazis A real sense of sadness begins to seep in Yet she holds out hope for what still might be possibleBut for me the most interesting part of the book was the Epilogue and Commentary written by Renia’s sister Ariana Elizabeth It is here that the diary is put into context and we learn about the lives of the sisters Ariana explains in detail what was happening in their world and what happened to the people that Renia wrote about in her diary Thank you to Net Galley Ariana Elizabeth Bellak and St Martin’s Press for giving me the opportunity to read Renia’s diary


Renias DiaryThe long hidden diary of a young Polish woman's last days during the Holocaust translated for the first time into English with a foreword from American Holocaust historian Deborah LipstadtRenia Spiegel was a young girl from an upper middle class Jewish family living on an estate in Stawki Poland near what was at that time the border with Romania In the summer of Renia and her sister Elizabeth née Ariana were visiting their grandparen. When I finished this I didn’t think that it would be fair to rate it How do you rate someone’s diary an intimate look at someone’s inner thoughts secrets a diary that is not necessarily meant for anyone else to read I ultimately decided that since I have rated Anne Frank’s diary 5 stars I should rate this one So it’s three stars mainly because it was a struggle for me to read a large part of this which is focused on the day to day reflections of a teenage girl with all of its angst suabbles with friends parties and boyfriends Nevertheless I have to say it’s an important book It is also interspersed with poems some lovely and some sad and poignant thoughts on what is happening in Poland on missing her motherThis diary is framed by an introduction by a Holocaust scholar and an epilogue by Renia’s sister Reading these two narratives allowed me to grasp the significance of a diary written by a teenage in occupied Poland The introduction offers some interesting observations about diary vs memoir The writer of a memoir knows the outcome of what happened to them written with the memory of what happened The writer of a diary as is the case with Renia Spiegel writes contemporaneously not knowing The reader does know what happens to Renia and of course it’s heartbreaking because we know that all of the seemingly typical teenage concerns and her life will be upended by war by deathSome of the saddest moments are when Renia talks about missing her mother who she is separated from when she is visiting her grandmother and Poland’s occupation becomes split between the German and the Russians There are a few passages dealing with some bombings and having to hide When she is writing about these moments is when I was most captivated Parts were moving parts were repetitive and mundane but Renia’s story is important for us to remember because of the loss of her life as well as millions of other Jews The introduction and epilogue framing this book are eually important I received an advanced copy of this book from St Martin’s Press through NetGalley