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CantorasW or alone And throughout again and again the women will be tested by their families lovers society and one another as they fight to live authentic lives A genre defining novel and De Robertis's masterpiece Cantoras is a breathtaking portrait of ueer love community forgotten history and the strength of the human spirit At once timeless and groundbreaking Cantoras is a tale about the fire in all our souls and those who make it burn. I was late to a scheduled podcast recording Sunday because I just had to finish this book first It is beautifully written about five women living in Uruguay building a found family to live as who they really are despite dictators trauma and fear Some of the story comes from research the author did on the first LGBT spaces in Uruguay not in the city but on the very edge of the country between ocean and sand dunes The five women in the novel buy a shack that becomes their escape Each character is uniue they all have individual connections with the other characters and the time spans 1970s to 2013 I also noticed the tension created by coming out in a time of extreme oppression such as a dictatorship and the long term damage that can do This feels like a story that runs deep for the person writing it as well I had a copy from the publisher through NetGalley it came out September 3 and this is one of my top reads so far this year

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Cantoras characters Á 107 ✓ ❰PDF❯ ✅ Cantoras Author Carolina De Robertis – From the highly acclaimed award winning author of The Gods of Tango a revolutionary new novel about five wildly different women who in the midst of the Uruguayan dictatorship find one another as lover From the highly acclaimed awardFrom the highly acclaimed award winning author of The Gods of Tango a revolutionary new novel about five wildly different women who in the midst of the Uruguayan dictatorship find one another as lovers friends and ultimately familyIn Uruguay a military government crushed political dissent with ruthless force In this environment where the everyday rights of people are under attack homosexuality is a dangerous transgression to be pu. Freedom In 1970s Uruguayfreedom was not to be found Called the process the country was under a brutal dictatorship a system that cared little for innocence or guilt A system that took people rights joy and made them disappear For the five women in this story this wasn't the only type of freedom not available to them they also did not have the freedom to love whom they wanted Their same sex desire must be kept hidden at all costs They were CantorasThey find a place in an isolated coastal village a place that will cement their love friendships and provide a stable base throughout the years We learn each of their backgrounds some who have suffered from base treatment of the dictatorship one from her own family We follow them for four decades as they struggle come apart and come together again The bond the women form with each other the friendship that endures changing partners and lost loves is the wonder of this novel Their fight for freedom of both sorts is a formidable force It is amazing what a person can go through and still have the power to love albeit with scarsA beautiful moving book one where the characters work their way into your heart A warning though for those who find explicit same sex scenes uncomfortable though I thought they were well done and helped define the storyWhy did life put so much inside a woman and then keep her confined to smallnessWhat is love she said if it can't hold all the channels of the spiritThe essence of dictatorship she thought On the bus on the street at home no matter where you are or how ordinary you seem you're in a cageARC from Edelweiss

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Nished And yet Romina Flaca Anita La Venus Paz and Malena five cantoras women who sing somehow miraculously find one another Together they discover an isolated nearly uninhabited cape Cabo Polonio which they claim as their secret sanctuary Over the next thirty five years their lives move back and forth between Cabo Polonio and Montevideo the city they call home as they return sometimes together sometimes in pairs with lovers in to. I’ve just spent this entire novel going back and forth between laughing and sobbing It’s a triumph a celebration and a shared mourning all in one TW rape abuse homophobia torture conversion therapy electroshock imprisonment suicideI was sent a free copy of this book by the publisher for review but all opinions are my own