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The Compleet Molesworth eBook × Hardcover Ù ❮Read❯ ➸ The Compleet Molesworth ➻ Author Geoffrey Willans – Nigel Molesworth the ‘goriller of 3B’ and ‘curse of st custard’s’ is the superb chronicler of life at a 1950s British prep school Loved by a generation who recognised tS and the media in the 1950s’ For her the collection’s irreverence has remained undiluted by over 60 years of delectation From Molesworth’s description of poetry – ‘Weedy people say la and fie and swoon when they see a bunch of daffodils’ – to Searle’s ‘Know the Enemy or Masters at a Glance’ all are ‘right on the button to this day’ Unforgettable and yet a delight to return to these books are modern classics to be cherished and enjoyed time and agai One of the funniest books I have ever read And re read And re re read times without number A gauranteed pick me up no matter how down you are Do ye ken John Plunk in his tinkle tinkle zing will be with me forever

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Luding the money grabbing Headmaster Grimes BA Stoke on Trent and the infamous school sissy Fotherington Tomas Of course Molesworth would not be complete without Ronald Searle’s witty and wicked cartoons depicting gerunds masters space machines school dogs and parentsThis edition is introduced by poet Wendy Cope who recounts her lifelong love of Molesworth’s perfectly contemptuous outlook ‘a wonderful antidote to the relentlessly positive attitudes expressed by adult According to the listing in Goodreads this book is by Geoffrey Willans In fact it's a dual effort Ronald Searle being the other contributor and the latter's zany way out illustrations contribute as much as the text to this work being one of the all time classics of school comedyThe Molesworth stories deal with the obviously fictitious St Custard's school or skool for Nigel's spelling is not especially accurate essentially a highly satarised version of what a typical English boarding school was like in the 1950s It appears that the authors took as their model the many school series around at that time such as Billy Bunter Jennings 5th Form at St Dominic's and such and then proceeded to stand them on their head taking the concepts to a wild and hilarious conclusion Ostensibly a series of essays written by the titular character on various aspect of what it's like to be a young Elizabethan Her Majesty ueen Elizabeth the second in case you were wondering the books are actually a romp that will leave anyone with a sense of the absurd helpless with laughter The canon abounds with amazing characters such as Grabber the Head Boy who has won every prize going including the Miss Joyful Prize For Raffia Work Fotherington Thomas the utterly wet skool swot who goes around talking to the clouds and flowers Nigel's brother Molesworth II mi grate freind Peason and various sadistic masters new bugs bemused civilians and not to mention Prudence Entwhistle the glamorous under matron But best of all is Nigel himself a gentle detached scribe content merely to pass melancholy and philosophical observations on the absurdities of skool life complete with ink blots from his crossed pen nib This is that rare thing a true treasure of comedy And since this book brings together all the works in one anthology who could resist it? Particularly rib tickling are Nigel's account of playing in the school football match told in the manner of an existentialist philosopher the account of a visit to the museum where the pupils hijack a trane and spend the whole afternoon singing the Davy Crockett theme Nigel's love affair with the Under Matron and the tale of the visiting French exchange student Armand But really you can dip anywhere into this volume and find something utterly brilliantGiven that they made a series of movies about Searle's girls' school St Trinians recently remade surely a Molesworth movie is way overdue I for one would ueue all night for tickets

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The Compleet MolesworthNigel Molesworth the ‘goriller of 3B’ and ‘curse of st custard’s’ is the superb chronicler of life at a 1950s British prep school Loved by a generation who recognised themselves in the ink blot world of St Custard’s the Molesworth tetralogy Down with Skool How to be Topp Whizz for Atomms and Back in the Jug agane is gathered together in this compendium ‘Built by a madman in 1836’ St Custard’s is inhabited by a host of Molesworth’s famous adversaries inc Have you ever sensed a kindred spirit upon hearing the words as any fule kno?Has your trained ear been able to detect the difference between No and Noe?Have you ever seen a gerund cut a gerundive?Or puzzled out the meaning of Caesar adsum jam forte?Or cried THE PRUNES ARE REVOLTING?If not you need to read these books Crie you mercie Mowlesworth Noe