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Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Heather Grothaus In medieval Vow Sons MOBI #240 Scotland the illegitimate children of a notorious criminal vie to claim their birthrights and find that love is an even greater prize Edinburgh merchant Tavish Cameron has no choice but to pay outrageous tolls to the nobility until fate gives him an unexpected opportunity for The Lairds PDF or advancement To claim Tower Roscraig all. 25 rounded upThe story opens with Thomas Annesley Baron Annesley Lord of Darlyrede wounded and fleeing his home His beloved Cordelia is dead and her father Lord Hargrove is trying to kill him He comes upon travelers who offer to help him but when he learns they are going to Darlyrede he takes off into the night30 years later Tavish Cameron is a merchant in Edinburgh he has done well for himself and his mother but is still not as successful as he would like When a man enters his shop and locks the door Tavish has no idea how much his life is going to change Turns out Thomas Annesley fled and was saved by Tav’s mother Harriet Thomas is Tavish’s father and has been captured and condemned to die – before that happened he beueathed an unentailed property – Roscraig Tower – to Tavish Tavish is floored and can’t wait to claim his inheritance and the title of laird so he notifies King James and sets off Glenna Douglas has lived at Roscraig all her life and believes her father is the rightful laird So when Tavish comes claiming he is the laird they are immediately at odds Glenna’s father Iain is not well and the castle and the village are in disrepair not to mention most of the inhabitants have died from a sickness that seems to target their lands as a result the fields are barren and there is no food Glenna is almost starved her clothes threadbare and living alone in the keep with her dying father But none of this stops Glenna from acting like Tavish is a peasant beneath her notice and she refuses to even look at the papers Tavish has She says she will wait for the king to come and uphold her father’s claimTavish wastes no time improving the property and his mother Harriet is a sweetheart and takes over the care of Iain who seems to improve under her care When Tavish’s friend Audrey Keane arrives with the intention of marrying Tavish things start to get interesting at Roscraig and Tav offers to let Glenna stay as his mistressI have to say of all the characters in this book the only one I really liked was Harriet – Tavish was unlikable for a good portion of the book but even he can’t compare to Glenna for the title of total jerk of the book – she was a snob acted completely entitled and was unforgivably mean to Harriet There was an ongoing misconception that the title of Laird elevates the holder to nobility it doesn’t and the title of Miss was not used until the 17th century – and while this is promoted as a medieval it reads like a regency In addition to all that I have no idea when or why for that matter they fell in love and the first half of the book was slow and repetitive it does pick up a little around the 23 mark and the last 10% of the book is one non stop surprise after another The ending was jaw dropping and saved the book from being a 2 star read This is the first book in the series while I didn’t love it I will most likely read the next book because of revelations in this book that have pulled me into the mystery of what happen to Thomas AnnesleyI am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher

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Read & download í The Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland #1 106 ì [Ebook] ➩ The Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland #1 ➨ Heather Grothaus – In medieval Scotland the illegitimate children of a notorious criminal vie to claim their birthrights and find that love is an even greater prize Edinburgh mer O take that too Until the king himself arrives to determine the rightful laird Glenna and Tavish Cameron must share Tower Roscraig resulting in a scandalous bargain But something deeper than passion ignites as they realize that Roscraig has been Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland ePUB #8608 targeted by enemies And only by uniting can they evade the traps set for them bot. Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest reviewAs far as Highland romance goes this was a decent novel The language and description of the land appear accurate and realistic Having said that the story felt long and uninteresting Tav and Glenna are fighting to keep the home they inherited and work together to trick those trying to lay siege I just didn't feel the connection between the characters and the plot felt long winded Didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked to

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The Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland #1He has to do is admit that he is the bastard son of a murdering baronand evict the proud impoverished Lady Glenna Douglas from her crumbling castle With her father ailing and her village devastated by illness Glenna has lost almost everything Lairds Vow Sons MOBI #242 except her home Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland ePUB #8608 Now a ruggedly handsome stranger intends t. The first part of the book was very slow which made it hard for me to continue reading It speeds up towards the middle of the book and was easier to read Tavish Cameron has inherited a castle but to claim it he must get the lady living there to leave Also he must solve the mystery of who the castle should belong to prove it to the king and find a killer The relationship between Tavish and Gleena seem to go from one extreme to another They went from immediate enemies to being co conspirators with nothing leading up to the change There were lots of twists and turns but I didn’t feel like the mystery was ever solved