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Twisted Bonds The Camorra Chronicles #4Eir traumatic childhood Together they’re trying to recover the missing pieces but they aren’t the only broken souls in Twisted Bonds PDF or the Falcone mansion Kiara fears that not all of them can be saved Determined to protect her new family and the f. bless this author for giving us ninokaira also leave it to her to always blow our minds with brutal endingsi honestly dont know what the purpose of this book is but im glad that it's told in alternating perspective of nino and kiara they're my favorite couple in this series they've initially had their own book in the previous installment twisted emotions book 2 so this is i guess a sort of companion novel to ramo and serafina's book twisted pride book 3 basically the majority of the events in this book consist of the same key events in the third book except they're seen through nino and kiara's pov however this book also has some major new additional scenes that will be important to know going into the next book so it's best that you do not skip this↠ notable emotional transformation arcit was uite uplifting seeing kiara's healing journey after what she's experienced as well as seeing her struggle in coming to terms with her ailment i mean to be a survivor and having to deal with the loss of the ability that is considerably valuable to a woman is not the kind of trauma that you get to recover from in a mere couple of days it's not that her condition is unfixable or anything but still it's hard↠ heartwarming family bonding momentsit was also nice seeing how the falcone family slowly bonded with each other and ahh babies im always happy when a book's got cute adorable little humans also savio's grown on me in this book i like him and i cant wait to read his book and ugh all the shit with adamo was really annoying but then again he's only fifteen he'd learn from his mistakes overall thoughts for the most part i really enjoyed this book there wasnt much going on in regards to the plot 60% of it was a repetition of the previous book whilst the other 40% was some new added complications relating to adamo and the brothers' unresolved issues with their crazy ass mother nonetheless it didnt feel redundant to me bcs i liked being in kaira and nino's head i also think this book gave a solid foundation for adamo's upcoming book the pace i would say was steady the steamy scenes were too many and a bit gratuitous for my liking at the beginning but it was happening less and less as complicated matters started to unravel sometimes those scenes were hot but other times they gave you the tongue in cheek effect bcs of nino's weird dirty talk the writing wasnt the most mesmerizing but it wasnt so bad that it disrupted my reading experience OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES #1 twisted loyalties — 3 stars#2 twisted emotions — 4 stars#3 twisted pride — 2 stars#4 twisted bonds — 3 stars#5 twisted hearts — 2 stars#6 twisted cravings tbr

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Twisted Bonds The Camorra Chronicles #4 free read ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB µ [PDF] ✩ Twisted Bonds The Camorra Chronicles #4 Author Cora Reilly – Can you ever truly leave the past behind in a house full of haunted souls Kiara always wanted a loving family she could tUture of her dreams she’s on a mission to help each of them in her own way even if it means stacking up secrets Four brothers bound together by an unbreakable bond forged in their dark past If one of them falls will Bonds The Camorra eBook #8608 they all. ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewSometimes I feel like my insides are a raging flood of emotions when I look at you but I don't mind drowningTwisted Bonds is a full length continuation of Nino and Kiara's story which was told in Twisted Emotions One of my remarks for that book was that I didn't feel that the story was complete and I wanted development for the characters So I was very happy that this book was focusing on that couple again There was still a lot that I wanted for this couple so I was really excited to see how everything would develop further for them Twisted Bonds was a great addition to The Camorra Chronicles I loved seeing how every character was doing and handling all the good and bad from the previous books The family aspect was strong on the foreground and I enjoyed seeing how the brothers got through things from the past I liked getting to know Adamo and Savio better in this book and it really has me excited for their books The relationship beween Nina and Kiara transformed in this book and I especially loved seeing Kiara grow stronger All of us have experienced horrors in our past but we'll create a beautiful future togetherTwisted Bonds was suspenseful romantic sexy emotional funny and it pretty much had everything I enjoy in mafia romances I am really happy that Cora decided to continue with Nino and Kiara's story It finally feels complete They go through a lot in this book but they never lose sight of what is important in life I loved seeing the dynamics change between the brothers and I look forward to seeing what will happen next I am satisfied with how everything worked out in this book Nowadays I don't read a lot of mafia romances but I will never pass up on a book written by Cora Reilly I am dedicated and feel a connection to her characters and always look forward to seeing how they are doing

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The Camorra MOBI #239 Can you ever truly leave the past behind in a house full of haunted souls Kiara always wanted a loving family she could take care of She never thought she’d find it with the Falcones Nino and Kiara both lost part of themselves in th. but can i please be adopted into the Falcone family PLEASEokay nothing really happened here but also a lot of things happened it was just chaotic goodness and i was living for it in the first half it's just pov of Nino and Kiara during twisted pride and then the last half is just them being a big family Kiara and Nino trying to get pregnant Adamo struggling from his torture and drama with the Falcone bros' estranged evil mother➵ FALCONE BROS AND KIARA ˗ˏˋ Adamo Savio Kiara ˎˊ˗ok gotta be honest i liked Adamo and Kiara's relationship in twisted emotions just cuz Adamo teaching Kiara how to play video games and being such a softie to her will forever stay in my heart but they were still very cute here tho i think hmm idk but Kiara being a motherolder sister figure to both of them and baking them cookies and her banter with Savio and i awww'ed at least 198493 times also WE MUST PROTECT ADAMO AT ALL COSTS i don't care what i need to do but my bb needs protection asap i mean he did some things that kinda high key annoyed me but still poor Adamo also me actually liking Savio for once wooow who would've thought huh certainly not this bishh however im currently reading his book right now and wtf SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF THIS MESS I HATE IT HERE help meeee im sorry but Savio in his own book is just a no for me and i just started reading ugh it's ruining my mood˗ˏˋ Remo Kiara ˎˊ˗ok now these two are my favorite in this book i mean look at this✧ 𝐑𝐄𝐌𝐎↳ You are strong in your own way Kiara And you are Falcone The world's yours and then Kiara was all like✧ 𝐊𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐀↳ You are how I wish my brothers could have been I don't care what people say about you I love you like a brother and when im already drowning in cuteness Kiara hit us up with one uote✧ 𝐊𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐀↳ I don't care if the world hates you I'll defend you against all of them can we all appreciate the development of these two Kiara used to be so afraid of him and he lowkey kinda hated her i think but now they would die for each other ugh SO CUUUTE➵ NINO aka THE ULTIMATE MAMA BEAR 🥺 i can't believe i'd find someone threatening to kill anyone who causes me pain so attractive look at what he says guys If someone ever tries to hurt you I'll take them apart piece by piece sinew by sinew bone by bone i mean if i happen to stumble upon a mafia man and they said this to me well seduction mode on after reading this book i really think Nino is the best husband out of all the Falcone bros he was just so patient and kind and the ultimate softie towards Kiara he's the ride or die kind of husband and i love it also he's so protective that he refused to tattoo Kiara because he doesn't want to cause her pain even if said tattoo was his name yeah best husband award goes to this dude ➵ FALCONE KIDS spoilers first of all whenever i see a post on instagram or facebook about characters i've never heard of well i tend to go like thisit's confusing af but now i know who the hell they're talking about Alessio Massimo Greta and Nevio YESSS i know all of them now yaaayy i still don't know a lot tho like who is Beatrice Leonas Aurora Marcella who are they please kindly let me know because my mind is a mess right now thank youu that epilogue scene where Savio was chasing Nevio because he dattoo'ed himself and his sister was so adorable and honestly even though i don't like Savio right now since im reading his book he's kind of the best uncle not gonna lie and Alessio oh my god okay we all gotta protect that precious bean too i'd go to war for that kid no joke anyways there's a lot of Adamo moments here and im kinda uhh i feel weird reading about his relationship with CJ because well he's 1415 and she's like 28 years old soo i know they live in their own mafia world and it's normal for them but i live in the normal world and that's kind of ⁱˡˡᵉᵍᵃˡ so im uncomfyi would say im excited to read Savio's book now but straight up im really not his book's rating is kind of scaring me and i just started reading and i already wanna dnf his book soo wish me luck guys Camorra Chronicles #1 twisted loyalties ↠ 325 stars#2 twisted emotions ↠ 375 stars#3 twisted pride ↠ 425 stars#4 twisted bonds ↠ 4 stars#5 twisted hearts ↠ currently reading#6 twisted cravings ↠ tbr