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Read Marilee AUTHOR Con Sellers eBook ✓ Paperback ↠ dogsalonbristol × ➿ Marilee Free ➶ Author Con Sellers – MARILEE THE WILDHer family and plantation violently destroyed by invaders Marilee hurled herself into a part of life she had never before known It Aristocrat she dared not hope to ever know love until she met Joe Langston a common man who hated the Old South and all it stood for who ravaged her humbled herand couldn't forget herMARILEE THE WOMAN Conseguí MARILEE a través de un préstamo bibliotecario online gratuitoLa historia es original y transcurre por los territorios de auella mítica Comanchería del sur de USA Marilee es valiente y lo mismo se defiende a patadas ue a tiros Es violada prácticamente por todos los hombres con los ue interactúa y éste es el único punto ue resulta algo cansino aunue doy por sentado ue eso fue muy real A pesar de todo hay algo frío en el personaje No leo nunca bien sus emociones salvo su amor por su caballoEl prota masculino es más común ue ella pero interesante Ninguno de los dos hace ascos a mantener relaciones sexuales con otros ya ue están mucho tiempo separados no son pareja oficial son muy abiertos y la autora plantea de manera natural un sexo sin tabúesUn bodice ripper en el ue sin embargo la heroína no experimenta ninguna sensación de angustia tan típica de este tipo de novelas ue tanto me entretienen

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Dian territory as she headed West her body taken viciously by men she hated her dreams trampled forever under the victorious hooves of Yankee horsesSlave of a Comanche chief unwilling wife of a Mexican Marilee oh Marilee how I love you let me count the waysyou were self sufficientmentally made of steeland a total badass and oh yes you loved that morgan horse than anything While this book has many triggers and is by no means a soft hearted sweet love storysome would say it does not count as a love story I knew what I was in for and devoured it for all Marilee's trials and angst and hardships that she went throughthere were a lot of men that abused her in this book and most fluff only readers should steer clear of this book but when I read it is not only for feel good feelings and I am completely fine with real life and angst in a book no uestion life was not peaches and creams back then and most certainly not for females for me personally this book had me glued to it for the 3 days I made it last

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Marilee AUTHOR Con SelleMARILEE THE WILDHer family and plantation violently destroyed by invaders Marilee hurled herself into a part of life she had never before known It was a life of sheer survival across desert land and In This is comprised with bittersweet spoilers and if you gotta bridge your reading material with parental guidance screenings this isn't the place for you to test your endurance for disagreement discontentment view spoilerPerhaps it's due to the Appalachian Kentucky neutral upbringing in me that buckled down for the long haul on Sellers' Marilee or just maybe I'm a 'take it by the steel bit' and crazy horse my tender sensibilities to the nubs because it's a wild bucking ride from start to finish We two step before we take our first step and take to Wild Turkey and dysfunctional rube dregs before we even realize that it's heathen abnormal and depraved Mountain people tolerate dysfunction so naturally because we don't know any better and it's the entirety of what we truly know anyhow The living Scylla and Charybdis with our penchant to careen between neutral mindsets and will rise to the challenge to viciously defend what we personally hold dear The story above all matters most; despite how the details arrived at the telling No chops are ever earned by swimming in the kiddie pool with floatiesNo one embodies neutral scavenger; the not so rich Rhett Butler hired out runner or mercenary than our beloved be loathed hero Joe; he's every Kentuckian at their truest core Many by locale others by rebellious design Joe is a bitter shell shocked veteran malfunctioned; his own worst enemy and unlovable in his original cast but as with teary pooled integrity glossed Charles Ingalls when Joe spoke or gave a speech of any kind; humility or otherwise you LISTENED When Charles cried YOU cried That's powerful Changed people have a lot of wisdom and something worth listening to The overly sensitive emo bang flip ridden heroes we're introduced to nowadays wouldn't know an apology if it were written in their snuff pile with a razor As we're constantly choked down with passive men in our romantic reading endeavors who verbally exchange all corrective behavior with weepy glorified not really alpha man broken to apologism I'm behind Joe when he says in a presumed whiskey voice But not gentlemen; they sidled around like game roosters fighting mostly with words and sometimes the spat came down to them meeting with pistols under a special set of rules Didn't make a lick of sense Joe thoughtThat's what our entire romance genre has devolved to Words Words spilled over in a dairy free latte laden voice that just won't do Sure Jan No it just fucking won't Not when men were a different breed in the midst of a war torn nation Hand flail your offended self elsewhere pleaseHistorical accuracy and descriptions giving testimony of ages passed social structures do not pander to the reader and romanticizing rape and uncivil mindsets are what trivialize changed behavior IMOLet me say this immediately and foremost there is no better apology than changed behavior No words just deeds Joe's behavior changed drastically after learning to love; he didn't know how to love Marilee until another woman taught him to Dysfunctional AF but truly magical in the conflict of the war of love He's poor white trash who was smitten by a girl of the uppercrust and it shatters a very innocent love he held in her cast off It's his journey to redeem himself from the loss and the prejudices accompanied a man ghosted by infidelity and a cruel mistressThat's his arc and it was beautifully executed through stubborn journeys and self discovery without mental epiphanies every mile to update the reader on the said journey's progress He was also the main character in as much importance as Marilee was if not so Many scenes deter the reader and I'll be the first to admit how very unexpectedly furious I became at Marilee's treatment from the beginning In the beginning I was like WHERE IS OPRAH for counseling these two fucktards JFC But I don't think a woman's story is over or necessarily vulgar because of circumstances beyond her nature to control but revenge; even on a small scale will suffice; or at least an unwillingness to buckle under a savage world set to destroy you I feel like some of these reviews are survival guilt projected Well raped she damn well may be but not dead Did she die though Get back on the horse And she does Many many times I worship that refusal to just flutter off and die because someone who wasn't her husband lover handsome or intended raped and molested her Capitalize on their weakness and dust yourself clean of that junk Your vagina isn't your life's onoff switch Victimization is during the loss of your freedom; not afterwards Don't carry that shit with you And to clarify she DOES NOT BOOM Me whispers to book Fucking survive bitch Keep steppin' out of the swingOn the brutal content and loathsome treatment of MarileeHere's a notion You're supposed to be disgusted by it That's why it's RAPE Ugly men molesting said heroines is rape in the eyes of some of these readers and I fail to comprehend the division compared to say a millionaire Don Juan They're all rape It's all rape You know what makes the brutal rapes and vulgarity tolerable to read through Because of these winning moments Staring down at him at those stubbled lips that had crushed demanding and lusting against her own at the eyes whose cruel fires had glazed over she said Here you wanted this dress damn you Take it to hell with youShe stood up the heavy pistol still aimed down at him Damn you she whispered I wish I could kill you againAs he climbed back to his feet she cut at him Comanches do it better Overcoming hardships and obstacles with returned fire makes for a good read; an indestructible will; a woman refusing to yield no matter the circumstances; that's historical pioneering feminism Feminism didn't heighten or rear its head because a pioneer woman was raped gently by her husband or a wealthy land owner decided to hand tap slap her but HAS MARRIAGE IN MIND naturally Are you serious Jan If war wasn't utterly Hell we wouldn't be discussing its importance here and now It wouldn't be a theme NoPerhaps this Historical Romancelol took a sharp dive into the war laden reality that Sellers was obviously very accustomed to and being a man with a backlist of smut stories and also macho war novels; he is definitely lacking a woman's touch where war is described but the dead nut accuracy brings you to a newer height IMO because the finale is triumphant believable and satisfying Even so his love scenes are the added prose that create a bearable distinction in his masculine minded deliverance although lacking a cloying note all the sameMacho centric uotes Hello Pecos said I'm kilt Some goddamn Apache put one in my back dropped Goodnightother traveler too Fixed him though sawed off his whangdoodle and chunked it into the fire Son of a bitch can't never diddle a suaw in his heavenI'd just as soon kill you kneeling Joe said Might help you stay out of hell a minute longer if you die like you're prayin'Shrug Perhaps I like a man described character designed by a man because that's a chance at stepping out of my comfort zone that proud men of that caliber don't talk shit; especially a hardened veteran of a manCon Sellers and could devise a rough shod heroine who'd roll over post rape and chop snipe down a shitbird who dared try to ruin her With Joe as a hero there's very little dillydallying with sissified I WAS SO WRONG OMFG KILL ME GIMME CANCER NOW GOD Even beyond my control or romantic fantasies I'm glad Joe didn't comply with my natural tendency to avoid conflict Fuck Fight Fuck shit up But figure the shit out OK Downhill swings be damnedJoe and Marilee as a couple only worked when they'd both learned to love as previously stated with Joe but with Marilee it was a love that hadn't been tried with a man; although she had a dream she didn't realize she'd fulfilled but neglected another precious love before her very eyesand it wasn't Joe and could begin a new life with new ambitions hope When you've fucked up a potential love that barely bloomed temporary loves that don't chalk up definitely make you appreciate the love you left abandoned UnfortunatelyFortunately Joe Marilee cannot be roped by any HEA nonsense They're free ranged wildlings that happen to graze by the other once in awhile scratching up a heart or two The slow burn is entertainment enough if you don't need security reassurance and mental feedback every few pages instead of self discovery building arcs and the like Marilee isn't for everyone; hell it probably isn't for many but it's damn brilliant stuff and credit is definitely due These arcs are so very rarethink The Walking Dead and something to be praised PRAISES hide spoiler