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epub ó The Someone New · Jill Twiss From Jill Twiss and EG Keller the author and illustrator team behind the New York Times bestselling picture book John Oliver The Someone EpubPresents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo comes The Someone New a fres A nice message and I appreciate how it showed that one can initially feel nervous about change or meeting someone new and then overcome that by putting oneself in the other person's shoes and remembering how things that are now familiar were once new but on the whole it was just a tad too didactic in delivery for my taste I would have preferred a bit show and less tell Cute illustrations

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read doc Ñ The Someone New ☆ Hardcover ò jill twiss ´ ✾ [EPUB] ✶ The Someone New By Jill Twiss ❦ – From Jill Twiss and EG Keller the author and illustrator team behind the #1 New York Times bestselling picture book John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of That everything will be different What if Pudding spoils everything What if there’s no room for JitterbugWith the help of her friends can Jitterbug welcome the newcomer and learn that kindness is stronger than fe Ha I'm obviously verrrryyyy sllooooww when it comes to leaving reviews I also seem to be one of the few people who bought this book even though I don't have children but then again who says that children's books are for children only Obviously when they wrote ages 4 8 what they really meant was 40ish 80ish right RIIIIIGHTI LOVE this book The story is so meaningful in today's times of fear mongering against anything and anyone new and the illustrations are just so darn perfect all those little details like the acorn tea cup or the backpack that looked a little sad when Pudding was sent away so darling Oh and did I mention there are otters how can you even hesitate to buy this book if there are otters being their usual cutie piesMy recommendation for you is to buy this book buy it multiple times to give it to someone you love be kind and stay curious to discover something or someone new

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The Someone NewH and timely story about how it feels when someone new comes knocking at your door Jitterbug the chipmunk likes it when things stay the same So when one day Pudding the snail comes into her woods Jitterbug worries What a sweet simple book about what it’s like being new and how to embrace someone who is new I like the fact that this book tells children that basically everyone was a new person at one point or another and that it’s okay to change your mind to be wrong I think this book would make a great conversation starter for children and a great one that helps them understand emotionsOne day Jitterbug the chipmunk wakes up and feels there is something different about that day She sees some of her friends but it isn’t until she sees Someone New that she realizes that they are what is different about that day Her friends talk with Someone New learning a lot about them while Jitterbug listens Suddenly Jitterbug starts to get worried and scared She feels threatened and begins to worry about herself and the forest and she makes a comment to this new individual Pudding Jitterbug has many uestions about what Pudding says what will happen to the forest if he stays will her friends like Pudding than they like her What will happen if he stays Even though Puddings life was in jeopardy where he lived Jitterbug reaction shocked me but it’s a reaction that some children have when a new child becomes popular or looks interesting and they feel threatened When Jitterbug’s friends try to talk to her about what she did I liked how they approach her They were smart in handling their friend’s behavior I feel that for younger children this is a cute read but for older children it could also be used as an educational book that could help children understand both sides of what it is like to be a New Person and how to accept someone who is New