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Das Traumbuch ePub ó Download à Nina George ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Das Traumbuch By Nina George – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk From the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of The Little Paris Bookshop comes a delightful offbeat charming and bittersweet tale about the distance one man will travel for theAn accident happens Sam reads about it in the newspaper his father is a hero now in a coma in hospital So their first meeting takes place there alongside the hospital’s neurologist whom the staff name God and is the first person to treat Sam as an eual in intelligence And that’s because Sam due to a condition called synaes The ripples of tragedies were too sensory overloaded for meSo while I was engaged in the story from the start I was grappling with the believability chain of events as well With several mishaps right away they didn’t feel authentically believable to mebutok I went with it I appreciated the concept of this book especially the authors personal connection to this novel with her own father’s death but I honestly wasn’t drawn to reading it until recently when my friend verbally told me how much she loved it So I gave it a go having loved “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George The primary theme the author explores is the border between life and deatha powerful theme to contemplate There are parts in this book that were compelling to think about This excerpt is one them“How must they feel all the people whose beloved lies in a coma? Do they remain ‘faithful’ in the most innocent sense of the word? Do they long for sex the touch of skin laughter shared moments when life is full and sweet? Or do they die a little at a time because they no longer there to live? Do they abandon their lives completely and devote themselves entirely to caring and comforting? Or do they conserve some of their energy for themselves?” I wondered about this as a young adult when my mother told me that my dad spent his entire first year of their marriage in the hospital in San Francisco He had tuberculosis I wondered how my mother dealt with these issues once I was old enough to understand a little bit about life It was also easy to imagine the unbearable tension in the hospital each day “There are so many intense emotions in every bed in the ward One person has gotten lost in a very dangerous place another is hounded by mortal dread and yet another patient is running a fever I sense fatigue and tension as if there were taut strings and elastic bands crisscrossing the room Concerns aches and fear” And the gut reality of physically being in a coma “A catheter is hidden under Maddie’s nightie and tracksuit bottoms and two tubes are connected to her index finger There is a vial of eyedrops on the table next to her Further dropper bottles on the table by the door contain other medicines There are machines by her bed monitoring the oxygen and her blood and her heartbeat on a constant basis She is obviously fed through a tube that vanishes into her skin next to her collarbone Another tube protrudes from her neck; it’s hooked up to the ventilator” Butthe lines between reality and fantasy conscious and subconscious the different remembering‘s and retellings the dreams themselves put me into a comatose state myself It was a little bland and confusing The side stories felt odd to and unrealistic that my own emotions never got off the ground This book was much cerebral in thought than it was emotional for me 27 stars I appreciate the premises and purpose for this novel with much respect for Nina George but overall I had too many conflicted feelings about the storytelling itselfI had limitations with just how much I could transcend this human experience with my own heart

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Thesia can sense things the doctors can’t he can see the colours of his father’s thoughts and dreams and many relationships build from this  This beautiful novel is warm wise wry look at what love means It’s about fathers and sons friendship and family life death and making peace with the past in order to find a futur 45 Stars ”Maybe our lives are nothing but stories that are being read by other people” Henri Skinner a man who was once upon a time a war reporter has just jumped off the Hammersmith Bridge as this story begins desperate to save the life of a young girl who had fallen overboard ”The river is dragging her along It wants to own her” But Henri wins this time It is only after he is on land carrying this girl to safety that he begins to worry about being late to get to the school where his son Sam is waiting for him It will be the first time that they’ve really seen each other Feeling weak after putting the girl down he stumbles out into the road The girl screams as a car sweeps him off his feet and into the air ”I’ll be right with you Sam I’m just having a little rest” Sam is an unusual boy gifted with a Mensa I he is also a synesthete what he sees feels hears sometimes translates into something else Numbers sounds voices and music he sees in colours Letters he associated with personality traits ”The London Underground sounds steel gray like a bagful of knives My mother’s voice is soft like soft gauze on a frozen lake And purple My voice is currently colorless but when I’m scared it turns bright yellow “People who know who they are and what they’re capable of have green voices Dark green voices serene and majestic like a wise old forest” The story is shared between the voices of Sam Henri and a woman named Eddie Tomlin who once was in love with Henri until he broke her heart and how they weave together We hear the story of how Sam came to be the story of Henri’s brief relationship with Sam’s mother Marie France the story of a fishing expedition that still stays with him and his regrets over some things that were said When Sam finds out that his father is in the hospital and the time of the accident he realizes it means Henri didn’t intentionally miss the father son event at Sam’s school With that he is determined to finally spend some time with this man who is his father a man he doesn’t really know He knows his mother won’t approve and so he goes without her consent where he meets Eddie and also eventually meets an eleven year old girl Madelyn Maddie who is also in a coma like his father Maddie’s family were all killed in a car accident she is the only one who lived His sensory overlap allows him to see feel Maddie on a level that escapes others Sam makes it his mission to try to find a way to reach her and draw her out of her coma Raising many uestions about the spaces between life and death the various conditions of existence that we encounter between our first and last breaths and whether or not we fully understand what those limits are the purpose of our lives this can be thought provoking without straying too far into the “woo woo” category With writing that I found both lyrical and profound and a story that was both powerful and endearing I loved this story from the start Many thanks once again to the Public Library system and the many Librarians that manage organize and keep it running for the loan of this book

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Das TraumbuchFrom the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of The Little Paris Bookshop comes a delightful offbeat charming and bittersweet tale about the distance one man will travel for the sake of love and friendship Henri is about to meet his teenage son Sam for the first time But as Henri crosses Hammersmith Bridge Powerful moving and poetic Nina George's newest novel The Book of Dreams is absolutely exuisite It's so different from other books I've read recently and it is one I won't soon forgetMaybe we're all stories that someone is reading and maybe that will save us before we ultimately expire?Henri Skinner was once a renowned war reporter whose eyes have seen first hand the horrors of our world Shaped by tragedy at an early age he is a passionate person one prone to acting before he thinks On his way to see his teenage son for the first time since he was an infant he performs a heroic act only to be struck by a car afterward He now lies deep in a coma hearing the voices of those he loves but also reliving his life's memories as well as exploring the paths not takenSam Henri's son is a highly intellectual synesthete he sees sounds as colors and numbers as sounds who has dreamed of having his father in his life for as long as he can remember only to be told by his mother that his father wasn't the type to depend on When he learns of his father's accident he begins a daily vigil at Henri's bedside Even though the doctors say they see no sign of Henri's sensing what is going on around him Sam believes his father hasn't given up yet and implores him to return to consciousnessWhile at the hospital Sam meets Eddie Tomlin a woman who was once deeply in love with Henri until he cruelly hurt her She's moved on with her life but Henri had named her the executor of his living will so she now must confront her feelings for this man to whom she once gave her entire heart Eddie isn't sure if she wants Henri to awaken or if she is ready to say goodbye once and for allAnother patient at the hospital is 12 year old Madelyn who has been in a coma since she was in a car accident that killed her entire family Even though she cannot communicate does not give any sign that she hears or feels or sees the hospital continues to treat her this poor young girl without anyone to look after her Sam is taken with Maddie and does everything he can to try and help her back to consciousness as he tries to do the same for his fatherThere are places where time is thinner where yesterday today and tomorrow converge and we can feel the presence of the dead and the echo of the future The Book of Dreams is about the thin line between life and death of how keeping a person alive is often for ourselves than the actual person It's a book about love—both its presence and its absence—and how both can consume you But than that this is a book about relationships about finding the courage to act to say the things you've always wanted to never let regret occupy your mindThis book is gorgeously written brimming with vivid imagery and emotion At times it gets a little confusing as you're not sure what has happened and what is being dreamed but the power of this book overcame any of its flaws where I was concerned In a few days it will be five years since my father died suddenly and this book felt a bit like a gift for me despite how difficult it was to read at timesI haven't read any of George's other books but she said in her afterword that her last three novels The Little Paris Bookshop The Little French Bistro and this one form a cycle of novels about mortality and are colored by existential uestions about death I'm definitely going to have to pick her other books up because this really touched me It was both a beautifully written and a beautifully felt bookSee all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at