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Son of Avonar The Bridge of D'Arnath #1 Summary Ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê [Reading] ➼ Son of Avonar The Bridge of D'Arnath #1 Author Carol Berg – Magic is forbidden throughout the Four Realms For decades sorcerers and those associating with them were hunted to near exMagic is forbidden throughout the Avonar The ePUB #9734 Four Realms For decades sorcerers and Son of MOBI #8608 those associating with them were hu. Welcome to the Four Realms a land where magic and sorcerers are myths used to frighten children The novel centres around the protagonist Seri a disgraced noblewoman now living in exile Her uiet life drastically changes when an unknown man unable to speak stumbles across her homeI’ve been meaning to finish this one for ages but once again was delayed due to other commitments Having now finally completed it I am pleased to say I was not disappointed The novel thoroughly deserves the good ratings I had seen prior to finishing itI found Carol Berg’s writing style similar to that of one my favourite authors Robin Hobb because she gives such well written depth to the world she has created and also makes you come to care so much about the cast of characters she also has Hobb’s habit of putting her characters through the millI found Seri to be the strongest written female character I have encountered in recent reads and she is someone I would always want on my side second only in my opinion to Brandon Sanderson’s Vin I think this was helped by the fact the entire novel was from her first person perspective I particularly enjoyed the flashback chapters concerning her time at courtA very entertaining read with the only slight downside being that the novel was a little slow at times mostly in some of the adventure and journey chapters A map would have been helpful as well Therefore I will give it 45 stars rounded down to 4 I look forward to reading the rest of the uartet

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Nted to near extinctionBut Seri a Leiran of Avonar The PDF #197 noblewoman living in exile is no stranger to defying the unjust laws of Avonar The. This is the first Carol Berg book I've read but after finishing this last night I know it won't be the last First I have to finish this uartetThe Lady Seriana has exiled herself from all she knows and all she is accustomed to though with good reason and no hesitation Her husband Karon was brutally tortured and murdered for being a sorceror and all their friends too The only reason she was not also burnt at the stake was because her brother Tomas the best friend and Champion of King Evard has done that much for her He did however murder her new born baby After all this tragedy getting as far away from the city is the least she can manage After ten years spent uietly at a cottage in the country eating what she can grow wearing the same clothes every day her peaceful existence is shattered by the appearance of a man naked and injured mute and without memory running from the King's lieutenant Darzid and the soulless Zhid who come from another worldGrudgingly she helps him discovering enough to make her sure he is not a horse thief and soon steps over the line from helping him to get rid of him to activily choosing to assist him determined that this man would not go the same way as Karon But what she learns about the man's origins opens up a whole new sleigh of uestions and creates in her a cruel hope Son of Avonar is told from Seri's perspective and jumps back and forth in time as she tells the story of her past and what happened to Karon whose fate we learn early on and the present day and her journey with the stranger This is the perfect way to tell this story and I don't think a linear narrative would have worked at all It's also very important to know about Seri's past in understanding her present She's a strong intelligent woman who uses her skill with words where others use brute force I loved that in Jennifer Fallon's Second Sons Trilogy and it's used well here tooThe world Berg has created here is very real It's also very cruel but that too is a part of the story I had the same feeling of tension I felt while reading Outlander caused by the knowledge that awful things do happen to these people that friends are enemies and love can be split asunder It's not that the plot is complicated it's not though it is original and extremely well dished out but the characters are what drive the story There's rather a lot of detail again like Gabaldon it makes me impatient especially towards the end However it's rarely superfluous so I couldn't skip any or I would lose the plot My main uibble is that in telling the story of Seri's past and how she met and came to love Karon and their short marriage before he is discovered I would have liked evidence It's not that I doubt their love I just wanted to feel it I think that in the next two books I will get that but since so much hinges on the relationship between Seri and Karon I think taking the time to really explore the depths of their love for each other rather than sort of skim over it or tell us it is so would have made this a truly satisfying read

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Son of Avonar The Bridge of D'Arnath #1Bridge of PDF or of her land She is sheltering a wanted fugitive who possesses unusual abilities a fugitive with the fate of the realms in his hand. I actually read this a couple of years ago but I just did a rereadrelisten in preparation for finishing the seriesI always love Berg's characters and emotions they are vivid and engaging and the general atmosphere she creates OTOH with every book I find plot holes or plot points that I simply don't buy So I think plotting is her weakness but since I care about character than plot I am willing to overlook themThe narrator of this first book in the series Angele Masters is very good and she's a fine teller of the tale Be warned though that the rest of the series has multiple narrators which irritates the heck outta me