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Story of how they did and didn't; the unforeseen obstacles that propelled them into years of disillusionment and heartbreak; and the strength of a family determined to stay together Here We Are American Dreams American Nightmares follows the lives of Aarti the precocious scholarship kid at one of Manhattan's most elite prep schools and her dad the shopkeeper who mistakenly sells watches and calculators to th Aarti Nandev Shahani a compelling storyteller and a correspondent for NPR tells about the difficulties and opportunities experienced by her immigrant family The family traveled from India to Casablanca where she and her siblings were born They moved to the United States and soon received their green cards Aarti was a talented student who received scholarships to a prestigious prep school and university The Shahani family was full of hope that they were on the way to living the American dreamUnfortunately her father and uncle sold watches in their shop to people who were members of the Cali drug cartel The cartel used them and other immigrant shopkeepers in a money laundering scheme Her father was a pawn in the illegal scheme and had poor advice from his lawyer He was imprisoned and the immigration officials threatened to deport him Aarti tells how she became a community activist for immigrant families who were caught in the gray areas of immigrant law These families usually did not have the language skills or the money for good legal representation Outcomes depended partly on the luck of getting a stay while the legal wheels were grindingAarti compares the experiences of her father who had to work menial jobs at first and deal with frightening legal and medical issues with her own opportunities and success So many immigrant families have stories that are not completely positive or completely negative but fall into that confusing gray area legally The author wrote a heartfelt and enlightening memoir that had times of love and laughter as well as times of despair The Shahanis were pillars of support to each other and the immigrant community on their way to citizenship Thank you to Celadon Books and the author for the opportunity to read this ARC

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Here We AreE notorious Cali drug cartel Together the two represent the extremes that coexist in our country even within a single family and a truth about immigrants that gets lost in the headlines It isn't a matter of good or evil; it's complicatedUltimately Here We Are is a coming of age story a love letter from an outspoken modern daughter to her soft spoken Old World father She never expected they'd become best frien Thanks to MacMillan for the ARC at BEA 2019 and to Aarti Shahani for signing my copyWhen my friend and I who are both South Asian were getting this book signed at BEA we were kinda stunned It's rare you see a desi writer especially in something that isn't in the sciences Shahani asked both of us where in the homeland we were from I'll never get tired of the excitement I feel when I say my family is from Gujarat and that actually means something to the person I'm talking to and she told us she hoped the book would resonate with us as fellow desisI am very glad to report it did in ways I couldn't have imaginedThis book is Aarti Shahani telling her family's whole immigration story from her parents moving first to Morocco and then to ueens growing up in poverty to the defining crisis of her late childhood and early adulthood when her father gets tied up in the criminal legal and immigration system Shahani doesn't hold back as she shows us her family's struggles with her father serving prison time and dealing with our country's inhumane immigration policies It's a moving powerful story and Shahani is an amazing writer Meanwhile her struggles to make a difference in the world and desire to change things while battling social circumstances and traditions resonated unbelievably strongly with me Every single brown person needs to read this book And you know what everyone else too But this is a part of our story our community has shied away from telling We've been willing to pretend that the immigration debate doesn't pertain to us but it does Shahani's story shows how important it is for us to never forget thatHighly reccomend I'm already forcing my entire family to read this book and I can't wait till it comes out so I can make every brown person in my life read it Thank you Shahani Thank you for telling your story and inspiring of us to tell ours


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Download Here We Are ePub ☆ 245 pages ☆ Aarti Namdev Shahani Å ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Here We Are By Aarti Namdev Shahani ✼ – Here We Are is a heart wrenching memoir about an immigrant family's American Dream the justice system that took it away and the daughter who foHere We Are is a heart wrenching memoir about an immigrant family's American Dream the justice system that took it away and the daughter who fought to get it back from NPR correspondent Aarti Namdev ShahaniThe Shahanis came to ueens from India by way of Casablanca in the 1980s They were undocumented for a few unsteady years and then with the arrival of their green cards they thought they'd made it This is the The author writes about her family the Shahanis who moved to ueens from India stopping in Casablanca on the way At first they are undocumented but then they receive green cards Aarti is attending an elite Manhattan prep school on scholarship when her dad gets into some legal trouble by mistakenly selling goods to a drug cartelGosh There are so many things about this book I loved First of all what it’s all about the complexity in immigrant families and the stories we don’t hear along with a daughter’s abiding love her father even if the two couldn’t be different There’s a lot to relate to thereThis is a memoir that reads just as well as fiction It’s well told and compelling and I loved every bitMany of my reviews can also be found on my instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader