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Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Felicia Day To cultivate a creative Your Weird Face Your Fears ePUB #8608 community Space to explore and get your neurons firing Whether you enjoy writing baking painting podcasting playing music or have yet to uncover your favorite creative outlet Embrace Your Weird will help you unlock the power of self expression Get motivated Get creative Get weird. Audiobook ReviewOverall 4 starsPerformance 5 starsStoryContent 3 35 starsI have never really read or listened to a self help book before but was intrigued by the blurb and premise Who doesn't want to face their fears and unleash their creativity The book was structured a bit differently than I thought it would be and Embrace Your Weird is of a workbook with interactive components to help guide readers and listeners along For the audiobook there is a companion PDF that includes the various exercises and tasks that the author asks listenersreaders to complete I liked the overall positivity of the book but I enjoyed the author's anecdotes and hilariously relatable personal experiences best The author is clearly a gifted storyteller and writer and though the book wasn't uite for me please note that I only tried a few of the exercises I think many others will find it very helpful and encouraging I voluntarily listened to an audiobook listening copy of this book Many thanks to Librofm and Simon Schuster Audio

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Embrace Your Weird Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity Read Ç 102 ↠ ☃ Embrace Your Weird Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity PDF / Epub ✑ Author Felicia Day – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk An instant New York Times bestseller In Embrace Your Weird New York Times bestselling author producer actre An instant Weird Face PDFEPUB #227 New York Times bestseller In Embrace Your Weird New York Times bestselling author producer actress TV writer and award winning web series creator Felicia Day takes you on a journey Embrace Your Kindle to find rekindle or expand your creative passions Including Felicia’s personal stories and hard won wis. 60 second video review here First of all if you are considering ordering this for Kindle or any other ebook reader consider a paperback copy you will thank me later If you can’t bear to not have an immediate electronic copy make sure to have a notebook or copy paper handy You’ll need itDespite whatever you might gather from the above paragraph don’t worry The uirky Felicia Day that showed up in “You’re Never Weird On The Internet Almost” shows up and graces every page with the wit and humor she showered us with that first time “Embrace Your Weird” is not another memoir book as she cheerfully jumps from her life into ours Ms Day’s goal Convince each one of us that we have incredible talents to share with the worldIn order to accomplish this task the author shares her own devices for victory over the mind numbing monsters that threaten to crush our creativity and force us to hide under our personal bushel baskets This book is loaded with power and here’s why The person writing it is not some highly educated professor with a wall full of degrees and awards nor is it someone who has identified a niche of psychological barriers and written a well thought tome of rules and procedures to follow Ms Day shares how she worked to overcome her demons sharing her knowledge and wisdom in an entertaining manner She is encouraging and down to earth urging us to break out of our shells but cautioning us to remember that our goals should be based on our own power and not the choices of others Sage advice indeedThe combination of the author’s thoughts and writingdrawing exercises for us to complete combine to form a funamusingeducationalawesome book that by the end should have morphed from something Ms Day created to something that also contains our personal inventions and thus a part of us Growth CAN be fun Five stars

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Embrace Your Weird Face Your Fears and Unleash CreativityDom Embrace Your Weird offers Entertaining and revelatory exercises that empower you to be fearless so you can Your Weird Face Epub #226 rediscover the things that bring you joy and crack your imagination wide open Uniue techniues to vanuish enemies of creativity like anxiety fear procrastination perfectionism criticism and jealousy Tips. Two and a half starsI decided to listen to this book on a whim I liked the cover and I'm plenty weird so why not I had no idea that Felicia Day is an actress famous gamer and creator of some website that people much younger than I liked a whole lotMs Day reads the audiobook and the first thing I noticed was that she is perky Very perky Capital P Perky Ten shots of espresso perky During the course of the book Ms Day suggests that we should all refrain from negatively commenting on others' creative endeavors In that spirit I will simply say that there is a level of perk that I can tolerate and that is a level far below Ms Day's pinnacle of perk I give her points for her nerditude she makes reference to both Dr Who and Star Trek and I forgive her for never having seen Battlestar Galactica as I assume she would forgive me for having zero interest in gamingI was puzzled when the book drifted into career counseling and dismayed when she suggested networking as an effective way to nurture creativity Introverts want to be creative too and we want to do it on our own terms preferably alone in our jammies with a cat purring nearby No human contact necessary kthxbyeYou will like this book best if you are either young and perky or you liked the author's work in other creative arenas