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Blood Truth Black Dagger Legacy #4 eBook ì Hardcover Read Ò J.R. Ward ä [Reading] ➿ Blood Truth Black Dagger Legacy #4 Author J.R. Ward – The #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Savior brings you the next sizzling and passionate paranormal romance in the BThe #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Savior brings you the next sizzling and passionate paranormal romance in the Black Dagger Legacy seriesAs a trainee in the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s program Boone has triumphed as a soldier and now fights side by side with the Brothers Following his sire’s unexpected death he is taken off rotation against his protests and he finds himself working with Butch I've enjoyed this spin off series to BDB because it really goes back to the older format of paranormal romance in this ultra cool vampire world We have the couple who always do the insta love but it's because of the vampire thing so we allow it And then the vampire dangerous edgy world thing that tries to tear them apart It's a working formulaLooks like no one is thinking about the children Sorry kidsFor the big giant fan base of Butch this is your bag babies Not only is Butch a main character here but there are plenty of times when he and V do their hilarious BFF's 4 eva thing Or is it 5 eva these days? oh you crazy kids with your slang and your gameboys I'll never keep up with your hip new language Better yet Butch is going back to his cop roots and working a serial killer murder mystery I really like the idea of him building a vampire police force in the series That would be awesomeThe couple here is Boone a trainee from the aristocracy and Helenia a pleb vamp with red hair and yellow eyesTry and resist such beautyBoone is a rich boy who doesn't get along with his father and hates all of the things his dad stands for and does things that rejects his father's ways and hates all of the fake rich people who surround him and yeah okay he still lives in his father's mansion even as a grown up drives a hundred thousand dollar car and has servants that take care of his every need but he rejects it allI liked Boone He is a good guy with better character than his father but it was it still kinda funny that he was a grown ass man and could have just left the mansion at any time and didn't These damn millennials huh?I admit it Jean Ralphio is kinda my millennial crush Well after Orin I mean come on Boone ends up helping Butch with his investigation and Helenia is a witness He does what all good cops do immediately falls in love with a material witness to a murder Yeah that's not going to be good for anyoneI liked the murder mystery aspect of things in the story It was a break from the usual bad guys in the world and it was a very new thing for the series But I do have to warn you that there is almost a laughable solution to it all Still props to JR Ward for doing something new hereI'm also really hoping the next BDB book with feature Syn That guy is an intriguing character for sure and I can see really great possibilities for him to become a fan favorite

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Matter the danger she faces When she crosses paths with Boone she doesn’t know whether to trust him or not and then she has no choice As she herself becomes a target and someone close to the Brotherhood is identified as the prime suspect the two must work to together to solve the mysterybefore it’s too late Will a madman come between the lovers or will true love and goodness triumph over a very mortal evil Favorite uotesIn the back of his mind the tally of his sire’s neglect and condescension was like an electric meter going haywire the count spiraling up into the stratosphere You are amazing I know I know that sounds like a line but it’s not You bring me to my knees and lift me up at the same time It’s the definition of magicMy ReviewI have been hearing this author’s name for several years first as murmurs then loud rumblings and finally as shouted raves; but until now I had never stopped to read one of the many books from her rather large shelf of offerings Silly me what was I thinking? I’m kicking myself This was fantastic Despite the need to read slowly while occasionally needing to check the handy and thoughtfully provided glossary of her creatively contrived lexicon it was well worth the effort I was uite taken with the cleverness and agile craft of her complex yet captivating world building Being a paranormal novice I had been hesitant to delve in knowing I was starting the second generation of a long running and highly venerated series and I would be swimming in alien waters And I’m lazy when it comes to extensive world building Yet I was pleasantly surprised scratch that I was downright gleeful with my discovery Even though I found myself sliding into a completely unfamiliar mythology from any vampire lore I’ve ever come across I had no difficulty following the complexity and didn’t experience the expected struggle in navigating or comprehending the foreign structure of their society and various nomenclatures The storylines were action packed well crafted and laced with sharp wit keen insights and evocative observations I was enthralled riveted and highly invested throughout Ms Ward’s bewitching and engaging writing style whisked me right inside the core of her secret clan as if I had been granted the vamp power to dematerialize and transport myself there Her characters were peculiar curiously enticing and uniuely compelling even the creepy and disturbing ones I am a new convert to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and will confess that the last serious vamp book I recall perusing was by Anne Rice in the late 1980s I am totally enad with JR Ward’s delightfully creative and mesmerizing arrangements of words as well as this new species they drink hot cocoa and eat ice cream I may have been turned – I now consider myself a paranormal reader in training

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Blood Truth Black Dagger Legacy #4O’Neal former homicide cop to catch a serial killer Someone is targeting females of the species at a live action role play club When the Brotherhood is called in to help Boone insists on being a part of the effort and the last thing he expects is to meet an enticing mysterious femalewho changes his life foreverEver since her sister was murdered at the club Helaine has been committed to finding the killer no Review Up This started out good Boone and Helania were sweet their chemistry worked fine for the most part The fact that Helania is a hermit who is shy and very awkward in social settings I actually found so relatable and refreshing as hell Haven't had a BDB heroine like that in a while or probably ever? I did love that Although I do wish the whole what would Isobel do? Isobel would have liked this etc was toned down a bit or overcome a little Seeing Butch in his element of cop mode to solve a murder case was nice nod to his history And we got a José mention which I thought was bittersweet While I do wish we got to see of the other Brothers we rarely see outside the same rotating popular 3 in these LegacyBDB books Butch and V do have uite a few hilarious moments that had me literally LOLing And the little shout out to the Aunt Agony advice column from the Newsletter was cute I didn't think she'd put it in canonWhat made this lose some stars? The murder arc for one Ward is not the strongest at murder reveals well not as good any I should say I've expected that And I usually am not a stickler for things like this since I'm focused on the romance aspect However I just can't justify it here considering it's what brought the hero and heroine into each other's orbits And given how extremely hamfisted the reveal was and how it completely disregarded the plot holes and nonsensical motives just to get to a rushed ending it bugged me Big time Helania's sister Isobel was one of 3 female victims murdered at a role play club and she's been trying to track down the killer for 8 months Boone volunteers to help Butch investigate the murders at the club and the two meet there I usually don't like to give away big spoilers like this but I need to get this out So if you don't want to be spoiled on the ending don't read the tagged spoiler belowview spoiler Boone's household butler Maruist is the killer Yes you read that correctly the butler did it His reasons for doing it are as meandering and reaching as an octopus on acid His master and lover Boone's father was ashamed that his son broke off his arranged engagement to a female from the glymera a year ago Rochelle a year ago?? A whole ass year? Really Ward? When did that happen? Maruist was so incensed on his master's behalf that he went on a killing spree killing 3 females 2 of whom had direct ties to Rochelle Killing Rochelle herself would have brought too much attention is what we are given as a throwaway explanation there Um oksure Jan Killing a bunch of random friends by association is revenge how exactly? Anyways what makes it even convoluted is Rochelle turns out to be Isobel's secret paramour Who also just happens to be the same mysterious friend that Helania met the night her sister died and who helped her bury the body The 3rd victim turns out to be Isobel's other BFF Mai who Helania never met cause her hermit crab syndrome wouldn't let her Yes that's right our dear heroine never even thought to track down her sister's mysterious friends whom she never met or mysterious boyfriend for the whole 8 months she was tracking down the killercricketsAnd the reason Mai was killed was because she found out the butler did it and was threatening to expose him if he didn't come forward Because apparently threatening a measly butler who killed your best friend and who has nothing on you instead of going STRAIGHT TO THE BROTHERHOOD with that information makes so much senseIt would have made sense had she found out that Maruist was buffing than his master's shoes and threatening to expose them if he didn't come forward so he killed her to shut her up but I guess that was too much logic for this arc And as for the first victim who was human he killed her because they were taking a self defense training course togethereven cricketsIwhaWhat in the world does that even have to do with anything? Make it make sense What does any of this have to do with a called off glymera engagement? And did I mention he raped Mai's dead body? Yes the gay lover of a glymera elder raped a female dead body What a choice for a twist Instead of setting up the threads of Devina being behind it which I still think there's a possibility of that or having one of the mysterious friends do it you have the nosy creepy ass possessive butler go unhinged for the sake of protecting some crusty male's honor who he was fucking for how long?And this is where I mention if Boone hadn't randomly volunteered to help solve this case they never would have solved who the real killer is I mean his ex fiance being the mysterious friend and secret lover? Come on One too many coincidences What’s with these weak ass endings Ward? I’m tired And also I have to say the fact that there was no follow up scene of Helania apologizing to Syn for accusing him of being the killer will forever bother me Talk about choppy AF Cause we sure as hell aren't gonna get it in the next book not from Helania at least Ward has a really bad knack at doing this Her heroines always going from 0 to 180 without any hard proof and being blood thirsty rabid about it and it drives me fucking bonkers And are we really going to just pretend that Boone going all Hannibal Lecter on that lesser just to connect with Syn never happened or what? Somebody is getting really sloppy here 😒 hide spoiler