Read ePub ¼ Taken for Granite Khargals of Duras #6 é

ePub Taken for Granite Khargals of Duras #6

Read ePub ¼ Taken for Granite Khargals of Duras #6 é ´ ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Taken for Granite Khargals of Duras #6 Author Nancey Cummings – Juniper isn’t a criminal but she owes a lot of money to very bad men To clear her debt all she has to do is drive a van and not ask uestiCaptors to make the fatal mistake he’s been waiting for When the door to his cage opens he’s ready to make swift work of the human on the other side But a different instinct takes over when he scents the female His mouth waters and his fangs ache demanding he make the fearless female hi Foreword this is book six in the series but it can be read in any order I highly suggest pretty much all of them Though they're different authors each they all add to the world and the overarching story Great teamworkTaken for Granite is an alien romance featuring the source of the human myths of gargoyles The series follows the survivors of a 1000 year old crash on the journey to their long awaited rescue from our world Tas is by far the most abused of the Khargals in this series having been kept prisoner and tortured for the past 80 years by the villains of the story the Rose Syndicate His story has been one of my favorites because it's action packed and has a wonderful afterword three years in the future I absolutely adore those Tas is understandably a very angry very untrusting character for most of the bookJuniper is very down to earth and someone who is very easy to instantly like She's a single mom to her baby sister though they are barely surviving in a rough world all their own She shows temerity and lots of warmth of heart that make her lovable I can't blame Tas for falling for her in the long run Baby sister Chloe is a typical snarky teenager but her interactions with Tas are just amusing as all get outTas is never the sappy overly emotional or sweet lead male but he does grow on you and I thoroughly enjoyed their love story If you enjoy a good adventure with some mouthy teenager and a surprising ally this book is for you

Nancey Cummings ë Taken for Granite Khargals of Duras #6 ePub

Juniper isn’t a criminal but she owes a lot of money to very bad men To clear her debt all she has to do is drive a van and not ask uestions But when she hears a voice in the back of the van she realizes she may not only be a thief but also a kidnapper and that’s where she draws the lin The weight of centuries pressed down on him offering only loneliness and never ending fight for survival For what? More hiding loneliness and endless waiting for a rescue that failed to arrive?This female represented hope Purpose If he had a family to safeguard his long life would not be wasted He would not be alone 5 Pebble starsI LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH I cannot even begin to describe how thoroughly and wholeheartedly I truly enjoyed this book It encompasses one of my favorite combination tropes an enemies to lovers story with a dash of protective hero where our surly gargoyle does not want to fall for the foul mouthed blue haired human but can't help it Although the writing was not grammatically correct or spell check worthy 100% of the time I loved this book enough to overlook that and not let it detract from this amazing story The light diminished and they were in the shade His one functional wing wrapped around creating a barrier between them and the world He shielded her cradled her and crooned low and sultry The song of a male lost to passion A song he sang for her One of my favorite aspects of this story was the two MCs themselves Tas and Juniper I believe Cummings wrote them both PERFECTLY as they both had such distinctive 'voices'; Tas sounded exactly how I would expect a 1458 year old surly and bitter gargoyle to sound and Juniper was the perfect loud to his uiet the firecracker to his statuesue nature They balanced each other so well and I just LIVED for their interactions especially when Tas would allow his old fashioned sense of humor to appear Overall I am so glad that I downloaded this as a kindle freebie and will definitely be checking out the rest of the series even though they are written by different authors And if you're still undecided about this book let me tell you that I highlighted 94 passages in total practically the entire book Definitely recommend and I will absolutely be rereading this one again ♡♡ No matter what stars they sat under no matter what sun warmed their faces he was home with her Juniper would always be his home My Tas a surly and jaded gargoyle with a surprisingly soft centerI will do my best to find a great pic

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Taken for Granite Khargals of Duras #6E What she finds in the back isn’t the loot she expected but it also isn’t a person It’s a gargoyle who intends to claim her as his mateCaptured starved and blinded Tas hates humans For sixty agonizing years he’s plotted all the gruesome ways to exact his vengeance Then one day his Juniper is driving a van for her boss to pay off a debt she owes she is to back the van up let the cargo be loaded and drive away She hears some banging in the back and when she checks it out a Gargoyle bursts out Tas the Khargalgargoyle has been tortured and blinded but scents his female mate in Juniper She lets him go free but angered her boss for losing his cargo and he takes her sister who she has raised since the death of their parents as collateral Nothing goes right after that and Tas and Juniper must team up to save the little sister Chloe and keep from being discovered by the Rose Syndicate who want the Gargoyle Tas also must try to fight his strong attraction to Juniper who he knows is his mate as much as he doesn't want it to be so There is a lot of adventure and fear of being found plus the Rose Syndicate got their hands on Chloe and will only swap her for Tas Juniper and Tas have a very hot connection and she does do her best to help Tas out while he does his best to keep her safe and get her sister back His urge to claim her and share his Dassa aka mating fluid is strong he is convinced she is his Hondassamate I totally enjoyed this exciting story of careing and drama and sweet affection between the couple There is a HEA which I am gratefull for and a story that keeps you turning pages to see what will happen next and how it all works out