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Violence Unveiled Humanity at the CrossroadsTen miraculous interplay between Violence Unveiled Kindle cultural documents and historical perio. This book changed my understanding of Christianity and the meaning of the cross of Christ It forced my Christian views to go deeper than ever before I won't say I understand it all now or that I believe without reservations But forcing a better and thoughtful understanding was powerful for me

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Olence and the hope for overcoming it in our conflict ridden world It is also a literary work an of. Bailie's book examines our present historical crisis published 1995 in light of the work of Rene GirardGirard's anthropology explains the human mimetic condition which in times of crisis results in violence The violence murder is like a fever which builds and peaks and breaks the crisis Peace is restored but the memory of the violence morphs into myth suppressing the actual violence by sanctifying it and ritualizing it And the myth the 'this is who we are' creates a culture The monkey wrench that was thrown into this universal pattern was the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Because his followers Jews who had been formed in the gradual myth uestioning process of the Hebrew Scriptures proclaimed their experience of his resurrection and that he was an innocent victim He was not a god but a human person History replaced mythology as the founding basis of their communityThis is a chunk to digest in one gulp Despite the monkey wrench of Christianity the human condition has not changed overnight nor will it The ancient anthropological pattern persists But there is now an alternative pattern And it has infected the old one creating a crisis of choice for individuals and for communities Christianity has introduced a struggle between one way of human being and the other It offers a choice and a change Not easy And not of one's own design We did not figure this out any than we created the world It was revealed gradually through the Hebrew Scriptures and culminated in the Jesus experienceBailie illustrates this idea using specific examples of myths old and new and through the emergence of change through the Hebrew prophets especially and through the Gospels definitively He offers too striking illustrations in contemporary events the Rodney King incident in 1991 Naziism the massacre in El Mozote the 'new nationalism' etc This is not a theology But to one versed in the Gospel all the familiar theological pieces fall into place and the picture it creates is stunning Bailie holds out a way of seeing the Kingdom that Jesus prayed for a Peaceable Kingdom

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Violence Unveiled Humanity at the Crossroads characters ↠ 104 ✓ ❴Reading❵ ➻ Violence Unveiled Humanity at the Crossroads Author Gil Bailie – This is a Girardian influenced engagingly written classic on the nature of violence and the hope for overcoming it in our confThis is Humanity at PDF #202 a Girardian influenced engagingly written classic on the nature of vi. Bailie has done what I previously thought impossible and actually managed to write a comprehensive readable introduction to the work and thought of Rene Girard A French literary theorist and sociologist Girard's work is much like Joseph Campbell Michael Foucault and other visionaries grasping toward defining something they have seen Their work as a result is unsettled dense and convoluted Bailie has written a book that accurately and beautifully introduces the concepts without that baggage and the insights about modern culture in particular will leave you breathless Some concepts are absolutely central to understanding a particular age Girard's work is central to understanding our time and Bailie's book is vital for anyone who wants to see with eyes made new