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FREE READ ê Anyone but a Duke Ô ➟ Anyone but a Duke free download ➤ Author Betina Krahn – New York Times bestselling author Betina Krahn delivers an irresistible romance shimmering with light hearted wit and thrilling twists The youngest of four spirited American sisters Sarah Bumgarten ha New York Times bestD by her presence Out of nowhere a stranger jumps into the fray when ruffians attack Nothing about “Art” the roguish interloper now recuperating in the ducal bedchamber smacks of nobility with his brazen sensuality worldly knowledge and deeply seductive voice Yet could he be the errant duke If so Sarah soon realizes this homecoming promises to be filled with unexpected challenges and passionate possibilitie. If I conferred with our furry friends man to animalThink of the amazing reparteeIf I could walk with the animals talk with the animalsGrunt and sueak and suawk with the animalsAnd they could talk to me Leslie Bricusse Anyone but a Duke is the last book in Betina Krahn’s Sin and Sensibility series While I am excited to see Betina Krahn wielding her pen again her latest series was a little underwhelming Ms Krahn is one of those authors who I hold to higher expectations She has been around for a while She is what I would call a veteran and is responsible for some of my favorite “old” romance books Although I will admit that when I recently reread her old classic Caught in the Act it did not pass the test of time It melted down in the Way back machine Back to Anyone but a Duke Be warned there is a large amount of plausibility stretching in this story Anyone but a Duke returns us to those wild and woolly cowpoke girls the Baumgarten sisters This story is about the youngest sister Sarah When the story begins she is in the process of having her feelings hurt by one of her suitors She believed he was the man for her she thought he was in luvvvv with her However Sarah is not wise to the way of the aristocracy Evidently inheriting an Earldom turns her suitor into a worm and he dumps the brash American for an Italian heiress Sarah is embarrassed She decides to leave London and hide out at her brother in law’s estate She has had enough of the backbiting society world She is off to the country Did I mention she was nineteen her brother in law and sister are not at the estate and she is going without any chaperones Not only that but once she gets there she notices that the estate is in shambles As any nineteen year old girl would do she takes over the management of the estate and in just a matter of months she is getting everything in order It would seem that servants and village people do not have any trouble following the orders of a teenager A teenager by the way who is not the owner of the property nor do they have the authority to manage said property Not only that she is an American teenager and she’s giving orders to British servantsvillagersfarmerscow herdersetc That whole scenario was one big hurdle to jump Dare I say it was ludicrous I do not care if it was the 1890s Let’s take that scenario out of the past and bring it into our age Seriously would any of us take orders from a nineteen year old who has no experience and who does not have the authority to make changes to the landpropertywhatever “What’s that you say little lady You want to build a new roof Sure sure I’ll get right on it You’re going to get the money from where No proble mo By the way just who are you” I can only arrive at the conclusion that Sarah was a Vulcan who could control people with a mind meld But it is not just people She also has a way with animals Not just a way but a waaaaySarah communes with the animals she sings she dances she whispers and they follow her around All of them fighting just to get close to her It’s probably the peanut butter she wears behind her pointy ears There was one particular scene in this book which reminded me of Disney’s Snow White cleaning the dwarf’s house That was the scene where Snow White sang while allll the animals helped her Not only is she super duper with the animals and bends servants to her will she can heal human gunshot victims Enter our hero ArthurNow on to another convoluted plot Arthur The estate Sarah is saving Betancourt belongs to her brother in law – sort of Her brother in law Ashton was the hero from A Good Day to Marry a Duke Ashton married Sarah’s sister Daisy Daisy had set her sights on Ashton’s brother Arthur the Duke of Meridian But in the end she decided Ashton was her man I guess Arthur had his heart broken so he decided to leave and journey the world In his absence he left Ashton with the responsibility of managing the estate He also said that if he didn’t return in six years Ashton would be the Duke or something like that I would think that Arthur would have to be declared legally dead for that to happen However I am not a solicitor or a lawyer Anyway it seems that neither brother is alllll that responsible Arthur is off seeing the world and Ashton is off touring America with his new wife Both brothers are ignoring the poor starving people on their estate Then Arthur disappears his family thinks he is dead Does anyone try to find him Not that I know of Nah Ashton is too busy showing off in America to take the time to find his brother or help the struggling people at Betancourt In the meantime Arthur’s tour of the world is not turning out to be what he wanted He is kidnapped imprisoned works for a pirate escapes is captured imprisoned then escapes again He does not let anyone know he is alive True there weren’t smartphones then but this story takes place in the 1890s and there were telegraphs strung across continents there were telephone systems there were postal deliveries and don’t forget about those carrier pigeons There had to have been a way for Arthur to communicate to someone that he was still alive In the meantime people are starving back at Betancourt houses are falling down and cows are drying up However then super duper girl shows up to save the day Then one day while she was walking along talking to the suirrels she stumbles across an injured stranger She takes him back to Betancourt puts him in his old bed and treats him Of course she does not remember him; she was only thirteen the last time she saw him However he looks mighty familiar Arthur on the other hand remembers her Does he tell her who he is Oh you silly willies of course notIf it were just Arthur and Sarah I might have bought into the story but there were a whole lot of other things going on There was an obvious villain He looks tastes smells and acts like a villain However Sarah and Arthur do not catch on There are gangs of house and stable burning scum sucking hoodlums who are out to disrupt the peaceful village I never uite understood a secondary secondary bad guy good guy Even in the end I was puzzled as to whether he was protecting Sarah or trying to kill her There were Ashton and Daisy returning from America and trying to explain their neglect of Betancourt There was Daisy’s mother who was over protective in all the other books but did not seem to care that her nineteen year old daughter was managing an estate miles and miles away And of course there was Uncle RedThis story was an “if only story” If only the heroine was older andor chaperoned If only the heroine was not such a super duper girl If only the hero was honest about his identity If only Ashton had lived up to his hero status from the previous books If only the villains were not in the book If only someone cared about the poor villagers someone with the authority to do so While Sarah and Arthur had possibilities the rest of the story was a convoluted narrative and it did not live up to my expectations Sorry to say the last book in this series was a disappointment for me As much as it pains me to say I cannot recommend it


Maruis a baron or a viscount Thankfully there are no noblemen in sight at Betancourt the country estate where Sarah takes refuge Its rightful owner the Duke of Meridian sibling to Sarah’s brother in law has been absent for years Accompanied by her bevy of beloved animals Sarah delights in refurbishing the once grand property But even a self assured frontier heiress needs help when greedy tenants are threatene. I’ve absolutely loved this series about the Bumgarten ‘dollar princesses’ four American sisters making their way and meeting their matches in Victorian high society This one is the story of Sarah the youngest sister an animal loving girl just as strong willed as her older sisters and Arthur Duke of Meridian the man her eldest sister Daisy was supposed to marry in the first book of the series but ended up with his brother Ash instead Arthur left to go travel the world and find himself but things didn’t go the way he expected and he endured a great deal of hardship and privation by anyone’s standards never mind that of a sheltered English lordReeling from rejection by the man she hoped to marry Sarah’s taken refuge at the ducal residence Arthur is thought dead and Ashton and Daisy are living in New York so she has free run of the place the locals even call her ‘the duchess’ There’s trouble in paradise with a gang of troublemakers terrorising the locals though and when a handsome man turns up on her doorstep with a bullet hole in his shoulder she can’t turn him awayI was a little confused about why exactly Arthur didn’t announce himself the minute he arrived home a choice which left an opening for his weasel cousin George to plant doubts in Sarah’s mind and which for me was never adeuately explained He had no cause to hide himself from Sarah; there was no external danger so far as he knew at that point and waiting felt like something of a plot contrivanceNevertheless Sarah and Arthur’s romance felt real and charming with Sarah showing Arthur by example who he needed to be in order to be a duke for his people She’s wonderfully indomitable refusing to back down no matter how much danger she finds herself in but her animal helpers Nero and Fancy are the true heroes of the story Arthur’s drawn into her orbit inexorably helpless against her charmFive stars for a delightful conclusion to this series and I can hardly wait to see what Betina Krahn will write nextDisclaimer I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley

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Anyone but a DukeNew York Times bestselling author Betina Krahn delivers an irresistible romance shimmering with light hearted wit and thrilling twists The youngest of four spirited American sisters Sarah Bumgarten has studiously avoided her mother’s attempts to find her a titled husband among London’s aristocracy Now after an earl’s very public rejection it seems her ideal mate Anyone but Epubwill be anyone but a duke a. Having read and enjoyed the previous book in this series I was happy to embark in another romance with a Bumgarten sister I did not read the first story which does have a closer related story to this one than the second I followed along fine but I do think it advisable to read the first before reading this one This story is about the youngest Bumgarten sister Sister and the long lost Duke of Meridian Arthur At the start of the novel Sarah suffers a heartbreak and public embarrassment that causes her to flee London to her sister and brother in laws unkempt estate they are residing in New York Once there she finds an outlet for her disappointment in restoring the estate tending the animals and helping the locals She soon becomes an endeared resident and is often mistakenly referred to as the duchess Arthur shows up in the nearby village as unrecognizable stranger having survived a journey home worthy of the Odyssey He remains anonymous while getting the lay of the land He ends up in a couple scapes earning him respect and landing him as a patient under Sarah’s care I enjoy stories that have the hh working toward a shared goal with an attraction that is founded in mutual respect It makes for a believable romance and this story definitely has thatKrahn has a light touch with pleasing results I like the depiction of the Nevada raised Bumgarten sisters in this series They don’t fit in with London society but they have their own charms without every other word being twangy There is also a great cast of secondary characters Overall this was an enjoyable romance that was original than most offerings todayThank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and provide an unbiased review of this story