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Fates Star Chronicles of the Warlands #05 Review Ä 102 ð [Ebook] ➩ Fates Star Chronicles of the Warlands #05 By Elizabeth Vaughan – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Five years before the events in Warprize and Destiny’s Star Her family dead her home destroyed all she has left are her wits and her songs When the flames of cFive years before the events Chronicles of PDF #180 in Warprize and Destiny’s Star Her family dead her home destroyed all she has left are her wits and her songs When the flames of civil war rage across the Kingdom of Palins Warna of Farentell has no choice but to flee to the neighboring Barony of Tassinic The daughter of a wealthy merchant raised to run a noble house in the hope of a goo. This preuel to the fabulous Warprize takes the reader back five years and in the process offers readers both insights and a sweet romance Featuring Warna a very human heroine who finds himself alone and Verice an Elven Baron who for whatever reason cannot resist protecting the innocent We are thrown into a taste of life as war steadily encroaches with moments that made this reader startle as I realised just how everything fit into what for these characters is still to come In all conscience I cannot give too much away because I honestly have absolutely no desire to ruin this for others I can say that at times Warna and her tenacity reminded me of Xylara but there the similarities end Warna is a young woman who knows what she wants but I liked that she's unafraid to seek adviceVerice was a surprise A male dragged down by grief and the guilt that only a survivor can understand and yet he locks his feelings away to sally forth and protect his people We get a glimpse at the Elven court and the arrogance that lies within it but Verice whilst not perfect or particularly alpha to my mind felt a worthy heroIf new to this authors work then definitely start here although I don't think this has uite as much impact as some previous books it nevertheless tells a wonderful story and introduces characters and a world that truly is magical This voluntary take is of an advance copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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D marriage she watches Fates Star PDF or her future burn with the rest of her homeland Elven Lord of a human Barony betrayed and attacked by those he thought to trust Verice of Tassinic has suffered the wounds of war knowing loss and betrayal at the hands of those he trusted most He buries himself in work and duty behind emotional walls as high as those of his castle rather than risk pain W. 45 STARSI really adored this book It's a very lovely historical fantasy story with a strong romance at its core there's magic a bit of angst a slow burn political conflict prejudices between elves and humans some action and two absolutely adorable idiots who can't seem to realize they're in love with the otherI thoroughly enjoyed every second of this one and definitely will be reading by this author 🥰

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Fates Star Chronicles of the Warlands #05Hile dealing with a kingdom in political and economic Star Chronicles of MOBI #243 turmoil he 'rescues' Warna only to discover that the helpless human woman is anything but Before he knows it she is deep within the defenses of his heart forcing him to confront his Star Chronicles of the Warlands PDFEPUBgrief his distrust and the scars of his past and maybe even steal his heart in the proces. Reading a Elizabeth Vaughan book is like drinking a grea cup of coffee on a Sunday morning when it's perfect weather She is my go to for everything alternative romance and her books always have an epic style feel to them Fate's Star is a little different from the other books in her Warlands series There's not too much action and suspense There's a lot of worldbuilding and colorful characters but no big surprises or wow moments This is about two very different people learning to trust and care for one another The romance builds at a slow pace as well as the story which for some readers may frustrate them But Elizabeth has a way with words that keeps you invested Even though Fate's Star didn't have that wow factor I was expecting it was nice to catch up in this uniue world she has createdWarna is a human woman with an amazing singing voice Verice is a elf with a lot of stress beause of the power he yields He is on constant duty for this people and the humans because of the fear of war and death which Warna knows all too well about These to meet under interesting circumstances Their introduction is a meet cute type of situation because Verice is undone because of Warna's singing He wants to protect her but doesn't want her to fear him or think of him as a dictator Verice has some alpha ualities but he is also very diplomatic and a lord who cares for his people Warna and Verice are like friends than lovers but their interactions become important because their friendship grow into attraction and leads to a logical conclusion because this is a romanceThe middle of Fate's Star lags a little because again the action isn't big or in your face There are no grand gestures here even as Warna and Verice commit to one another The love scenes are not bad and the dialogue between these two border on very sweet and just kind This is a very kind book with a romance that makes you smile but might have you wishing for pizzazz as has been proven in Elizabeth's past booksOverall a solid 3 star read