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Love LetteringIme for Reid’s uestions unless he can help her find her missing inspiration As they gradually open up to each other both try to ignore a deepening connection between them But the signs are there irresistible indisputable urging Meg to heed the messages Reid is sending her before it’s too late Praise for Love LetteringI can't wait for the whole world to fall in love with Love Lettering Jasmine Guillory “Delicious and beautiful and perfect” New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean “This book will wake you up in the middle of the night aching for these perfectly imperfect characters” Sonali Dev author of Pride Prejudice and Other Flavor. Well I am sorry but what did I read What even is this book Has it been written to torture us mortals who seek some pleasure in reading or to make us hate reading during this journeyI picked up this book because the blurb was interesting and I thought the concept was new and intriguing However the way it is written is pure torture – very cruel indeed I tried to make sense but most of the time it was confusing weird and ridiculous I was lost in the absurdity of it all Such a shame indeed because it sounded so very promisingPLOT The heroine Meg is a writing specialist She is obsessed with letters the font the size the style etc Letters speak to her and she sees letters in her own mind in various ways that are sometimes the signs of certain thingsShe prepares wedding invitations in handwriting and one day she leaves a hidden message in one of her client's wedding program and the message was M I S T A K EThe couple never marries and nearly a year later the man who was supposed to marry comes and asks her how she knew it was a mistake She immediately remembers the handsome guy from past yearReid is a uant uantitative analyst and he is good with math and numbers He found the code hidden in the program she wrote Meg is surprised to see that gorgeous but strange man againReid is too serious and too stoic most of the time He also looks sad but she is still interested in him It all changes Reid all but changes when they start to interact First a friendship develops between them while they play games with the signs letters and numbers; then a sweet kind of love begins between these two uirky peopleThe letters they work on me sometimes When I’m stressed when I’m tired when I’m lonely When I’m blocked I can’t draw at all or when I try—I end up saying too muchThe thing is the letters don’t always tell me truths about myself Sometimes they tell me truths about other people and Reid Sutherland is— was —one of those peopleThis could totally have been an awesome romance book if it were written in another way The writing ruins it all The complicated boring and confusing stuff that takes almost half of the book until the romance starts may cause lots of readers to drop the book I didn’t drop because I was hell bent on satisfying my curiosity not because I liked it I only liked it when they fell in love and it was a short part of the book Then the FBI thing started Yeah weird book I told youI can’t make you understand how weird it was without giving examples So here you are some uotations from the 1st half of the book Right now it’s just me and this word M A Y and it should be easySans serif bold all caps no frolickingI feel those letters doing their work on me Telling me truths I don’t want to hear M A Y I think in the pause he leaves there Flat flat flat“You don’t like New York” “I hate New York” It almost makes me recoil the way he’s said this Bold sans serif No caps but italics for the hateI keep walking head up and I feel as if I’m counting noticing signs I’ve never looked at before and that’s saying something It soothes me in the same way it did back then when I learned the city by walking it by paying attention I learned neighborhoods letter by letter sign by sign It’s how I got inspiredMaybe I can remember that every single letter I draw is a sign No reckless inappropriate codes necessary I need to get out here again walk the streets see the signs remember what really brought me to lettering in the first place Inspiration for this new job some bonus content for my social media A series of walks inspired by the city’s best hand lettered signs A bit of research and planning the warmer months coming—it’s something something to help me get unblockedHis profile even at a distance is ridiculously handsome I subtract a few letters from that word that’s been haunting me His face looks like the word swoon I enjoyed watching you work I love that word enjoyed It sounds small and polite but it contains something big passionate In my head I see it as it should be I think The en and the ed should be small but sturdy Like bookends or like hands supporting something that’s lean and tall but fragile and new A fawn’s legs J O YWe’d picked something easy for our first try at Reid’s game idea Each of us we’d decided would have to try to find versions of all the letters in the other’s name Reid including his middle name—Hale from his mother’s side of the family he tells me—to even things out The rules were simple no using the same sign for than one letter and nothing that’s not hand lettered“You should choose one of the letters” Reid says interrupting my thoughts I blink away from the coffee shop and look up at him “Choose one and do one of our names or—a month name for your project All from that one letter’s style Another game”The lowercase a that’s pictured on my phone is strange misshapen It’s a double storey the kind of a with a hook and eye look to it that’s common in roman fonts but uncommon in handwriting But where most double storey a's have a circular counter this one’s counter is triangular made that way by the odd proportions elsewhere in the letter Flat along the bottom thick and blocky outlines not at all consistent or familiarI’m surprised he picked it—orderly well shaped Reid—but I’m not displeasedDoing our names had been easy obvious safe I could suggest something similarly bland—spell out your birthday month or the name of your first pet But that feels ludicrously like the beginnings of an identity theft scheme and anyway I find myself wanting to have a different kind of conversation with Reid“Don’t” he replies I see the word in my head shaped as a set of double doors closing— D O on one side N T on the other A tiny sliver of space between narrowing and narrowing as they shut in my faceI let them know I’ll return shortly taking one final look at the treatments from this distant angle I’m proud of how they turned out—the sleek upturned serifs reminding me of Sibby’s favorite winged eyeliner look the extra tall ascenders on the complementary cursive reminding me of Elijah’s height Anyone who looks closely would see the hidden message here the only one that matters Someone who knows Sibby and Elijah—someone who loves them—created these lettersPlease Please tell me Is it me only who finds this stuff weirdI wanted to DNF this book a million times but then skipping a few pages when it was too much I went on reading just to see how the romance would make me feelUp until 50% there is NO romance When a relationship slowly begins between the main characters it gets better At least the book sounds less like Handwriting 101 coursebook from that point on Still I had a hard time understanding their sign games or letternumber games In a book like this the first kiss and the first sex was “Wow It was intense emotional and hot I thought for a moment there if the writer was confused and mistakenly put the chapters of another book here Let me give you some good uotations from their romance“I realized I’m not always honest with you” “But you you always say what you mean” “I don’t Because if I did— if I did I would say that last week I watched every video you’ve got on your website so I could hear the sound of your voice again I would say that a woman stood next to me on the subway and I think she used the same shampoo as you and I could hardly breathe for how much I missed you I would say that I walked around all day with a Meg shaped shadow beside me and I only came in here because of the signs outside and so I wouldn’t call you up at nine o’clock on a Friday night and beg you to talk to me again—about Frisbee the weather the name for that piece of a letter you told me about” “I wanted to be around you You’re the only person here who doesn’t treat me like I’m a calculator When I’m around you I don’t think about numbers It’s a relief”“I don’t want to stop seeing you” he adds “I’d see you any way you wanted Only the walks if that’s all I can have” It’s not all you can have The thought is immediate but I say nothing not yet “It’ll probably never work” I say uietly but I also desperately desperately want him to convince me “We’re total opposites” The hand that’s not holding mine reaches out and Reid sets a gentle finger to one of the buttons on my jacket “Letters numbers” he says a familiar beat to the words as though he’s saying po tay to po tah to “They’re not so different” I raise my eyes to his and I’m not sure when we managed to get so close Close enough that I can see the red blond stubble along his jaw close enough that I can smell my soap on his skin “Both codes” he adds“You seem nervous” I blink up at him then close my eyes again and shake my head feel those fingers stroke patient and soothing against me Of course he’d know Of course he can read every code every sign my body leaves for himIn my mind there’s a gorgeous dangerous L taking shape swooping across my thudding happy heart looping behind and around it catching it unaware holding it fast and tightIn a sort of desperate surprised panic I clutch at Reid’s sides pulling him closer to me relieved when the bolt of pleasure I get from feeling the full length of him inside of me scatters the rest of those too soon letters from my mind as if they’re pencil shavings I’ve blown from the page“You hate New York” I say “It’s growing on me” “I think you have to love it to stay” I see my words float up to the place where we’re both staring It wouldn’t be difficult at all to hide something in them It’s all there after all everything I’m not really saying everything I’ve been trying not to let myself think The I the love the you The stay“For most of my life whenever I wasn’t with my family I felt somehow mistaken Mistaken as cold or rude or boring or distant All my best intentions in school at work—mistaken But you were the first person in this city who made me feel I was ”As you see the romance was good but after the romance and intimacy scenes the book changes direction again and FBIconspiracy theme starts Thank God it doesn’t last too long Actually the book is Handwriting 101 coursebook first romance in the middle and mystery in the last part I still don’t know WTF the epilogue referred to in the last 3 pagesDon’t worry it is a happy ending they are together and in love view spoilerHowever they are talking and Reid says he found the message in her note she left in the morning and it is WHEW Can somebody tell me what the hell WHEW means here because she says it is a reuest and it is a dirty one Yes yes it is where the book ends I will be forever grateful if someone tells me what this message means here hide spoiler

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Love Lettering Free read ✓ 105 Ê [Ebook] ➩ Love Lettering By Kate Clayborn – PopSugar Crazy Popular Books of 2020 Best Romance of the Month Top Ten Best Romances of 2019—Entertainment WeeklySheReads’ Most Anticipated Books of 2020Bustle 17 Best New Books Of December 2019He PopSugar Crazy Popular books of BePopSugar Crazy Popular Books of Best Romance of the Month Top Ten Best Romances of Entertainment WeeklySheReads’ Most Anticipated Books of Bustle Best New Books Of December HelloGiggles Best New Books To Read In December “The perfect uarantine read It’s funny sweet and beautifully written The romance is so perfect it made me ache Alisha Rai BustleA funny sexy and empowering story from acclaimed author Kate Clayborn that fans of Tessa Bailey Jen DeLuca and Rachel Winters will adoreIn this warm and witty romance from acclaimed author Kate Clayborn one little word puts a woman’s business and her heart in jeopardy Meg Mackworth’s hand lettering sk. I couldn’t believe that I’m giving three romantic story with full of signs shining with its bright lights of big city but unfortunately full of conspiracy and action parts unexpected twisty turn of the story shattered my soft swoony plot starsWhen I read the excerpt of this book I cursed a few times because it ended with a sweet cliffhanger and I thought I had to read this book ASAPI wanted to devour it so passionately I couldn’t give my soul as a payment methodmost of my reviewer readers already know I sold it to Tom Ellis later I learned he was not even real Lucifer he was a bloody fictional six packed character but finally my waiting was over I got my hands into this precious thing Meg is a skilled artist designing innovative original custom journals and one day one of her client’s fiancée stops by at her office and shows her the wedding program she’d designed for them He insists there was a secret code written there says “MISTAKE” He is a mathematician so he loves to crack codes or maybe he is a crack head As it seems like it is an obnoxious weird claim Meg confesses him he is right and after that she explains him about the things she observed about he and his fiancee’s attitudes throughout their meeting Before they say their goodbyes Meg finds out Reid is about to live the city because he hates NY Meg’s guilt feelings and her undeniable attraction to Reid helps her to form an idea on her mind She needs an inspiration to design a special project for a job opportunity and Reid could help her with his logical realistic direct approach She could also convince him to discover the city and the things he may love about big apple Reid reluctantly accepts her offer and their big journey turns into an enjoyable game to find the signs and form different letters into meaningful words So far the book seems like a delicious different entertaining rom com right Meg is the representative of right part of the brain creativity artistic skills dreaming optimism are her strongest virtues And Reid is a uiet representative of left part mathematics logic reasoning analytic thought They complete each other so perfectly and of course their shyness towards each the words they didn’t tell the feeling they didn’t share make you want to scream at them “come on guys you’re perfect for each other” Of course I was waiting for the angst but the final surprising twist was a little overrated and exaggerated for me I felt like I wasn’t reading a soft sweet swoony book and I started to read a thriller with its big schemes and conspiracy theories That part of the book didn’t fit all the letters magical signs finding the glamorous love in the middle of the chaotic crowded dirty cosmopolitan city of the earth So I got really disappointed and I wished the author found another solution or big surprise that can be easily recovered from Still I loved those characters and next visit at my NYC I’ll start to take photos of the signs and play the game as like the characters did I loved the concept and inspirational feelings that book gave me If I could ignore the last third part of the book I can give my four stars without thinking So I still want to read books of the author because she knows how to write about pure feelings and pour them down with proper lyrical soul brushing wordsSpecial thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Books for sharing this romantic ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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Ill has made her famous as the Planner of Park Slope designing custom journals for her New York City clientele She has another skill too reading signs that other people miss Knowing the upcoming marriage of Reid Sutherland and his polished fiancée was doomed to fail is one thing but weaving a secret word of warning into their wedding program is another Meg may have thought no one would spot it but she hadn’t counted on sharp eyed pattern obsessed Reid A year later Reid has tracked Meg down to find out how she knew that his meticulously planned future was about to implode But with a looming deadline and a bad case of creative block Meg doesn’t have t. 45 stars Love Lettering was a slow burn rom com that snuck up on me and grabbed my heartFirst of all I’ve got to say that this book wins for the most unusual professions of its main characters Meg is a designer who specializes in hand lettering—she does in journals planners signs cards etc and has even been called The Planner of Park Slope—and Reid is a uant or uantitative analyst He’s a numbers guy in the finance worldMeg met Reid about a year ago when she was finishing up all of the printed material for his wedding Something about that encounter and the dynamic between Reid and his fiancée compelled her to sneak a secret message of warning into their wedding program amidst the frills flowers and fairies No one will notice rightA year later Reid returns and wants to know how Meg knew that his marriage was doomed to fail Of course he found the message He finds patterns and signs every day Of course Meg is most worried what Reid's discovery—and the possibility of him going public with it—could do to her careerThey couldn’t be different from one another But with a major deadline looming and her creativity blocked Meg tries to enlist Reid into noticing the beauty of letters fonts and signs throughout New York City and Brooklyn As the tension between them thaws her creativity flows againBut both are tightly wound heavily guarded people unwilling and unable to let the other in And when a scandal erupts both must decide whether signs point to a future together or apartThe point issometimes fighting isn't about leaving it's about staying It takes practice to get it right and it's painful but if you want to stay with people you do itThis book was enjoyable and uniue in many ways even as it followed the traditional rom com patterns I loved the juxtaposition between the creative and the analytical and Meg and Reid's relationship really seemed believable This one isn’t too steamy one or two scenes but that’s it but the whole story and Kate Clayborn's storytelling are just so appealingCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at