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Little Gods doc ß Hardcover ´ meng jin ´ ❮PDF❯ ✮ Little Gods ❤ Author Meng Jin – On the night of June Fourth a woman gives birth in a Beijing hospital alone Thus begins the unraveling of Su Lan a brilliant physicist who until this moment has successfully erased her past fightBefore she left China and Yongzong the father Liya has never known In this way a portrait of Su Lan emerges an ambitious scientist an ambivalent mother and a woman whose relationship to her own past shapes and ultimately unmakes Liya’s own sense of displacemen With rich attentive writing Meng Jin transports us through both time and territory to late 20th century China in a novel about the complexities of long lost family ties Told as a series of stories about a mother to her daughter from the perspectives of her former neighbor and classmate we follow Liya as she tries to uncover who her mother really was The neighbor Zhu Wen lived next door to Liya and her mother Su Lan when they lived in Shanghai Her classmate Yongzong was an academic rival of Su Lan’s as teenagers who knew her well into young adulthood Both of these people had complicated relationships with Liya’s mother and ended up being formative in one another’s lives than any of them could have imagined There’s not a lot of storyline to give away; most of the narrative is in the past tense being recounted by one person to another The biggest plot points take place during the Tiananmen Suare demonstrations and the student led democracy protests act as a backdrop to the events of the book This works well with the family conflicts surrounding Liya and Su Lan but also are significant moments in China’s history that the state refuses to acknowledge today The portions I found the most difficult to get through concerned Yongzong and whatever bullshit he was doing It’s becoming harder and harder for me to empathize with emotional mediocre men who blame and use women to cover up their own failings The fact that so much was familiar in him just highlights how common it is for women to pander to the petty whims of supposed “good” men I’ll admit to skimming parts of his explanationsI liked this book a lot overall especially Jin’s writing I’m a sucker for a good roving perspective so this was right up my alley It’s not a fast paced book and I can see how some readers might not appreciate the meandering storytelling the author prefers here I can’t give this higher than four stars even though there’s not anything wrong per say Just a bit slow and not a lot actually well happens The ending is pretty bleak too The final chapter entitled ‘ The Beginning’ is an unnecessary point to finish on; I’d recommend skipping it But Meng Jin writes lovely the cover is gorgeous and I’d definitely want to read from her

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Ctedly seventeen years later it is her daughter Liya who inherits the silences and contradictions of her life Liya who grew up in America takes her mother’s ashes to China Liya’s memories are joined by those of two others Zhu Wen the woman last to know Su Lan Reading Meng Jin’s “Little Gods” was like trying to remember and to note a dream The whole novel felt dream like to me changing in time and place “Little Gods” is a story of an impoverished young Chinese girl who breaks out of her destitution by scoring well on a national exam Because of her scores she is able to receive a government sanction education She finds her passion in math Her high academic scores allow her to go to Beijing University and study Physics Her passion narrows to the timespace continuumThis girlwoman is Su Lan and the novel is her story There are three narrators in the novel each provide their impressions of Su Lan There is her neighbor Zhu Wen her husband Yongzong and her daughter Liya Liya comes to China from her American University after Su Lan dies unexpectedly Liya’s upbringing is painful to read Su Lan was mostly harsh to her daughter if she noticed her at all Liya wants to understand her motherAfter reading the novel I still don’t understand Su Lan Perhaps I got too caught up in the dream like state of the narrative There is much uantum physics and theoretical physics The jumps in the story and the nonlinear lines of storytelling were too much for me to remain engaged I finished it but I’m not sure what Jin tried to illuminate

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Little GodsOn the night of June Fourth a woman gives birth in a Beijing hospital alone Thus begins the unraveling of Su Lan a brilliant physicist who until this moment has successfully erased her past fighting what she calls the mind’s arrow of timeWhen Su Lan dies unexpe As I sit down to write this review I’m struggling a bit because I’m trying to figure out what my feelings are toward this book Normally when I read a book I will either gravitate towards one side or another in terms of liking the book or not liking it – interestingly enough this is actually one of those rare instances where I feel ambivalent and perhaps if I’m being honest not really sure how to react While there were definitely things that I appreciated about this book – such as the historical and cultural references which I thought were incorporated seamlessly throughout the story there were an eual amount of things that made the reading experience a bit exhausting than I would’ve liked The structure of the narrative is uniue in that even though the main character of the story is Su Lan a Chinese woman who overcomes her village upbringing to become a brilliant physicist we as readers never get to “meet” this character directly Instead we are given glimpses into Su Lan’s life through the recollections of those who had interacted with her or had been a part of her life at some point – a nameless nurse at the hospital in Beijing where Su Lan had given birth; Zhu Wen who was Su Lan’s landlady when she lived in Shanghai and also the last person Su Lan interacted with before leaving China; Su Lan’s husband Yongzong with whom she had daughter; and finally Liya the daughter with whom Su Lan had a strained complicated relationship Through these anecdotal recollections almost all of which were told from each character’s first person perspective we are slowly given the various “pieces” that eventually come together to form an enigmatic portrait of Su Lan’s life This narrative structure was indeed interesting however by the end of the story I actually felt confusion rather than clarity as each character seemed to paint conflicting images of Su Lan to the point that despite being told so much about her I still felt like I never really “knew” herI think the biggest issue I had with this book was the writing which I would describe as being a little too “experimental” for my tastes I know other reviewers mentioned the lack of uotation marks for all the dialogue which didn’t bother me too much actually Instead what didn’t work too well for me was the abstract uality of the writing especially with the descriptions of events that took place or things that were happening to the characters — I’m not sure if I’m describing this correctly but it felt almost as though the story and the characters kept “shape shifting” from one scene to the next For example the scene would be about Liya encountering someone from Su Lan’s past and suddenly Liya would become Su Lan wearing the same clothes as her thinking the same thoughts as her but then the next minute she would be Liya again Throughout most of the story it felt like the characters kept jumping in and out of dreams and memories that would get mixed in with their current realities – this made trying to follow the story uite a bit difficult than it really needed to be In addition interspersed through the story were mentions about various aspects of science – specifically about theoretical physics as it pertains to human behavior the laws of thermodynamics and its relation to time mathematical theory and probability etc – all of which went way over my head as I’ve never been interested in science or math and so had no clue what any of that stuff was about Thankfully the segments that actually went into detail about the science aspects were few and far between and also relatively brief which made it a tad less tortuous but definitely added to the difficulty in following the storyAlso despite this being a largely character driven story I actually didn’t feel much of a connection with the characters even though the fact that we share the same culture should’ve made it easier In addition I felt a sense of being emotionally detached from the story and the characters which thinking about it now I’m wondering if that was intentional on the author’s part given that all the characters themselves seemed to also be emotionally detached from the subject they were reminiscing about Su LanOverall I would say that this was a “different” reading experience for me It wasn’t completely negative of course otherwise my scoring would be lower but I wouldn’t say it was hugely positive either While I appreciate what the author was trying to do here and applaud her for breaking from tradition and delivering a well written in the larger scheme of things literary debut that is both uniue and thought provoking I recognize that perhaps I just wasn’t the right audience for this book Hopefully the “right” audience for this book will be able to read and appreciate it better than I have Received ARC from Custom House HarperCollins via NetGalley