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Read Before the Season Ends ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [KINDLE] ❄ Before the Season Ends Author Linore Rose Burkard – In her debut novel of what she calls spirited romance for the Jane Austen soul author Linore Rose Burkard tells the intriguing story of Miss Ariana Forsythe a yoE Regent's attentionWill Ariana's faith survive this test And what about her heart For it's Ariana's heart that most threatens to betray the truths she has always believed in When she finds herself backed against a wall betrothed to the wrong young man how can it ever turn out rightJane Austen readers and fans of Regency romances everywhere will love Before the Season End. 93014 I started reading this one last night different cover and realized I had read it alreadythe MC is really silly at firstI can't remember but I assume she gets better 10309 This was a clean regency period book I did think that the last uarter of the book was kind of slow and I found myself trying to hurry to get it over with If I could have shortened it then it would have been 4 stars

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Ayfair district of London There she finds worse troubles than those that prompted her Before the ePUB #8608 flight from home Ariana is soon neck deep in high society and at odds with Mr Phillip Mornay London's current darling rogue Then a scandal changes Ariana forever Her heart her faith and her future are all at stake in an unexpected adventure that gains even the Princ. My Review It was a pleasant change to read a Regency romance without a lot of sexual tension and innuendos Burkard has the era down pat and it was easy to visualize the scenes as well as sympathize with the heroine I also found her characteristics true to a 19 year old rather than a wishy washy attempt to provide the character with teen emotions that weren't of the time and adult emotions that were beyond her age as so many authors do with girls of that age in different time periods Ariane is a determined 19 year old second daughter who has decided that her lot in life is to marry someone in the church Her family is well educated in the meaning behind the Bible verses and she has the intelligence to engage in theoretical theology while at the same time the faith in what she believes to be correct She knows the difference between being a real Christian and being a church Christian Because the only church man in her village is over 60 her parents decide to send her to live with her aunt in London who has offered to sponser their oldest daughter to a London season The aunt is not prepared for a young girl who knows her mind and isn't influenced nor really interested in the social circles and Ariane isn't prepared for an aunt whose only interest is the social life of the ton It makes for some interesting personality clashes and character development Burkard has spent the last couple of chapters detailing the thoughts behind the idea that becoming a Christian and developing a Christian lifestyle has nothing to do with deeds and all to do with inviting God into your heart She has done this in a manner true to the story and not preachy it doesn't seem out of place at all and I really don't think that someone not schooled in the idea would find it out of place with the story I give this book 4 stars

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Before the Season EndsIn her debut novel of what she calls spirited romance for the Jane Austen soul author Linore Rose Burkard tells the intriguing story of Miss Ariana Forsythe a young woman caught between her love for a man who doesn't share her faith and her resolution to marry only a fellow believer in ChristTrouble at home sends the young woman to her aunt's townhome in the fashionable M. Hmmm perhaps I didn't read the same book that everyone else who reviewed Before the Season Ends read because I certainly did not come away with the same fawning impression that the others apparently did I'm not uite sure why everyone who read this book and then subseuently reviewed it has given it high marks and glowing reviews Before the Season Ends is not a four or five star book To compare Burkard's writing style and language use to Jane Austen's is just laughable To even imagine putting Before the Season Ends on the same level as any of Austen's works is ludicrousHaving said all of that Before the Seasons Ends is not a terrible book and I didn't hate it It's a cute book about a Christian girl in Regency era England and her entrance into society That's pretty much it nothing profound or heart wrenching just a cutesy story The characters were fairly cartoonish the dialogue was stilted at times and after a while the book became tiresome I grew sick of Burkard's incessant use of the terms Paragon and gel; those terms popped up so freuently I felt as though they were only added to make the book seem authentic when in fact their use had the opposite affect It was also odd and annoying that in the middle of certain tragic scenes Burkard would suddenly give a detailed description of what Ariana was wearing For example after Ariana hears the story that Mr Mornay has fathered a child and abandoned it and the mother she goes to visit his Aunt Roylefrost but on the way Burkard takes the time to tell us about Ariana's pale blue walking gown including minute details unnecessary for the point of the story p 311Another issue I have with this book is the strange and often contradictory Christian message Burkard weaves into the story At the beginning of the story Ariana is blindly convinced that she has been called by God to marry a man of the cloth Mr Hathaway the local rector is decades older than Ariana and her parents are set against her marrying this much older man Ariana is so sure of God's calling that she is on the verge of accepting this man's suit until her father intervenes and the supposed man of the cloth Mr Hathaway starts a fistfight with her father That's right The rector the pastor the man of the cloth Mr Hathaway started a fistfight with Ariana's father How very Christian of himAriana is sent off to London to stay with her wealthy aunt for the society season She is concerned that she will be persuaded to forget her calling to marry a man of the cloth but she is sure that she will resist all attempts of her aunt to find her a society man to wed Needless to say Ariana does forget her calling to marry a man of the cloth and she becomes bethrothed to a society man HmmAriana falls in love with Mr Mornay only to decide that she cannot marry him because she suddenly remembers her conviction that she cannot marry someone who is not a true believer The basis of this conviction coming from a verse in 2 Corinthians chapter six verse fourteen Be ye not uneually yoked together with unbelievers An admiral conviction but it causes such strife for Ariana it just becomes silly when she continues to refuse Mr Mornay's and Mrs Bentley's attempts to set a wedding date Silly because Ariana is completely willing to overlook Mr Mornay's other failings How about the time Ariana encounters him while he's three sheets to the wind Or the time when Mr Mornay conceals himself behind some draperies in the parlour while Ariana conducts what she thinks is a private conversation with her aunt Or when Ariana hears the story that Mr Mornay has fathered a child out of wedlock and abandoned the mother and child Oh wait that story turned out to be false except for the fact that if Mr Mornay himself believed that he fathered a child it would mean that he would have had to have been in the position of physically performing the act that would bring about a child So Mr Mornay's drunkeness lying subterfuge and carnal acts can all be overlooked by Ariana but not the fact that he is not a true believer which in this book means being a Methodist Mr Mornay admits to a belief in God but that as we know is not good enough It is not enough to simply acknowledge His existence one has to be a stellar Christian exactly like Ariana isThis convoluted Christian message is part of what turned me off of this book Even another character Mr O'Brien who is set up as being a man strong in faith is eventually turned into a cartoon character when Burkard writes about his repeated attempts to win Ariana's attentions and convince her to turn away from Mornay's affectionsThis isn't a terrible book but it's not as awesome as every other reviewer on this site has made it out to be