READ ✓ Saints Pawns of Patience #2

READ Saints Pawns of Patience #2

READ ✓ Saints Pawns of Patience #2 Å ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Saints Pawns of Patience #2 Author Cassie James – Nothing brings a group of people together uite like a dead bodyPatience is rocked by the death of one of their own but not everyone is in mourningNow alliances are shifting and sometimes the onl#8608 saintsSaints is book two in a series of full length reverse harem high school bully romances Some scenes portray subject matter that may be difficult for some readers Enjoy at your own risk. Still so mysterious A great second book in this series where tensions run high while deceit plays out in the background I like the main character but she still comes off as clueless By the way the story ended she won't remain clueless for long The vibe I'm getting from the other teenagers especially the four young men who have each treated her terribly over the course of the school year is still one of the unknown Do they have something they're keeping from her Why would Jax be able to do what he did without repercussions Regardless I'm loving the intrigue in this book and look forward to reading the next book

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Nothing brings a group of people together of Patience PDF #180 uite like a dead bodyPatience is rocked by the death of one of their own but not everyone is in mourningNow alliances are shifting a. We are back in the town of Patience with Juliet and her new friends as she is still trying to adjust to her new world as a LexingtonThis book started off where the cliffhanger of Book #1 ended with Kathryn's death at her birthday party that her aunt threw for her Juliet and her friends are sitting in the police station answering uestions about what happened as it looks like someone murdered Kathryn and now the answer is who would do that Juliet starts back at school with Smith as her boyfriend and Sadie heads to rehab for her drinking that is getting out of control While Sadie is away Juliet makes a new female friend When Sadie returns will she be jealous In Book #2 we see the movement of Jax and Patrick putting their moves on Juliet as the reverse harem storyline starts to pick up some pace The Pawns of Patience series is definitely a slow burn reverse harem series Ace redeems himself and gets back on Juliet's good side as he accompanies her on a journey to her old town where she grew up with her kidnappers after the woman who raised her keeps contacting her Here she will discover some dark secrets including the fact that possibly her Grandfather was behind her parent's murder and her kidnapping Juliet also learns that her Aunt is sick and that sooner than later the whole Lexington estate and it's worth will soon belong to her the last remaining heir I am now looking forward to Book #3 where we hopefully get some answers about her parents what went down and importantly where the treasure is that everyone keeps harping on that Hollis hid from the world


Saints Pawns of Patience #2Nd sometimes the only way to stay alive is to choose the right sideNot everything is as it seems in PatienceSome are sinnersSome are pawnsAnd now they’re all pretending to be Saints Pawns ePUB. IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTERI'm just sitting here with my mouth hanging open think what the hell just happened Lol I really wish Juliet would make up her mind about Smith Patrick and Ace I think Smith is just trying to get to her fortune I really like Patrick even though he doesn't seem to have the kindness and compassion that Smith and Ace do I love Ace Even though he did take those pictures of Juliet now knowing why he did is a big relief He's trying to redeem himself He's very protective of her and I think he's really sincere about his feelings for her Now Jax What an A HOLE I HATE HIM And how Juliet could even consider having feelings for him makes me want to scream I had my suspicions as to who killed Kathryn and I was right It was so heartbreaking to find out about Pearl I can't believe that Juliet is gonna be alone again She is so desperate for someone to just hold her and love her unconditionally that I think that's why it's so hard for her to make choice in men I can't wait any longer to find out what happens book so I highly recommend this series to everyone