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Download Legion Author Angelique Anjou Reader ✓ 196 pages è ❴Reading❵ ➷ Legion Author Angelique Anjou – As certain as Anya was that the being who called himself Legion was dangerous than any force in the universe she found herself falling unwillingly beneath the spell oDetermination to win her as his mateShe was lost long before she discovered hed lied to her even as he seduced her His world and his people might have been lost to him but he wascertainly not alone And Zavier was just as powerful My thoughts on this book all the men who had any significant part in this book are assholes making the heroes seem reasonable and innocent in comparison forced mating and pregnancy they persuaded her using sex cue eye roll we know absolutely nothing about the aliens' world and almost nothing about Earth as it is in this book the sex scenes are rather repetitive until the mating the dream scenes are uncomfortably close to rape the heroes while being twins are not carbon copies of each other or at least as far as I was able to tell since they didn't have extremely strong personalities due to lack of background heroes turn into adoring fathers I have baby feverWhile I thought that in general this story had some interesting parts what was seriously lacking was a background for any of the three main characters They have vague back stories but lack substantial character building They just are and that makes the two heroes too similar to each other Anyway it's never explained what Zavier has been up to and how he arrived at Earth while Legion has been starving? Lots of plot holes basically They also kept the heroine in the dark as much as possible which is really annoying The only reason I rated it at 3 stars is because of the babies and the heroes acting somewhat responsibly in the end out of nowhereSecond as I said in the updates I am getting extremely sick of the scifi genre's theme of strong female characters needing sexual misconduct in their bosses to help them be so Honestly it's become much too common to read about a boss getting angry and acting completely unprofessional in response to the heroine not sleeping with him It is first of all slut shaming all the other women on the ship and second of all means that apparently women can't be strong if they have a strong male character above them? Is there some sort of law stating that if there's a strong male character you can't have a strong female character? Pisses me offEdit I worked myself up enough to realize this really only deserves 2 stars

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Just as arrogant and just as determined to claim herRatingCarnal Contains two heroes explicit sex graphic language and ménage a trois Expanded from the novella Pleasure Master previously released in the anthology Phoenix Rising I I never connected with the main characters I found them distant and never felt any chemistry between them The supposedly spicy sex scenes were nothing special and the end felt hurried and a bit too neatly tied up

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Legion Author Angelique AnjAs certain as Anya was that the being who called himself Legion was dangerous than any force in the universe she found herself falling unwillingly beneath the spell of seduction he wove around her struggling uselessly against his This book has everything I like✓ sci fi theme check✓ action check✓ aliens check✓ paranormal creatures com'on they have SUPER POWERS double check✓ heroine with backbone check✓ sweet story with story line check✓ AND LOTS AND LOTS OF NAUGHTY PARTS? check finityThe judgement?The wheel is slowing down and between the book murmur a ka ching sounds suddenly all we can hear is the winner's alarm ringing and everybody screaming JACKPOOOOT