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Moonstruck Crossbreed #7; Mageriverse #21 Download ´ 2 À [Reading] ➺ Moonstruck Crossbreed #7; Mageriverse #21 Author Dannika Dark – Evil forces are at play in this spellbinding continuation of the USA Today bestselling Crossbreed series Transporting goods is part of the job but when KeystoneSplits up Raven has orders to follow but Christian’s seductive ways draw out her violent soul Their journey is dangerous their enemies ruthless and one misstep could prove fatal When one team Moonstruck Crossbreed eBook #190 member mysteriousl. Source Tantor AudioMoonstruck finds the majority of the Keystone group on a road trip transporting three human teens to safety Why would they bother with humans These teens are potentials which are humans with a birthmark in the shape of a spade They live in secret because potentials can become any breed If the humans sleep with a breed they will become the same breed of their sexual partner Some breeds would use that to their advantageThe smaller group who stays behind at the Keystone compound has their own issues Gem goes missing and the smaller group works to find her Niko’s past is back again to cause chaosRaven and Chrisitan continue to get to know each other and their chemistry is still smoking hot Moonstruck has two plot lines going on and both are dangerous and fun to follow While Moonstruck doesn’t end on a cliffhanger there is a plot point that will need to be followed up in the next installment There is also some buried issues I see popping up in future installments I have some ideas and can’t wait to see if I’m rightI’m a total fangirl when it comes to the narration work done by Nicole Poole Poole is the reason Dark is an audio only author for me She masterly voices all the characters from the female to the male She makes each character sound different and she keeps the same voice for each character for every book I look forward to the next audiobook in the Crossbreed series

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Y vanishes the rest must choose between cutting their losses in the face of chaos or seeing it through to the bitter end Will Keystone have the fortitude to complete the mission or will they fall like dominoes United they stand divided they fall. Another exceptional addition to the crossbreed series Theres alot I could say about this book but I wont Alot of you reading this review probably have not read the previous books so start reading and catch up All you need to know is the book is great its apart of a series and since I've been reading from the beginning you will know its excellent Enjoy

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Moonstruck Crossbreed #7; Mageriverse #21Evil forces are at play #7 Mageriverse PDF #205 in this spellbinding continuation of the USA Today bestselling Crossbreed series Transporting goods is part of the job but when Keystone accepts the daunting task of moving precious cargo the team. Originally posted at I'll start off by saying that this wasn't my favorite book in this series The reason behind it is a totally subjective personal annoyance for me which is kids even worse annoying kids That's it The writing and the overall pacing of the story were amazing Would I have liked a little Christian and Raven witty banter Sure but I'm happy with what I got either wayOn a positive note we got to know much about Niko It shined a spotlight on the problems his past has brought up in past books in the series It was fascinating to see who he is today and what people in his past think of him as Too bad that story finished at a mother of all cliffhanger view spoilerStart Of SpoilerI also adored getting a glimpse into Claude's past I'm looking forward to getting to know about everyone's individual stories and struggles It was so exciting having Switch finally be a part of Keystone while still not being part of Keystone if that makes senseEnd Of Spoiler hide spoiler