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The first and definitive biography of one of the great American novelists of the postwar Child of eBook #227 era the author of Dog Soldiers and A Flag for Sunrise and a penetrating critic of American power innocence and corruptionRobert Stoneprobably the only postwar American writer to draw favorable comparisons to Ernest Hemingway Graham Greene and Joseph Conrad lived a life rich in adventure achievement and inner turmoil He grew up rough on the streets of New York the. Most rightfully consider Robert Stone to be one of the great American novelists of the late 20th century Such novels as Dog Soldiers A Flag for Sunrise and Damascus Gate are demonstrations of that greatness And perhaps Outerbridge Reach my favorite Certainly he was one of the most important novelists writing about the festering crease where morality and politics and personal faith converge Madison Smartt Bell in this masterful biography of Stone tells us several times that he wrote novels of convergence of characters who come from far flung places and mindsets to converge in moral turmoil searches for salvation and even violence And always he wrote principled judgments of American actions whether they concerned civil rights Palestine Vietnam or Central America Bell interestingly says that in one way or another Stone was always writing about Vietnam but his unease for our age stemmed from religion tooBell and Stone were close friends The biography has a personal touch Bell allows into his portrait and is valuable for that Biography approaches memoir when he writes about the 2 trips they took into the dark heart of Haiti where Stone researched his novel Bay of Souls Biographies by authors close to their subject are often interesting in the ways they can shape the story I enjoy seeing what directions will be taken and what truths will be told In this case Bell has enormous admiration for Janice Stone the wife and muse for 55 years Her strength and beauty of spirit shine throughout Bell leans heavily on her version of events and motivations making this a little like a biography of a marriage As Bell acknowledges late in the book Stone was fortunate to have her partnershipThis 1st biography of Stone won't be the last But it'll remain the one we look to for years when we want news of him I think it's the biography he deserves

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Child of LightSon of a mentally troubled single mother After his Navy service in the fifties which brought him to such locales as pre Castro Havana the Suez Crisis and Antarctica he studied writing at Stanford where he met Ken Kesey and became a core member of the gang of Merry Pranksters The publication of his superb New Orleans novel Hall of Mirrors initiated a succession of dark hud novels that investigated the American experience in Vietnam Dog Soldiers which won the National Book. A perceptive and beautifully written biography of a great American writerdevotees of his novelsstoriesand essays will love this book and those who are not familiar with the work will find much here to stimulate their interestfor than fifty years i have readre read and contemplated his oeuvre to my everlasting benefithe was truly an athlete of perceptionand Madison Smartt Bell has given us a biography worthy of the man

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Download ✓ Child of Light 105 Ò ❮EPUB❯ ❀ Child of Light ✻ Author Madison Smartt Bell – The first and definitive biography of one of the great American novelists of the postwar era the author of Dog Soldiers and A Flag for Sunrise and a penetrating critic of American power innocence and The fiAward Central America A Flag for Sunrise and Jerusalem on the eve of the millennium Damascus Gate An acclaimed novelist himself Madison Smartt Bell was a close friend and longtime admirer of Robert Stone His authorized and deeply researched biography is both intimate and objective a rich and unsparing portrait of a complicated charismatic and haunted man and a sympathetic reading of his work that will help to secure Stone's place in the pantheon of major American writer. Robert Stone is right at the top of the list as one of my favorite writers This biography By Madison Smart Bell is a first rate account of Stone's highly interesting life and it also dives deeply into all his major works of fiction In his novels Stone was interested in placing his characters in extreme positions and seeing how well or badly they reacted to their circumstances For the most part his characters fall well short on things My favorite Stone novel is Dog Soldiers but I remember reading all his major works and they stuck with me far than a lot of other good writing I don't think there is anyone writing in America right now that comes close to Stone's talents His books really capture the last 50 crazy years in America Stone died before Trump was elected and it is a shame not to have his lucid intelligence to comment on the current madness do yourself a favor and grab a Robert Stone novel I plan to go back to his work again