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Download Isabel Families of Dorset #2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Å ❮Reading❯ ➸ Isabel Families of Dorset #2 Author Martha Keyes – A gentleman‘s impulsive wager to marry a stranger A young woman’s determination not to marry the man she wants When Isabel CosgroveSe reason for marriage is part revenge part indifference Intent on avoiding a painful union where her regard cannot be returned she concocts a plan Charles Galbraith didn’t intend to become engaged as a result of a drunken wager at cards but after the woman he loves spurns him what does it matter whom he marries But even Miss Cosgrove the fiancée he won by wager seems intent not to marry him a fact that both relieves and piues him S. Isabel is unusual in that her family doesn't force the younger to wait until the elder sister is married Instead the sisters share an introduction into society and the disparity between how they are treated especially by family is significant Isabel feels so relatable Her character and actions make so much sense in light of how she lives in the shadow of her younger prettier sisterThis is a tiny point but I love how Martha describes her as plain but Charles never has this change her hair and she's suddenly beautiful moment I greatly appreciate thatThe flow of the story is well paced and the subtle changes in Isabel and Charles' connection is sweet and natural

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A gentleman‘s impulsive wager to marry of Dorset PDF #180 a stranger A young woman’s determination not to marry Isabel Families eBook #226 the man she wants When Isabel Cosgrove is informed by her father that he lost her Families of Dorset PDFEPUB #194 hand in marriage while playing cards with Charles Galbraith the gentleman she’s been admiring from a distance for years she is filled with dismay How can she agree to wed a man who. I enjoyed this sweet proper romance Isabel was a good character This does have a bit of a Christian element to it I love how she became stronger knowing who she was and she gave grace to others because she knew herself so well She was able to figure out why others did what they did This is a great gift I have been striving for in my life It was nice to see a character in a book working out how to do it instead of going around hating everyone or letting everyone hurt her I love how complicated everything got and how it all worked itself out This was a good story with a good foundation that was followed well I took off a star because it got a bit wordy and the end drug out for me a bit too long

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Isabel Families of Dorset #2He instead suggests a plan that has the potential to temporarily appease her father’s demand of marriage while also winning back the love of the woman Charles truly wants But when Charles and Isabel are thrown into the midst of a brewing scandal and another man’s potential disinheritance their plan begins to unravel thread by thread challenging what Galbraith thinks he wants and just how much time with him Isabel’s heart can stan. A slip of the lipThis novel has some good plot ideas but the story is made extremely tedious by the constant repetition of the heroine biting or chewing her lips or people knitting or wriggling their eyebrows Seriously this happens on almost every page The misunderstandings between the two lovers are even tedious dragged out and unbelievable than usual in a regency romance Be prepared for a lot of skimming to get through this