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Treasures of Time free read Ä 106 ã [Reading] ➾ Treasures of Time By Penelope Lively – Treasures of Time is the twelfth novel by Booker Prize winning author Penelope Lively a spellbinding story of the dangers of digging up the dark secrets of the past This edition features an introducti Treasures of Time is the tTreasures of Time is the twelfth novel by Booker Prize winning author Penelope Lively a spellbinding story of the dangers of digging up the dark secrets of the past This edition features an introduction by Selina Hastings Penguin Decades bring you the novels that helped shape modern Britain When they were published some were bestsellers some were considered scandalous and others were simply misunderstood All represent their time and helped define their generation while today each is considered a landmark work of storytelling Penelope Lively's Treasures of Time was published in and is an acutely obs. Another one of this year's re reads Five stars the first time out and five again this time'I was interested that so much of the novel was spent on the two characters who were the least likable Laura and Tom and that the two characters I found most likable Kate and Nellie were relatively ignored I found myself wondering whether Ms Lively found Laura and Tom interesting or whether she wanted to draw attention to Kate and Nellie through the contrast of not focusing her considerations on them Perhaps some of each is true

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Lude Going Back Judgement Day Next to Nature Art Perfect Happiness Passing On City of the Mind Cleopatra's Sister Heat Wave Beyond the Blue Mountains a collection of short stories Oleander Jacaranda a memoir of her childhood days in Egypt Spiderweb her autobiographical work A House Unlocked The Photograph Making It Up Conseuences Family Album which was shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award and How It All Began She is a popular writer for children and has won both the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Award She was appointed CBE in the New Year's Honours List and DBE in Penelope Lively lives in Londo. This is my first Penelope Lively novel Treasures of Time takes its title from the work of Thomas Browne on Roman archaeology and artefacts It's a play on words I suppose since the novel is focused on time memory and the criss crossing relationships of the younger and older members of the novel The one thing that ties everyone together is history What I loved about this novel was the vividness of the characters Lively really knows how to draw out the reactions of her characters and make them seem real Her artistry is what earned this novel an extra star rather than just being a 3 star novel The conflicts the characters have are nothing new and have been revisited by many different authors but somehow the characters still seemed fresh I was reminded constantly of my years studying in England Lively simply captured their British nessWhat I really did not like about the novel were the cliches I won't go into them because of spoilers Some of the relationships eg father daughter did not feel fleshed out enough but I think this was done on purpose I felt however that the kernel of the novel suffered a bit from the lack of detail especially since the novel was focused on relationships and the enduring conseuential legacies on personal memory I also wasn't a huge fan of the format The narration leapt from character to character within a given chapter It might take a few sentences to realize which character was narrating You do get used to the format midway but it still felt jarring at times While the approach allowed the reader to be in many different heads the flow of the novel felt sacrificed Additionally in my opinion this novel is not 5 stars because at the end of the day it is uite boring Well written and short it's saving grace but there's just a lot of nothing and you don't really end up sympathizing with any character Still an eminently good read because of the writing

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Treasures of TimeErved study Treasures of Epubof marriage and manipulation When the BBC want to make a documentary about acclaimed archaeologist Hugh Paxton his widow Laura daughter Kate and her fiancé Tom are a little nervous digging up the past can also disturb the present Penelope Lively is the author of many prize winning novels and short story collections for both adults and children She has twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize once in for her first novel The Road to Lichfield and again in for According to Mark She later won the Booker Prize for her highly acclaimed novel Moon Tiger Her other books inc. I don't uite know what to say Given that my edition was part of the Penguin Decades series and supposed to represent the 1970s I guess I expected it to deal with the social changes occurring at that time in at least some form The closest it gets to this is discussing social mobility political indifference and the concept of nationality in passing and while that's not why I decided to buy it it did feel like a bit of a let down My second problem with it was that there's no real urgency to tell this story and while there are high points throughout it's uite clever and the characters feel real but most of them leave you feeling indifferent be they nice people or not so much I doubt you'll feel much richer for having read it It's not bad per se but feels a bit pointless at times That said I'd uite like to read something else by Penelope Lively and see if my feelings would change