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Download The Great Time Machine Hoax Reader ¿ 224 pages ↠ [Read] ➬ The Great Time Machine Hoax Author Keith Laumer – Award Books #AN1171Chester W Chester IV inherits a run down mansion and millions in back taxes In order to pay the taxes he initially decides to auction off the mansion andAward Books ANChester W Chester IV inherits a Time Machine PDFEPUB #229 run down mansion and millions in back tax Is not is not not isThis book took me a ridiculous amount of time to read; at 176 pages a novel that should have taken me a few days to finish took about a year Oddly enough I’m thinking about re reading it The premise is a great one Chester W Chester IV owes a million credits in back taxes; he decides selling his circus is his best bet in paying most of the money back His eccentric great grandfather passes away leaving Chester as his sole heir He inherits a run down old mansion and an antiuated computer He is less than thrilled with his inheritance until he discovers this computer holds the whole of the world’s history and can recreate in a life like fashion any time period Chester and his friend Case devise a scheme to make money by bringing dinosaurs and other blasts from the past back to life Basically the plan is to fake a time machineAll doesn’t go as planned as the computer simulations are a little too life like Chester Case and the computer made companion Genie become stuck in various eras And speaking of stuck this is one of my biggest complaints about this novel It has a very 1960s feel to it despite it taking place in the future I know to a certain extent that can’t be helped as it was indeed written in the 60s but it really distracted me Everything about the characters their dialogue their attitudes just seemed too limited to me Another complaint Boring unlikeable characters I didn’t care about the exploits of the main character Chester The humor didn’t work for me even though the cover promised this book is “Hilarious and swinging”Chester’s experience stuck in time is full of thought provoking philosophical concepts regarding achieving a higher state through conditioning oneself by testing one’s mental and physical limitations Also some groovy words worth pondering such as the above mentioned “Is not is not not is” Unfortunately this journey through time or not it’s never 100% clear that they’ve actually time traveled has drawn out boring parts than swinging moments I somewhat dug the first half but then it became a bit of a drag

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Es In order to pay the taxes he initially decides to auction off the mansion and its contents but then he discove review of Keith Laumer's The Great Time Machine Hoax by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE June 26 2013 The advantage of reading bks as entertaining as this one is that I don't feel compelled to write anything intellectually substantial about them The drawback is that I read them in one day thusly accumulate bks that I 'must' write reviews of according to the laws of my own processes of intellectual stimulation rapidly than my inclination to write such reviews happens Stalemate Is that 'Puritanical' of me or what I pay for my pleasure w neurotic afterthought Laumer is 'my' 'new' SF 'discovery' very enjoyable for me indeed He's joined the ranks of C M Kornbluth Frederik Pohl John Brunner This was the 3rd bk of his I've read so far Time Trap was 1st Worlds of the Imperium was 2nd I liked them both but it wasn't until this one that I got thoroughly sucked in Bk as vagina for my head as a dick Fuck it The previous 2 bks this one all use the main theme time travel parallel universes as a formal excuse for sudden dramaticcomedic plot twists but The Great Time Machine Hoax took it to a new level In pre SF picaresue stories picaresue not being uite the right term here since The Great Time Machine Hoax's protagonist isn't necessarily a 'rogue' does definitely develop as a character the adventures were somewhat limited by what was plausible albeit far fetched in the socio physical reality experienced by the readership given the way my mind works objectionsexceptions clamor to my mind The Epic of Gilgamesh The Thousand Nights and One Night then my mind objects to those 'exceptions' in other words this critical process cd go on much longer than I'll hereby allow it to In SF however a character can jump from pre historic times to the future instantaneously thusly changing the conditions of the drama w whole paradigm shifts One of the things that immediately captured arrested caught hhmmm my interest was the idea of computers having a limit thereby reaching a point of obsolescence This was published in 1964 The old gentleman called it a Generalized Nonlinear Extrapolator GNE for short He made his money in computer components you know He was fascinated by computers and he felt they had tremendous unrealized possibilities of course that was before Crmblznski's Limit was discovered Great grandfather was convinced that a machine with sufficiently extensive memory banks adeuately cross connected and supplied with a vast store of data would be capable of performing prodigious intellectual feats simply by discovering and exploring relationships among apparently unrelated facts p 12 Crmblznski by the by is a recurring figure in Laumer's fiction at least he's referred to on p 69 of The Monitors I'm expecting to see the name again Laumer is one of those great SF writers w a keen imagination for humorous detail Two hours later under a bright sun Chester settled the heli gently onto a patch of velvety grass surrounded by varicolored tulips directly before the ornate decorated portico of the old house The two men rode the balustraded escalator to the broad verandah stepped off under a carved dinosaur with fluorescent eyes The porter chimed softly as the door slid open Inside light filtering through stained plastic panels depicted traditional service station and supermarket scenes bathed the cavernous entry hall in an amber glow Case looked around at the plastic alligator hide hangings the beaded glass floor the ostrich feather chandeliers the zircon doorknobs I see why neo Victorian stuff is rare he said It was all burned by enraged mobs as soon as they got a look at it Great grandfather liked it said Chester averting his eyes from a lithograph titled Rush Hour at the Insemomat I told you he was eccentric p 14 As Chester Case explore the capabilities of the GNE they ask it What happened to Ambrose Bierce p 18 Bierce of course was the author of The Devil's Dictionary an icon of iconoclasm he disappeared while traveling w revolutionaries during the Mexican Revolution Laumer's far reaching imagination uses the main plot of The Great Time Machine Hoax to enable him to go off on little tangents like this I was listening to the music of György Kósa now I'm listening to that of Fletcher Henderson while I write this 15pp later the GNE clarifies things for its slow witted interrogators You make the understandable error of egocentric anthropomorphization of viewpoint Mr Chester said the voice Your so called 'reality' is after all no than a pattern produced in the mind by abstraction from a very limited set of sensory impressions You perceive a pattern of reflected radiation at the visible wave lengths—only a small fraction of the full spectrum of course; to this you add auditory stimuli tactile and olfactory sensations as well as other perceptions in the Psi group of which you are not consciously aware at the third power—all of which can easily be misled by mirrors ventrilouism distorted perspective hypnosis and so on The resultant image appears to you an adeuate approximation of reality pp 33 34 When I review narratives I like to take the reader thru the bk wo necessarily spoiling the plot for them As such my review is somewhat deliberately skewed toward asides One of the asides I'm often on the look out for are anti religious ones It's going to be a headache picking the right kind of scenes Take ancient Greece for example They had some customs that wouldn't do for a family type show In the original Olympics none of the contestants wanted to be loaded with anything as confining as a G string And there were the public baths—coeducational—and the slave markets with the merchandise in full view We'll have to watch our step Chester Practically everything in ancient history was too dirty for the public to look at We'd better restrict ourselves to later times when people were Christians Chester said We can show the Inuisition seventeenth century witch burnings—you know wholesome stuff p 45 Yep y'know Christians Moslems the 2 largest practitioners of brotherly love charity The ones that brought us the atomic bomb 911 What do you say to a nice cave man scene Chester said Case Stone axes animal skins around the waist bear tooth necklaces—the regular Alley Oop routine p 45 Alley Oop Presumably most of Laumer's readers wd've gotten this pop culture reference in 1964 but now I reckon this has become somewhat esoteric I'm reminded of my review of Captains Outrageous Or For Doom the Bell Tolls see that here As in the Kipling there's a spoiled wealthy young male thrust into difficult circumstances maturing as a result This is standard fare for a coming of age plot What were you trained in Chester Well said Chester considering I ah majored in liberal arts You mean you paint pictures No nothing like that Business administration I don't think I've heard of that Is it a game of skill or chance Both Chester smiled patiently No in biz ad we're taught how to manage large commercial enterprises I see And after receiving your training you went on to actual management of some such organization Well no Funny but I couldn't seem to find any big businessmen who were looking for a fresh college graduate to tell them how to run their companies pp 78 79 When Chester does receive a valuable arduous training as a result of his adventures Laumer's vision of what they'd consist of is perhaps the most practically inspired part of the bk one of the things about it that distinguishes it from the mere pulp humor of someone like Ron Goulart whose stories I still like anyway This education however leads to Laumer putting words in Chester's mouth that I find disappointingly naive Bandon learn to do something that other people want or need and you won't have to worry about being stepped on Most of the shrill cries of social injustice come from people who contribute nothing to the scene that a chimpanzee couldn't do better Why do you think people treasure the few really talented singers actors ball players medical men engineers that crop up Because there are far too few of them—every one is a treasure p 147 Really Laumer What a disappointment you are here Does the above describe the treatment that Vincent Van Gogh received in his lifetime His paintings sell for incredible sums of money now but poor ole Vincent certainly never saw a penny of it He's EXPLOITED in retrospect by typical art market forces what about the great architect Antonio Gaudi He died in a hospital ward for indigents it appears he believed a little too much in the Catholic Church poor guy Later Chester encounters a society in wch Everybody dances and everybody sings They all play games and they all make statues out of mud and they all paint Some are better than others but it's doing it that counts In our setup everybody's an artist not just a few half cracked far outers p 168 This whole issue of everybody's an artist vs 'only the talented can be great artists' is a theoretical issue that's been at the forefront of much 20th c discussion In some ways I don't find it very interesting any I can clean a wound put a bandage on it does that make me a doctor I can arbitrate a disagreement does that make me a lawyer The problem here for me is that a person who dedicates their life to being creative gets lumped together w 'Sunday painters' That doesn't happen to lawyers doctors They get respect AND MONEY Artists are undervalued while they're alive largely bc the standards for appraising their work are so often incomprehensibly abstract to the general public Doctors have practical standards that they can be appraised by if the patient gets better the doctor's good Same w lawyers if the client 'gets off' the lawyer's good But doctors get paid big money no matter whether they succeed or fail are still respected even if the patient dies lawyers get the rich white collar criminals off all the time money buys 'justice' Now imagine a painter hired to do a portrait the painter charges hundreds of thousands of dollars in the end the painting doesn't look anything like the sitter the sitter dies of boredom sitting there a relative who brought the painter the sitter together knowing of this probable eventuality takes off w a huge inheritance Wd the painter still be respected


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The Great Time Machine HoaxRs a massive computer the Generalized Nonlinear Extrapolator or Genie that can bring any situation or time to lif The Great Time Machine Hoax is probably close to slap stick comedy I didn't know what to expect and to tell the truth the ride was something I could not have expected This was a wacky story from the start till its finish Keith Laumer threw in a lot of the tropes for time travel including alternate worlds due to the changes made by our time travellers This is not the strongest story Keith Laumer has but is a fine diversionary read I gave it a four because of Keith Laumer but it is probbably closer to a 3 12 star The ride was that wacked out LOL It does have its moments though