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read Mayflower A Story of Courage Community and War kindle å Hardcover ò [Download] ➾ Mayflower A Story of Courage Community and War ➹ Nathaniel Philbrick – HOW DID AMERICA BEGIN?This simple uestion launches acclaimed author Nathaniel Philbrick on an extraordinary jouGrims does not end with the First Thanksgiving; instead it is a fifty five year epic that is at once tragic and heroic and still carries meaning for us today This was an experience similar to David McCullough's John Adams biography for me It opened my eyes to a world I only had vague images about And I come away a little bit bitter and bothered by many different aspects of human behavior the big one man's intolerance of other people and their cultures and many times their ability to blame their bad behavior on the teachings of the Bible or other beliefs in whatever God they worshipped The Puritans wanted to get away from the religious rules and regs at the time so that they could practice their religion freely And yet it's so ironic that they had very little ability to allow others that same freedom Disingenuous proud sure that God was calling every shot whether good for them or bad for them they marched ahead with this plan and it was only with the help of some of the Indians they were even able to survive early on While they were humble had low numbers of people had the support of the Indians they were peaceful But as the next generations grew up they became greedy selfish and started pushing the Indians around like they were a nuisance slaves taking up space etc And so certain of the Indians banded together and started a holy war against their better euipped better organized and unforgiving EnglishmenPuritan and Pilgrims It seems like once blood started flowing no one could think straight and many looked at the Indians as filthy dirty devils Certainly there was a tremendous case to be made from the Indian perspective that certain of the English were the exact same thing lying killing sanctimonious bastards who never lived up to promises they had made It has been easy for past historians to whitewash all of the things that happened This author pointed out that there were good and bad people on both sides of the fence Really good people But the end result for me is that the Indians were screwed got a raw deal lived in a whole different world that was virtually destroyed and I feel sick about it Thanks for guiding me to this book Michael

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HOW DID AMERICA BEGIN?This simple uestion launches acclaimed author Nathaniel Philbrick on an extraordinary journey to understand the truth behind our most s Spoiler Alert The Mayflower lands in Plymouth Rocks fall all the Native Americans dieOne of the most interesting things about Mayflower is how little of it actually dealt with the ship itself The Pilgrims are settled well “settled” and the Mayflower headed back to England to fall into disrepair and be sold for scrap by page 80 More than half the book is spent on King Philip’s War and the events that lead to it which actually concerns the two generations after the Mayflower’s passengersPhilbrick won a ton of awards with this one like say the National Book Award all deserved He takes an excellent look at a period in time freuently overlooked – American history tends to cover 1620 and then make its way to 1770 and the Revolutionary War in the next chapter with a slight layover in 1692 for the Witch TrialsIt’s incredibly well written with an excellent balance between the big picture and individual narratives He’s liberal with anecdotes which keeps the book from ever getting dry or boring He uotes contemporary and first person accounts but not excessively – this is a book to be read for pleasure not to be used as a resource I laughed out loud a couple times and physically shuddered as well He reached that all important goal of bringing his subjects to lifePhilbrick also does a good job of presenting a balanced version of events Especially considering that most contemporary sources were at best biased because history as we all know is written by the victors He’s uick to point out the mistakes on both sides – the rash racially motivated attacks made by the white settlers and the never ending litany of missteps made by the Pokanokets especially “King” PhilipA few uick observationsI would very much like to slap Increase Mather across the face Preferably so hard that Cotton feels it too What an enormous toolThese people were crap at naming their children Everyone was John Mary William or FEAR Or Cotton No wonder they were all a little wackedI love the irony of having a huge gluttonous holiday celebration in honor of the Pilgrims who regularly arrested and punished people for having big holiday celebrations They would put us all in the stocksIs there any worse story than Thomas Granger’s? He will always and I mean always – it’s already been 350 years be known for being convicted of bestiality – and executed for it That’s embarrassingAnd finally How pissed is Miles Standish right now what with how many times he was called short in this book?

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Mayflower A Story of Courage Community and WarAcred national myth the voyage of the Mayflower and the settlement of Plymouth Colony As Philbrick reveals in this electrifying new book the story of the Pil Nathaniel Philbrick's book Mayflower appears at first glance to be merely a recounting of the Pilgrims journey to the New World and their miraculous survival that first winter culminating in the first Thanksgiving that's all here but takes up only about 80 pages of the 450 page book In reality Philbrick offers the reader a complete history of Plymouth Colony from 1620 1691 when it was merged into Massachusets Bay colony The bulk of the narrative focuses on King Phillip's War 1675 76 for my money one of the most fascinating and under reported armed conflicts in American History Philbrick chronicles the main engagements of the war in a very evenhanded way praising the colonists bravery when warranted while at the same time not being afraid to call them the savage butchers that they clearly were He also does a great job of guiding the reader through understand the complex maze of ever changing alliances between the colonists and the various native tribes of the region and analysing how the conflict's long term conseuences helped shape America today An appropriate book to read this time of year