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The Regent's Knight review ☆ 103 î ❮Reading❯ ➺ The Regent's Knight Author J.M. Snyder – Prince Amery Llewellen is the only son of King Adin of Pharr and heir to the throne When his father is lost in battle with the barbaric tribes invading the northern Pharrisian border Amery becomes reg Prince AmePrince Amery Llewellen is the only son of King Adin of Pharr and heir to the throne When his father is lost in battle with the barbaric tribes invading the northern The Regent's Kindle Pharrisian border Amery becomes regent in his father's stead The royal advisers pressure him to take the crown and assume the throne but doing so will force him to take a wife as well Amery is loathe to do that because he's d. did not find this engaging at alltried to read it three separate times and never got past 25 percentpoor start with no stakes; from first blush of attraction to secret trysting with not even a scene to mark the first proper lovemakingnot good drama

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Der has been breached because when Tovin is assigned the position of castellan that makes him head of castle security His being stationed so near the regent has the servants believing the two will fight to the deathThat's just a farce to keep their love a secret But Pharr needs a crowned ruler and Amery must decide whether to take his rightful place on the throne or forsake his kingdom for the love of one man. This story was lacking in something I was expecting of a fantasy with fantastical creatures or magicians and witches than just a medieval era piece However the fight scenes and the war between kingdoms kept some interest in the story line Also the characters were sexy and beautiful than their personalities To JM Snyder’s credit the book was arousing but the rest was a bit lukewarm and watered downThe prince of Pharr and his lover are forced to hide their love behind locked doors Because of the many all seeing and gossiping servants in the castle they are forced to disguise their time together with vocal and physical fights Even still their relationship is forbidden not only because they are two men but also because a knight is too far below in rank and status for the prince to be intimate with In the hopes that the king may one day return from his disappearance in battle the prince is named regent of the kingdom With the Cyrian’s invading the kingdom from the north the regent’s advisors are not only pressuring him to abandon his love affair but to also take the crown and a ueen Prince Amery will be forced to choose between his comfortable lifestyle in the castle or running away from it all with his true love Sir Tovin However once the barbarians breach the castle walls the choice may be made for him

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The Regent's KnightEeply in love with one of his knights Sir Tovin Raimus from the southlandSuch a relationship is forbidden both because Tovin is another man and because he is a knight much below the station of a prince After King Adin forbid their union Tovin and Amery masked their love with fights and arguments designed to make the servants believe they loathe each other The whole castle dreads the news that the northern bor. Romantic fantasy when done well should engage the imagination as well as the emotions Otherwise it’s just a matter of costuming and scenery and might as well be a contemporary romantic romp with well dressed lovers It absolutely has to have characters that engage the reader but within the context of a fantasy storyline While elements of the story should be able to survive the removal of the romance the romance itself should not be able to survive independent of the plot If they can well we’re back to contemporary rompThat integration of imagination and emotion and the fact that the fantasy setting is integral to the romance is precisely why The Regent's Knight works so well Amery and Tovin Prince and Knight are old friends who for the sake of propriety must pretend to loathe each other with a passion eual to that of their love for one another It’s a typical fantasy trope with a member of the royalty forced to hide his love for a commoner but the forbidden nature of their same sex love is a nice twist Snyder handles this element of the story very well pushing their adversity to extremes and smartly exploits the cracks in such a long standing charadeThis is a couple that works Both are likeable young men each with a distinct character and personality and their very public feuding contrasts nicely with their very private loving As is always the case with Snyder’s work this is an erotic read that also manages to be tasteful pushing the limits of explicitness just far enough to turn on the heat but not enough to turn off less comfortable readersAs for the story it’s a simple one but it’s what brings everything together Pharr is a nation under siege which is why Amery has taken the opportunity to assign Tovin to the castle’s defences while sending his other knights off to war It allows the lovers to finally be together while also adding fuel to their apparent feud When the war takes a turn for the worse and the caste finds itself under siege everything comes to a head While I won’t spoil the ending it’s both fitting for the story and absolutely one of the most romantic things I have ever readAn all around great story highly recommended