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FREE READ Ë Letters and Journals A Selection ¹ [Reading] ➸ Letters and Journals A Selection Author Katherine Mansfield – 'Now now I want to write recollections of my own country Yes I want to write about my own country till I simply exhaust my store Not only because it is a sacred debt that I pay to myNd until he took early retirement in to write full timeHe has won a number of awards including the New Zealand Book Award for both poetry and fiction and the MansfieldMenton Fellowship He was awarded a CBE in for services to NZ Literature elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in and Honorary Visiting Fellow at St John's College Oxford inHe spends about nine months of the year at home in New Zealand writing and travels to the UK and Europe and sometimes to the US during the northern hemisphere summer His recent novel Mansfield is his tenth work of fiction. This was my first contact with KM and I fell in love with her She had such a tragic life yet managed to pack so much into it Visiting her home in Wellington NZ and understanding where she came from was a fantastic thing to have done as it put her life into a very different perspective She is buried near Fontainebleau south of Paris


'Now now I want to write recollections of Journals A PDF #180 my own country Yes I want to write about my own country till I simply exhaust my store Not only because it is a sacred debt that I pay to my country because my brother and I were born there but also because in my thoughts I range with him over all the remembered places I am never far away from them I long to renew them in writing' In numerous letters and journals Katherine Mansfield recorded Letters and eBook #8608 her feelings thoughts and observations about writing about the New Zealand of her childhood t. I once tried to keep a journal What I found was that often than not I was embellishing and embroidering I wasn’t being particularly honest It was like I was correcting my experiences rather than recounting them Often I had the sense KM was doing much the same in both her journal and letters There aren’t that many entries when you feel she’s not wearing a mask of some kind and reading her words is a bit like playing hide and seek with her She’s a chameleon has a different mask for each of her correspondents Some of these individuals like Virginia Woolf inspire her; others seem to bring out a sentimental fakery in her You can’t help wishing she and Woolf had exchanged a whole volume of letters There are beautiful inspired passages and there are rather boring passages too I first read this when I was very young and ravenous to know about her As much as anything it showed me how much I’ve changed in the intervening years my former wild hearted adulation has hardened into sober respect The last fifty pages or so when she knows she is going to die are heartbreaking I remain convinced she would have rivalled Virginia Woolf had she lived another ten years

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Letters and Journals A SelectionHe Europe of her later years the people she encountered the every day and the extraordinary This classic selection the only one available that combines material from both her letters and journals brings together the pieces that most illuminate her character her life and her stories Chosen by renowned scholar and acclaimed writer CK Stead they are a lively and informative entree to one of our most gifted writersABOUT THE EDITOR Well and Journals A eBook #180 known New Zealand novelist poet critic Karl Stead was for years Professor of English at the University of Auckla. Mansfield's husband apparently transcribed dated and published almost all he could find of her letters and journals after her premature death from TB in 1923 somewhat against her reuest This selection from the large corpus has been made by C K Stead so it reflects his preferences He notes that he has included less of her emotional writing because he didn't feel it was her best It's hard not to wonder what you're missing out on when reading this bookAnyway what you do have in it is a series of reflections on living and writing crafted by a brilliant woman struggling with her work her relationships and her health Her sensibilities are timeless and the crisp clarity of the language makes even the most uotidien letter feel fresh All of this book is wonderful to read even though Mansfield suffers and strugglesMansfield wrote a lot about writing and returns often to the same themes her need to become the subject she writes about her reuirement that writing be edited to the point where not one word can be cut and her struggle to do the labour of writing down her stories once they have formed in her mind I think many writers will empathiseAs well as her own work she reflected on that of authors such as Dostoevsky Tolstoy Joyce and especially of Chekhov One of her most interesting notes on him says he made a mistake in thinking that if he had had time he would have written fully described the rain and the doctor and the midwife and the doctor having tea The truth is one can only get so much in a story; there is always a sacrifice It's always a kind of race to get in as much as one can before it disappearsShe also wrote about authors she knew personally such as Virginia Woolf and DH Lawrence who she had a very turbulent friendship with She is often fiercely critical of his behaviour and his work but towards the end of her life she wrote positively saying even what one objects to is a sign of life in him